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  2. So it is just different mounting points! That shouldn't be too hard to fix three holes, if necessary. Thanks, Paul! That's a big help!
  3. This might be a noob question, but I've noticed something odd about US-spec S1 and S2 Esprits that have had their rear bumpers converted back to UK spec. They always seem to sit a couple inches lower than they should. Why is that? Secondly, what prevents the bumpers from being mounted in their higher and presumably correct position? I'm just not sure if there's a body shell difference that prevents it or something.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I have been to a few car and coffees, but only the small ones so far. Haven't made it out to the big ones just yet. I'm very glad to hear that there are some local owners in here too!
  5. Hi everybody! One day (hopefully soon...) I hope to get my hands on an Esprit. I'm hoping to pick up an S2. I guess how I became interested in Lotus is a little of a backwards story.....I own a DeLorean, which I love, and now would like to try an Esprit, seeing as they're sorta the same, but still very different. I guess Roger Moore didn't help either. Then toss in the interesting history of Lotus and Colin Chapman, and well, I just have to give the car a try. ( And I hope being a DeLorean owner won't earn me too many demerits off the bat....) I hope all of you won't mind my inevit
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