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  1. auRouge

    Komotec 460 anyone ?

    Thanks Dave. @DJW I’m quite jealous of this! Doitdoitdoitdoit... come on, you’re a bit bored... trawled Pistonheads for too long 😂
  2. auRouge

    Komotec 460 anyone ?

    If it’s a H111 car maybe the exhaust has been modified and isn’t too loud for the track? @Hangar 111 comment? This car is a bit of a bargain isn’t it? Basic E400 about £80k.. plus £4K Komotec and Carbon bits... adds up to high 80s. At £65k a bargain! If Lotus sold a 460bhp Evora with some added Carbon it would be £120k+
  3. auRouge

    Lotus SUV...

    So now let’s imagine Lotus nail the designs and have free access to the parts bin at Volvo. It could be a huge success and be the car that puts Lotus on the map and allow it to flourish just like Porsche did all those years ago.
  4. auRouge

    Komotec 460 anyone ?

    Dave, I was v close to buying one last month... unfortunately been put off by the lack of noise compliance and hassle associated with modifying a newish car with non OEM parts..,,, ironic that a small British track car can’t go on small British tracks ehh? Rant over and out!😉 Exactly what I’m thinking!
  5. auRouge

    Lotus SUV...

    Ferrari SUV due 2022.. as @rallyesax says.. time to get out of the caves!! Like it or loath it😂
  6. If I was in the market for a £50k two seater.. this would be it.
  7. auRouge

    Buying my first Lotus?

    Hi, Firstly.. good decision. Secondly get onto the classifieds.. Work out the market. Traditionally this time of year brings opportunities to buy slightly lower than the summer. 94k miles... too much. The engine will probably be ok but everything else quite fatigued unless it’s had heavy maintenance. Ignore the mileage, ask owners about what’s been done (clutch/ suspension etc) and only buy something with a full history. Look for accident damage and micro blisters. Mid those two the second one looks better value. Good luck
  8. auRouge

    Temperature in traffic jams

    In addition to the above I guess the best person to answer this would be the oil manufacturer.. knowing the normal (max and min temp) safe operating range of the oil (+viscosity range) would be useful. Modern oils should protect your engine at those sorts of temps before and exceeding the red light. Being mechanically sympathetic after extreme temperatures could save additional wear/damage to your engine even more than just the high temperatures. In theory the oil is at its thinnest and least protective state when hot. A high rpm will have metal on metal with reduced oil lubrication... Keep the revs low (just like the warm up) until the gauge is back to normal range before full throttle after traffic jams.
  9. auRouge

    ODB Reader and DPM

    I’ve got an OBD II reader. Bought it from my local indie (Lakeside) for £20... It’s a universal tool that works on all cars. For £20 a no brainier. Is your car still under warranty? Get the dealer to sort it?
  10. auRouge

    My 3 Eleven 430

    Ohh man.. no photos?!
  11. They’re a bit too expensive and full on for everyday. Uncomfortable leaving it in carparks etc. £80k is too much for me. I’d rather budget £50k max. Ran an S1 NA for two years, did 20,000 miles in it... good fun.
  12. auRouge

    Big Wing V6 - Register

    Absolutely👍🏼 Rest of the time unnecessary but at Spa.. wing is your friend through the crest of EauRouge and the fast bit through Blanchimont 😉
  13. auRouge

    Big Wing V6 - Register

    Goodman! On a serious note, defo see you there. Not sure what I’ll be in yet (paid for the two days but sold my Elise👀)...
  14. auRouge

    Big Wing V6 - Register

    sorry.. since we’re talking wings.. couldn’t resist 😁 back on topic @Bassman I expect you to be flat through EauRouge with that amount of aero 😂 See you at Spa...😉