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  1. Kevin Baker

    Kevin Baker

  2. Yes Bibs. I guess being an old fart with a clean licence has it's advantages at times
  3. Car insurance up for renewal... Currently with Direct Line who want £435 and won't cover Cathy because of her little bump in the snow in 2010! Confused best price with Cathy permitted to drive £339. Lloyds TSB with Cathy to drive £281 AND a further £50 cashback after 60 days. That'll do nicely! Hello to the lovely people with the black horse
  4. I fitted Yokohama W Drive tyres to my Elise in November and they are superb. A good investment in my opinion.
  5. It was a 3/4 size plate on the front. Clearly they had nothing better to do that day than trap me
  6. There I am driving along an A road, within the speed limit, simply enjoying the open road, a few cars coming the opposite way, one being our "boys in blue". Within 2 miles stands another of our counties finest, arm raised and finger pointed at me. "We'd like to talk to you about your illegal number plate & here's a £60 fine too". Guilty m'lud, but seriously!
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