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  1. auRouge

    Calais to spa

    Might try this in October for a change. I usually take the E42 via Lille to avoid Brussels, you think traffic is bad in England...
  2. auRouge

    A ride up the hill

    Sounds amazing. Jamie’s a great Lotus ambassador!! He’s also the reason I’m about to try and upgrade from Elise to Exige after downgrading from Evora.. I’ve got Lotusitis... wastes hours and hours of my week!!!! Anyway, I did a pax lap of Hethel with MD earlier this year.. my only gripe of the whole weekend with the Academy was that he wasn’t my instructor.. he’s excellent in both skill and humour. There’s fast and then there’s ex F1 fast and turning bends into straight lines!!👍🏼
  3. auRouge


    @Bravo73 From a bit higher👨🏽‍✈️
  4. auRouge

    Happy birthday auRouge

    If Carlsburg did birthdays that was one. Lots of fun with friends watching the F1 and Football. Thanks for the message.
  5. The seamlessness of it almost make it look CGI! This is the next generation.
  6. If you've ever driven the Ring you need to watch this! Just Awesome... I have to say, hats off to Porsche👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  7. auRouge

    Exige Cup 430 Type 25 Collector's Piece

    Today at my dealer. Stunning in the flesh (although not sure about the Type25 Sticker 🤔)!
  8. auRouge

    McLaren Senna

    Catchpole video.. Senna... I think we've reached a pinnacle.
  9. auRouge


    Couple a photos 😎
  10. auRouge

    Elise/Exige/Europa picture thread

    Forged Alloys 😍
  11. Don't wish to teach anyone to suck eggs but you're aware there's a sub menu to turn the sub on and off? (No pun intended!!😄)... It's not an easy menu to find but is there about 3 or 4 sub menu pages in... My sub wasn't switched on when I bought the car. It took me a while but I found the menu eventually. Couldn't believe the previous owner never had it on😂 If you're replacing it and have an IPhone I highly recommend the Alpine's brilliant. Wireless connectivity. Great sound with Apple Maps, Deezer, Digital Radio etc is all just brilliant.
  12. auRouge

    TLF Trackday?

    Working on it with Bibs. 2019, so don't hold your breath 😉. CC sounded like fun for £99!
  13. auRouge

    Evora GT430

    @Bravo73 Errr I see what you mean 😳 Looks cool on the Singer 911 too. Not sure on the new GT3's I've just seen. Particularly like it on the Exige, against the Carbon... 👌🏼
  14. auRouge

    Evora GT430

    Oh god.. I just threw up in my mouth😂 I shall go and beat myself up now😩 That aside, stunning!
  15. auRouge

    Evora GT430

    Really?! It's a Porsche colour?! Obviously I'm a massive fan of green on a Lotus.. It's like Rosso on a Ferrari. I love green on a Lotus, any shade doesn't matter.