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  2. Yes Steve I have double checked before I made the purchase of the 008 that the chassis number and engine number matches the registration and that both numbers matches the ESSEX database. The chassis was without a doubt original but as for the body it was over a year ago I last checked. If I remember correctly, I could not see any repair marks around rear quarter as shown in your photo. But one of the door and the bonnet had red paint underneath the ESSEX coloring so at least some of the body parts weren't original anymore, and I would assume so from the damage it got from jumping over a river.
  3. Steve those ain't screws, its snapped valve heads from when I took apart the block. I've got brand new over size JE Pistons, bored out liners, light weight con rods, Inconel Valves, crank shaft, Alunox manifold and more ready to be fitted. Since I had slow pace restoring this year I'm hoping to pickup pace next year.
  4. Hi Mark, Yeah I will buy 2 if it will get us to enough number for discount Regards, Hiroki
  5. Dave whats the situation with the GB? are we still going ahead? Regards, Hiroki
  6. im still in for the group buy of the exhaust manifold. if by me buying 2 exhaust manifold would bring the price down, count me in for two.
  7. Hi Dave, Can you add me to the list? Cheers, Hiroki Saito
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