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  1. Jungle Stud

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    @DaveC72 That was me! Here is a picture of both our cars together.
  2. Jungle Stud

    Jungle Stud

  3. Jungle Stud

    Hello from Worcester (Exige S CR)

    Another Worcester owner here! Welcome.
  4. Jungle Stud

    Unusual Lotus Colours ...

    Thanks, there are a few pics of my car here: Cheers, Ian
  5. Jungle Stud

    Unusual Lotus Colours ...

    That is indeed Empire Green. In fact, that car is the same as mine, only LHD (same interior and exterior colour & wheels)!
  6. Jungle Stud

    So Annoyed That There was No Announcement, That...

    I live in Worcester. When Mark is back in Worcestershire it would be interesting to get together for a mini-gathering. If he can let us know when, we could sort something out....
  7. Jungle Stud

    So Annoyed That There was No Announcement, That...

    Hi Mark, I saw your car last Wednesday when you were visiting Worcestershire. My son has a guitar lesson where you were staying and was very excited that there were two Evoras (I have a MY11 N/A Manual) parked in the same driveway. I believe that you were at the pub at the time! I saw your engine cover as a work-in-progress in the back garden. How does the quality of the new car compare with the 2010 vintage, and the IPS to the manual? Anyway, it was good to see another one "in the wild" as it doesn't happen that often! Enjoy it, Ian
  8. Jungle Stud

    Evora: My first Lotus.

    Thanks for all the positive comments. I suspected I had made a good choice when another father ran across the school car park to sit in the Evora (he has a 911 997.2 C2s). :-)
  9. Jungle Stud

    Evora: My first Lotus.

    Hi Tom, This was a Lotus management car which was then sold to Caterham (I think to do with the F1 business deal shenanigans). I think Scott Walker had it up for sale between these two owning it. The link is still up on his site: Interestingly, he lists it with the standard gearbox, but it definitely has the CR box fitted.
  10. Jungle Stud

    Evora: My first Lotus.

    Oops, forgot to mention the forged wheels. I may attempt an edit!
  11. Jungle Stud

    Evora: My first Lotus.

    Hi, After wanting a Lotus for years (Esprit, Elise etc.), I finally acheived owner status in December by buying an Evora (N/A) to replace a Porsche Boxster 2.7 (987.1). Spec as follows:- Evora N/A (MY11) Empire Green / Oyster Leather Tech, Sport & Premium Packs CR Box Forged Alloy Wheels Reverse Camera Powerfold mirrors (retrofitted at a cost of £9.09 - thanks, TLF) I am loving it so far, but after seeing an Ardent red Evora on the road this weekend, I might start saving for a MY12 in that colour. Cheers, Ian