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  1. The original key is a modified torx. There is a center pin in the screw which requires a mating hole in the tool. Best thing is to remove the original screws, replace with an allen head. Then you can do what Chillidoggy said. :-)
  2. Remove the engine mount bolts at the front, and lift the engine just a bit. Our problem was one of the original upper nuts, we could not get to break loose. After some swearing and a torch, its out now. We have not yet finished installing the new one.
  3. I am already in the group buy for a Stevens manifold ship to the US. I'd like to know if there is an option for a full exhaust system including the race cat? I'm afraid that shipping the entire exhaust to the US might be prohibitive. Is there an option for this?
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  5. I would like to purchase a Stevens manifold for my US S4s model. Would be shipped to US.
  6. Huh? Can you explain how he did this? AFAIK the only way to adjust when the boost comes on is by programming the ECU. Would like to know more.
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