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  1. grimreaper


  2. This car is now on EBay !! 222006632301 It had extensive damage to engine & front suspension. It's was in auction 15 days ago. I doubt very much it has been repaired properly due to the time scale !
  3. Hi all ! I have a slight misfire under load every now & then ! Replaced Ht leads & Checked Dissie Cap ! Checked Boost & running spot on 9.5 psi. Want to replace coil coz found it gets quite warm,Gonna put a Flamethrower coil on But does anyone know what type to fit ? Flamethrower 2? Been looking but nothing for Esprit Turbo !!
  4. Thank you will investigate a possible Dag Dusbin fix !! Regards Steve
  5. Thank you for trying for me thou ! Regards Steve Thank you to John ! Been looking for a year now so far !! Regards Steve
  6. Thank you ! That was quick !! Just need an LCD clock !!! Green Regards Steve
  7. Got it sorted !!!!! Oooop's !!!! Least i got them Posted !!!
  8. Hi John, here is a couple of pictures of my LCD clock Cant publish pictures it won't allow me too !!!
  9. Hi all !! My speedo has started ticking & needle fluctuating worse speed around 30 to 40 Mph !! Remember reading about a magnet which can come loose in speedo head . Woz I dreaming ?? Has anyone got a link to fix issue & a picture of magnet correct location or Woz it all a dream of an easy fix ?? 1989 Stevens Esprit Turbo Regards Steve
  10. Thank you John !!! Will send picture soon ! Having a lazy start !
  11. Can't find one anywhere ! Only want original type for replacement ! Would rather get it repaired !
  12. Hi, I've got an 1989 Esprit Turbo & need to fix dash Lcd clock ! LCD is bleeding & wonder has anyone manage to get one repaired or know where to get replacement ???
  13. Hi Bibs, Cant find my name on the list ? was on reserve list but now not on list at all ? Dose this mean if my name isn't on the list i can't come in ??? lol
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