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  1. It is SO humid here in New Orleans that we will get a chocolate milk residue building up on the bottom of our engine oil caps. I've had a lot of people freak out and think they have blown head gaskets. Moisture in the air and out of the exhaust is normal. If you car is burning coolant that much it would have clouds of white smoke or a sickly sweet odor to it. So don't worry!
  2. Ok... I'll bite. What is Shipwright's Disease? Mr. Atwell "Bosch CIS Expert Extreme" what's up with that? I cleaned my hands and wore gloves before I worked on it!
  3. I changed the fuel filter and checked out the loud fuel pump problem. Someone had spliced in a T fitting on the fuel pump feed line. Some trash got into the inlet from cutting the line. Weird why it was there, I have no idea. I cleaned the trash out, and changed the fuel filter again and the car is running great again and the fuel pump no longer makes noise. if it happens again, I will replace it. I drove the car under it's own power again and decided that the Throw Out Bearing for the clutch is making WAY to much noise. We ordered a throw out bearing and a rear main engine oil seal today and we will install those parts this weekend. Had so much fun making the car run again that taking the transmission MUST BE EVEN MORE FUN! Yeah! I saw a post that told me I could leave the transmisison in the car and just push it back, so i think I will try that.
  4. I had no idea what I was doing but decided to give it a try. I installed a headliner board to glue the material to and then I glued on the board. I still have to clean off a little of the old glue and remove some car polish residue but it's looking good!
  5. Is it a worthwhile to add a charge cooler to my vehicle? What else would I have to modify to put one on if it is worthwhile? My car does not have on at all. Even my Rabbit with the Callaway turbo kit has a tiny intercooler. I saw on a few of the posts that people are putting aftermarket charge coolers on their cars so I was hoping I might be able to score a factory charge cooler. (I like to keep this vehicle stock or at least stock looking.) I'm happy with the performance of my car (I don't need this one to go fast) but I'm thinking the charge cooler might be good for it and help increase longevity.
  6. Yes.... you HAVE delt with Bosch CIS as well I can see! I will do further testing but my capabilities are limited in my friend's carport. I will do some testing and post up some of my findings. Thanks for the help! I've heard "loud" pumps as well but this one is "LOUD". Lol! Thank you for the free advice. I will use it!
  7. I just bought a cable on ebay recently. I will look it up where I purchased Here it is.... I installed mine and my computer guy put a little wireless thingy in it so I can connect without opening my hood.
  8. You can't leave that one without telling us more! What happened? I've decided that I am going to pull the vehicle to my shop with my special patented Lotus Tow Vehicle! This LTV was made by Ford! Lol...
  9. Good point on the pump wiring. The fuel pump has a full 13.5 volts and a good ground. Whatever is worng with it it's mechanical. I would say bad pump or clogged fuel line. I drained it at the tank not the line but we ran the vehicle for about an hour total during other testing. I will drop the fuel pump and check it this weekend. Is there more than one pump with the Bosch CIS? It's the external pump under the car on the right side that is whining. If I let the car suck in a little fuel at the air intake it will keep running so I am confident it has a fuel issue. I will test fuel pressure and volume when I get a chance. If bad I will pull out the pump and check the lines more carefully. Thanks for the advice. I know little about these vehicles but I think my Rabbit has the same CIS system on it and I am VERY familiar with it. I will post up my results.
  10. I spent my morning working in my friend's carport. I almost have it driveable under it's own power. As soon as we do I will take it to my workshop and stick it on the lift! 10 years without moving. Sooo sad. Fixed up the brakes today. They were all locked up. I cleaned up the brake calipers today and flushed the brake fluid. (I just rebuilt the master cylinder in my car the other day; I might have to do his too). His brakes feel great now. The fuel pump started whining today and the car died. I suspect the pump was damaged from sitting up. I drained the fuel tank (no trash came out) and replaced the fuel filter but I'm afraid it will need a new pump. Do the fuel pumps typically give a loud whine when they go out or is the pump starving for fuel from a clogged pickup or fuel line? It's a Bosch CIS vehicle.
  11. Those are not available in the USA. I did see these however. They are cheap and would last a long time.
  12. Hoosier R7 245/50R15 Rear & 205/50R15 In the front. Matching set. They are DOT approved but is designed for Road Racing. It would be nice to actually wear out a set of tires rather than letting them dry rot off the rim. $900 for the set. Will these fit on the car? Should handle a tad better too if the rims can handle them. Any Thoughts? Good idea or bad idea? I only put about 2000 miles year on my car. (that's about 3200 kilometers yearly for you guys who live in the real world)
  13. If he had the wheels made I'm assuming they look the same but are 16 inch / 17 inch? Is that correct? Some of the VW guys had the VW Rabbit/Golf "Snowflake" wheels made a few years back to a bigger diamenter with more offset. They looked factory and provided a more aggressive stance and made tire choices much easier. THey were cheap too. About 350$ each. Anyone know about the wheel thing? I never thought of going down a size in tires but I have to say the the Lotus rear tires do look a little tall.
  14. My car originally came with Goodyear Eagle GT tires and Goodyear no longer makes them. The sizes I have a 195/60R15 in the front and 235/60R15 in the back. I suspect that the wheels may be different front and rear with the rear wheels being wider but I'm not sure. The tires are 10 years old! There are no cracks/dry rot in the tires but I'm sure they are still unsafe and are now "maypop" tires. Looks like I'm getting rid of the car soon (too bad as it's a good example of an Esprit) but I will probably sell it to someone I know so I won't let it go with crappy tires. Besides I only have $10K invested in this thing. I would like to stay with the stocks wheels on my car (I like it original) but I am willing to change up the tire sizes and it may give the car a more aggressive looking stance. Since I can't get the original brand tires anymore I might as well get something super sticky to put on it. It's not like a put a lot of miles on my car. Any tire size suggestions? (I don't want to get into a tire brand discussion here that's been hashed out before). Any pics for Stevens with the different tire sizes with the stock wheels? Thanks in advance for the suggestions. I'm on my way to work on my buddy's 83 Esprit right now! (He has 25 year old Goodyears) Perhaps I will give him my old ones, it would be a big upgrade for him!
