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  1. Good Afternoon, My car was originally supplied through Norfolk Motor Company, Sprowston Road, Norwich, NR3 6HT. Does anyone have an image of the original dealer logo numberplate ? Kind Regards, Hec.
  2. Hi Chaps, The AC compressor will not engage. It is new and will engage with a direct feed, the button on the control panel lights up correctly. The oil pressure gauge has also stopped working - it just reads off the scale - related? TIA.
  3. Chaps, Previous links are N/A, does anyone have any pointers where to purchase or the part number for the Valeo Voltage Regulator? Kind Regards, Hec.
  4. Hi, How many metres of carpet is required for a 1991 Excel ? Kind Regards, Hec.
  5. Herc, did you get to the bottom of this?
  6. Did you do any good? This is the n/s/r corner of the roof looking forward, using Mirka Abranet 80 grit.
  7. No, it has to be without holes, I would consider non original material as above. Will call them to find out more. It looks Bentley-esque.
  8. Filled the join with a two part marine adhesive and clamped together. Then a tab of 450 gsm covrred in a two part polyester resin. Should the door shut be base coat no lacquer or satin black?
  9. SJ's is for a series 2 eclat. That is all they have. The search continues...
  10. Afternoon All, Does anybody know what this type of cloth is called?
  11. It appears to be the same salmon pink adhesive as used to join the two halves of the body together and fill in the gaps between the 'shell and side skirts - inside the wheel-arches.
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