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  1. Update on my buddy's Esprit. I ordered a Distrubutor Pick Up from JAE and had it installed in only a couple of hours! I drained the fuel, clean the stuck pintle in the fuel distributor and the car started right up like it never even sat up for 9 years. I took the car for a test drive (his neighbors came out and clapped) and the engine runs well. No serious leaks (I was surprised) and it has boost and everything. I did not get very far however. The brakes started locking up, the headlights do not work and the transmisison throw out bearing is making a lot of noise. It's a start. I think we will be able to add another Lotus to the running list here in New Orleans. His goal is to have it drivable to the British Car show at Delgado University in March. Anyway.... thanks everyone again. i will get some photos up soon as I'm sure I will discover other stuff to fix! Almost forgot.... Do I reinstall the Ignition Amplifier now that the car has an aftermarket Petronix ignition pick up? The instructions don't say.
  2. I have learned so much useful stuff here and I wanted to say thank you. I've never rebuilt a master cylinder before and due to all the great people here I had it done in less than an hour! My master cylinder now works perfectly and since I was quick and bench bled the master before install I did not have to bleed the whole system!
  3. On my car #43 keep moving out while I drive. I loosen the allen screws, tap 43 into position and retighten. It just moves back on it's own. Is the door being held too tight? Do I need to adjust the door hinge? What am I missing?
  4. Did you find a distributor yet? What led you to the conclusion that it was bad? How was the car running to clue you in the the advance problem? Lack of power?
  5. So... I take it that the turbo models do not have vacuum advance and that the Lucas Ignition amplifier advances instead? Not sure how it would do that. What does NA/HC stand for? Thanks!
  6. The distributor cap is blue. I don't know what CE or NB stands for though. Sorry. New to the Lotus stuff. Thank you all for the for the great information! I will do that search Andy!
  7. Yes Andy I do understand. I have lots of experience working on vehicles but have never worked on Lucas Ignition Ignition or bosch CIS fuel systems. Both were before my time. My buddy asked me to look at it as I have a Esprit too but mine has a GM ignition system out of a cavalier. His is a much better looking model than my "stevens" model (I think mine is a stevens body anyway). He called around to many shops here in New Orleans and no mechanic would even take a look at it so now he is stuck with me. A guy who owns a tire store and bunches of rental property who tinkers under a shade tree on the weekends. He's SCREWED! LOL! The distributor look hard to take out and I was hoping to test it and the ignition amplifier before I remove the distributor. I can't find the rev limiter (the manual has no component locator than I can see either). It's not under the fuel crash switch or under the carpet above the right wheel arch (at least I have not found it there). I found a pic of one online and it shows it below the fuel crash switch.
  8. Would something like this work? Is it designed to get rid of the ignition amplifier? {Googling up Lucas 45D}. Wait are you telling me that this car has ignition points inside of it!?!?!? If that is the case I may have bad points. I will have to pull the distributor cap off and look inside. I've never actually seen points before. I thought they got rid of those back in the fifties when dinosaurs were still alive! But why would the distributor have a pickup resistance test if it was points?
  9. Anyone know what year make model of cars used the Lucas 45D distributor? Where can I get a service manual that gives me the testing procedure? Thanks!
  10. I'm helping a buddy with his 1987 Lotus Esprit Turbo. It has no ignition fire to the plugs. I've read some info here and this system seems to be different so I'm trying to figure out what kind of distributor this car has and how to test the system. Its looks to be pretty simple. It has the distributor, coil, ignition amplifier and a rev limiter. The amplifier is a Lucas AB14 and I can not find out any information on how to test it or the distributor. The coil is good and has power to it, The distributor has two wires going to it and I can not locate the rev limiter (it is not under the fuel collision switch). How do I find out what kind of distributor it has? The "service notes" manual does not have any distributor tests or amplifier tests that I can see. Is the the "service notes" different from a "service manual"? The distributor has two wires going to it that goes directly to the ignition amplifier and there was no corrosion on the connector. I cranked the engine and check for fire directly at the coil wire. No spark. Is there a resistance test I can do to check the pick up coil in the distributor? Thanks in advance for the help!
  11. I just ran my first free scan! My TPS, Engine Temp, O2, IAC, MAP Readings all look normal to me. I don't know how to post up the scan yet as it was getting late but I will work on it again soon. I did notice that my spark advance was pegged off the scale at around 70 at idle. That did not look normal to me. Timing problem perhaps? I did get one code. A code 24 for a VSS circuit. I assume that is Vehicle Speed Sensor. My speedo seems to read just fine. Question.... Does GM1 store engine codes even if the check engine light goes back out?
  12. I would suggest a evaporative system smoke test. The mechanics at my work (I'm not a mechanic, I just own a tire store) use a smoke machine to fill the fuel system with smoke. Then they close the purge valve (Lotus does not have one but you could pinch off lines with a pair of needle nose pliers) and then you should be able to SEE the leak, not just smell it. I was planning to do this on my car soon actually.
  13. What clued you in to the valve seats? Did you have low compression?
  14. I am in New Orleans LA sanj.... I will get the scanner and post up the results when I get the cable parts I need to make it work. I will also smoke test the intake system for vacuum leaks and while I/m at it I will smoke test the emissions to look for the famous fuel smell from the gas tanks/vent tube people complain about. Thanks for all of the responses guys!