  15. I put a Ford 302 into a 914 once. Those were weird enough for me. My daily driver is currently a 1994 Mazda RX7 (3rd gen) with a handfull of upgrades. Perhaps I could stuff the drive train out of that into a 1st gen RX7 and bring that over if it's easy to import. So glad all i have to worry about is my cars and tools. I'm going to feel free with out piles of property to manage! The wife is handling all of the house stuff and a workshop for me! I'm starting to feel kind of guilty about it already. Don't know who is in the current building or how long their lease is. I hope I can move right in when I get there, shipping will take 6 weeks or so. I've never been without tools for that long. Guess I might go crazy and just put my cars on the lifts (which I'm shopping for right now) and make them go up and down day in day out while I'm waiting for my stuff. I'm not looking forward to the move. I'm apprehensive about moving to Sydney. Thanks for the support guys. I will contact you all again in a few months.
  16. Thanks for the heads up. The only cars I'm attached to is my Rabbit GTI and my grandfather's Ford PickUp (I need something to drive to find bits and parts). Both are over 30 years old so I'm hoping they won't be too hard to import. I'm perfectly happy getting a new car there as I do love my Lotus cars but I can always find others there. Any other suggestions on weird cars let me know. I do not feel the need to stick with one kind of vehicle. Bring my woolies? That's why I travel to Sydney those months; It's not a accident. It's ball ass HOT in New Orleans those months and I love getting away from it! I know space is hard to find in Sydney so I'm pleased I will have a workshop. At my last workshop I put up a sign that said "John Deere Tractor Service" and was not bothered too much by people wanting me to fix their Toyota Camry. I had one of my brother's antique John Deere tractors parked out front to scare people away and complete the illusion. As far as finding a car there I'm open to any kind of car as long as it's weird. While I do love to drive the 911 they are too common for me to find interesting. I saw a half dozen 911s today, but not one Esprit or Elise! I'm also glad to know it's a short drive from the house to Leichhardt. I will avoid the traffic. I get up early and leave early (Yeah one of those guys!). I not used to big city life as I'm from a small town. I have a couple of job offers there now but the deal I made with the wife is if I am willing to move to the other side of the planet I will only go back to work if I want too! (Yeah... call me Lazy but I have a TON of jobs here that I am juggling). The US Consulate could use someone I'm sure. Being an American I like to pack heat (just kidding, really!) Glad to know a lot of the guys here are engineering nerds like I am!
  17. Wow! Sounds like the Lotus is popular in Australia! I'm in New Orleans which is actually a small town. There are only 2 Esprit and 2 Elise in the city! My other two cars is an Elise (i'm not attached to it) and my Rabbit GTI which will go with me to my grave. My daily driver is a 1976 4x4 Ford Pickup. The roads here are so bad and it floods here so often that I feel that I need a truck. Guess I will have to talk to Dan about converting to RHD after all! Or perhaps just get another Esprit that is 30 years old and swap the turbo engine and mechanics over. Glad to hear that my wife is moving me to a nice neighborhood as I'm not happy about having a smaller garage. I think I drove through there before on my way to the Taronga Zoo. My in-laws live in an old italian neighborhood called Leighardt (spelling may be wrong). My wife has a building there that used to be an old factory or something. She knows I need a workshop to hang out in and drink beer. I spend more time in the workshop playing than I do at work. She yells at me from time t time but I have a very understanding wife. I will contact everyone that I can when I am there. We had to push back our trip as we are moving property here so it's looking like late June early July. Thanks all! Thomas
  18. I did replace all of the filters and fluids in the car except for the brake fluid. I will leave the ignition amplifier off of it then. I will fix the brakes and headlights this weekend. And I will post up some of the promised pics. Thanks for the advice!
  19. I just painted the bumper and it has a Callaway Turbo Kit install way back in 1984 and it still works perfectly. Otherwise no other custom stuff except for the odd bushing or brake line. I will get rid of all my other cars BEFORE I would part with my GTI!
  20. Ok guys , I need advice. My wife is from Sydney and she has decided she wants to move back home. I currently live in the USA (I am an American) and we are moving to a place called Darling Point in Sydney. I will no longer have a 5 car garage. I will be moving to as place with a 3 car garage instead BUT with a celing high enough for a lift! I have 4 beautiful cars now and don't know if I should consider bringing them with me. I have my first car which I will not give up (1983 Rabbit GTI think it's called a Golf there with a Callaway Turbo Kit) and of course I have my 1988 Lotus Esprit. Both cars are pristine and it would be hard for me to find one in that good of shape. Is it feasible to import the cars there? Or should I just give up the idea and buy a car there? Can I import a car that is left hand drive? Is salt water air going eat up my car? I will be in Sydney in a few months and would love to buy some of my new fellow car buddies some beers. Anyone want to hang out and talk cars? I would love to see some Lotus while I'm there. Any car shows or car meets I should check out? Thomas
  21. I messed up one of my copper bushings with I was pressing it together. I found it online here just in case it happens to anyone else.Hope it works. Will let ya know.
  22. Glad you mentioned this. I saw this right when I was working on mine! Thanks!
  23. I don't have any pictures of my car. Anyhoo..... here are two of my other babies. Yep... I'm weird. I still have my first car!
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