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  2. I removed my original tanks and replaced them so if anyone wants a set of tanks you are welcome to them. They do have interior surface rust. Very solid w/ no rust on the exterior, no dents, pin-holes etc., and they are plenty serviceable if you want to flush and treat with POR-15. Not sure shipping is much of an option so you would need to be local or have a friend that can come and grab them. I am about an hour north of Los Angeles proper. John
  3. Only a few posts into this forum since acquiring my '83 turbo. I'm in the process of a few jobs: removing and fabrication fuel tanks and replacing all fuel lines, sorting out the emissions, re-jetting carbs, braided clutch hose and new slave, exhaust work and front suspension bushings. I felt as though I was off to a good start because I managed to get the fuel tanks out which I thought was a miracle that it got accomplished. The other items didn't present too much difficulty so I figured the air injection manifold removal would be straightforward too. Well, the manifold came off rela
  4. Could someone please suggest where to buy the two "S" shaped hoses that run from either fuel tank to both ends of the balance pipe? It doesn't appear on SJ's website nor can I find it state-side. Thanks!
  5. Hi Jeff, My jets are: 160 Main, 230 Air and 55 idle. I am new here and new to the G-body Esprits so it's a good place to be. I am in the process of doing the fuel tanks and all ancillaries which is a real pain. Also sorting out the emissions equipment and tons of misc items. I am trying to get it ready for the Targa California as i have always wanted to participate. Thx, John
  6. I searched and read the similar posts but was wondering if there is a recommendation for proper jetting in or around sea-level. My car currently runs a 160 Main / 230 Air and had previously lived at around 6000 ft. Now that it lives at near sea-level, I am wondering if that 230 Air is too lean? Seems the factory specs for the carbs on my car are the 160 / 230. Anyone have experience in reducing the air jet down to a 210 or 200? Thx!
  7. Hi, New owner ('83 USA) and new to the forum. To kick off what will likely be one of many inquiries, how may I get access to the backside of the door jam? My driver's door catch is only attached via the bottom bolt and the top appears to be missing the nut on the backside. Thanks! John
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