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  1. Hi Mark my name is Thomas. My wife was offered a fancy job at UVA and it looks more and more like we are moving there. I own an automotive repair shop in New Orleans and when I move to VA I will be unemployed. I plan on staying that way for the foresable future (on purpose). Anyhoo I have a 89 Stevens Esprit and I am fixing up one for a friend (a 1987 Esprit). I know nothing about Esprit. It's not run in 10 years and i just got it running recently. 10 seconds after that the clutch bearing locked up and the calipers locked up. Got those fixed now and I am moving on the the Bosch CIS system. It looks similiar to the CIS sytem in my Callaway Rabbit GTI. The Lotus runs like shit and I am looking forward to figuring out how to make it run well. Since I will be an unemployed mechaninc with a shop and a car lift near you I thought I would reach out. I work on interesting cars for free! Any other Lotus guys up there? I also have a 2009 Elise and a 1994 Mazda RX7. I am wanting to learn more from people like you and perhaps blog about my shop owning experiences.


    Thomas Alexander  504 220 3238


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