  15. Thanks for the response Vanya! My stumble is much worse when cold. When I stomp the gas while the car in is neutral there is a hesitation/delay and then the engine revs right up. The car seems to run fine otherwise. No missing and the check engine light only came on once while the engine was cold and I was in a stop and go situation in a parking lot. It went off after being on for about 30 seconds. It's a bear to drive in that situation. Traffic is not much worse. I ordered the cable I need to scan the vehicle and I will look at the readings to see if anything looks out of whack. I also have access to a smoke machine and I will search for vacuum leaks but I know that most of the time a MAP sensored car is not as finikey about vacuum leaks. Thanks again for the help! My cousin has moved to Sweden and I can't wait to visit. I also want to go to the Saab and Volvo museums!
  16. My car in not a SE. (I am assuming that the SE has an intercooler which I do not have.). I will see if JAE witll sell the the fuel pump cut off switch kit. Thanks! Is there an updated chip for the non SE vehicle?
  17. Hi!! I really enjoy driving my Stevens Lotus around almost every weekend for a long time. I've never had a problem with it before. I've done belts, fluids and filters, tune up and that's it! Until yesterday that is. I had two problems with it on the same weekend and I need to know where I can collect some bits to get it back on it's feet. (The second problem is why I posted it here. and not with brakes) My master cylinder started sinking to the floor and I could use a master cylinder. I found a rebuild kit and will redo it if I have to but can you purchase a complete master cylinder? And my next thoughts are to the check engine light that came on briefly the other night. I have a stumble off idle that is causing me grief in traffic. I've seen several complaints about this on the forum with lots of suggested solutions (no one posts their fix, though I will!). Before I start throwing parts at it I was hoping to collect some live data out of it. Where can I purchase the connector and or the software to scan my car? I have a Snap On scanner with the GM1 connector and it does not plug in. Looks like Lotus uses it's own connector. Also the Snap On scanner does not support Lotus in it's software (I can lie to the scanner and tell it it's another 4 cylinder GM car and at least get readings from the sensors) but alas it's not a GM1 connector. I am in the USA and there are not a lot of places over here. I hoping some place will ship international. Oh yeah.... My fuel pump cut off switch / fuel pump crash sensor is cracked and I fear it may fall apart. Any idea where I can buy that as well? Thanks to everyone for all of the great information and interesting stories I've read here.
  18. WOW!!! THis is all great information!!! THANKS SOOOOO MUCH!! Can't wait to get it fixed. My is a turbo model so I'm sure there is some extra stuff. I will check the gaskets, orings, clamps and hoses as well as the tank. I feel a lot more comfortable tinkering with all of this support! I will post up some pics when I take it apart in a few weeks. I will be out of town for some time but when I get back.....
  19. I am in New Orleans USA and I'm having a great time with my Stevens Lotus! The weather here is perfect for weekend drives and I'm driving my car every chance i get. I've heard about emission lines that crack and make a fuel odor in the vehicle. I have this problem. The lines all look good so I assume that I have to remove my fuel tank. The fuel smell is much stronger on the right side of the vehicle so I assume it is the right side tank. My service manual does not have any info on tank removal. I have to say my service manual is quite poor actually. I've heard that the parts manual have nice blow ups that help. Any idea where I can get the parts manuals? Should I tackle this repair myself? I have a lift and lots of tools (I own a repair garage but I am not a mechanic). I just removed and installed the radiator for repair and found the job very easy. Does the engine have to be removed? Does the tank come out of the top or the bottom of the vehicle? Anyone know of any pics of a vehicle with the tanks exposed? I can't even see the fuel tanks. Just hoses disappearing into a box. Thanks so much!
  20. Thanks so much! Yes, I still own my father's car. It is living with my brother who drives it to work every Friday. The ebay search failed on the workshop manual I'm afraid. It would help if I knew if my car was a S2 or not? What years were the S1, S2,S3, etc? Knowing that would help me find a workshop manual. Thomas Oh yes... The Golf was called a Rabbit in the states. They made a performance model in 1983-1984 called a Rabbit GTI. They are getting quite rare. I guess no one is inteested in keeping an old Rabbit runing but me. People are however interested in keeping old Lotus like mine running! Thank goodness!
  21. Hello.... I bought a 1989 Lotus Esprit Turbo a few years back and I've never had any trouble with it, till now. So I figured I should introduce myself and say how much of a Lotus Fan I am. I bought an Elise in 2005 and I LOVE it. My father died and left behind a 1976 Lotus Esprit. I also have my original car a 1983 Rabbit GTI (my first car) and my daily driver is a 1976 F100 4x4 with a John Deere tractor motor in it. While I own an automotive repair shop and a tire store I am not a mechanic but I still tackle my own repairs. I just put an A/C evaporator into my 2005 Elise. If I run into trouble my mechanics will help me. Anyway my Lotus Esprit has an oil leak from the top of the motor and I'm guessing that now would be the time to fix those leaks and replace the timing belt. I replaced all of the fluids about a year ago so I'll let those go for another year. Now that I've established that I am weird, I realize that I don't know anything about my Esprit. I am about to ask some STUPID questions so please don't spam me. (1) I would love to buy some workshop/parts manuals (paper if available) but don't know where to get them from. and (2). Is my car an S2? I have no idea. Thanks!
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