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  1. I believe it is.... Planning a Signature Orange 430 ?
  2. Went to Florida last year and went to the and spotted this
  3. I looked into this before I went the 2bular route. Took the back box to a local powerflow exhaust dealer, who said it would be "quite easy" to remove the pig snout and add 2 round tailpipes.
  4. Quote: 24/02/2019: "2bular, is it a crappy exhaust?" I was somewhat intrigued to see this heading on a TLF forum post! Mind you, when I saw it was posted by 'Gekko the gypit' my immediate response was "Luca Morelli, is he a crappy driver?" Now, it's possible that Luca's Exige 380 is a bit above his pay-grade and he's not the "Driving God" he thinks he is - but it is actually a pertinent example of the damage that a high-speed spin can do to your exhaust. Of course, Luca didn't mention that bit - and I don't expect any of the TLF massive to have the 30+ years performance exhaust/motorsport experience that I have to be able to ask the obvious questions. The violence needed to wreak that amount of damage to the exhaust must have been incredible. It's definitely the worst I've seen - and I've never had anything like that reported to me before or since. I've just finished the annual round of repairing/re-furbishing/re-packing various race exhausts before the season begins. ALL of them exhibit the damage caused by excessive engine-movement to an exhaust held by the cheap, rigid, kit-car mounts that Lotus use. When 200+ Kgs of engine/transmssion try to push the exhaust out the back of the car and the exhaust system cannot move - there's only one result. Bear in mind Lotus actually REDUCED the amount of resilience in the exhaust mounts of the supercharged V6 installs - incredible. I do like it if I can actually look the owner in the eye as I point out to him the damage to his silencer. "Ah - I see you spun off!" Erm, how did you know that? Those soft engine/transmission mounts coupled with rigid exhaust mounts on all the Lotus installs ( + 30 years experience!) compelled me to be VERY clear in my T&C's; "I build exceedingly robust exhausts but I will not be held liable if you burn/blow out/break your exhaust during track use. IF YOU TRACK THE CAR YOUR 2BULAR WARRANTY IS VOID."
  5. Had the same issue's when adding the footrest in my CR, The car came with the correct "long" mat for the passenger foot well, bu no one could source the short mat. In the end I fitted the footrest and let the mat sit on top, over time its sagged and now looks like an OEM solution lol.
  6. I've owned both a 2013 V6 with NVH but not full carpets and a 2015 V6 CR with no NVH but does have mats. For me there is hardly any difference in terms of road noise. You can hear the engine more in the non NVH car which in fact makes it feel more special.
  7. Just about to put cup 2's on, where's everyone buying them from?
  8. Fantastic, there's some great history to that car. I waited 18 months for delivery. It was the 3rd one ever delivered. It's been ceramic coated from new and treated better than the wife... according to her lol
  9. My old car. You've got a good one there. Would be great to see it again. Funnily enough I live in Derby. Get yourself over to Midlands owners club MLOC we have monthly meets Jeff
  10. Dont think its powerful enough? From doing some research: CR 60ah V6 72ah 350 74ah
  11. Time for a new battery on the CR, current one's no longer holding charge. It appears the one used on the CR is no longer available and its secured differently to a standard V6 one. Clamps over the top rather than at the bottom. Anyone got recommendations on a replacement?
  12. My CR weighed in at 1160Kg fully fuelled. (no NVH, radio etc) I've since added, forged wheels and 2bular exhaust so should be under 1150. Lotus once claimed there could be up to 12kg difference in clams.
  13. 380 CUP would look amazing in Signature Orange
  14. Even with the add on titanium silencers I cant meet noise limits at most UK tracks!
  15. Fully agree with what your saying. I'm on my 2nd Exige V6. I was one of the first back in 2013 to take delivery, then changed to another in 2015. I paid just over £50k back in 2013, and similar in 2015, I just cant see how it can justify a near on £40k increase now. Looks like my next move will be away from Lotus, I've paid a deposit on the new TVR that's coming
  16. No, I can swap them in around 10mins with the help of a spring puller
  17. Hi Norbert, I have to use the additional silencers to stand any chance of getting on UK tracks, unfortunately its still too loud for most. Quality wise its great Jeff
  18. I've got the 2bular "track" system on mine. Slightly different to the one pictured above, as I don't have the additional silencer, but do have the titanium tailpipe silencers and with the carbon tailpipes
  19. Hi Simon, If you fancy a comparison between the Komotec, 2bular Track and 2bular Road systems we could all meet up @LukeH Jeff
  20. As much as I like the Exige V6 (on my 2nd now) how can it justify an £80k premium. That's nearly £30k more than I paid for my first one new.
  21. I've got the TRD filter in mine, didn't really notice any additional noise
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