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  1. You just can’t go wrong with that car. Congrats!! 👍🏽
  2. auRouge

    Three years in a 400 and still loving it!

    That’s why I use a 911 as a daily and up until very recently had a Lotus for fun 😉
  3. auRouge

    Three years in a 400 and still loving it!

    @Loquacious Lew Something like yours as a daily would be my perfect car! Stunning 👍🏽
  4. @Nathan Pitman Trying to work out subtle differences is quite difficult. Definitely judge each car on its individual qualities and spec. An older garaged car could easily be a better car than a ragged new one that’s got scuffs all over the seals, swirl marks, tracked to death and been flipped! Having driven a newer 220, I’d spend the extra if you can. The transmission (only real downer) is way better that previous models. It’s direct and finally sorted in the S3. This link doesn’t answer everything but is useful. https://wiki.the
  5. auRouge

    This guy is pushing!😳

    That car is a weapon
  6. auRouge

    Evora -> Vantage

    Great mini review @Advantage.
  7. On a break from modern Lotus until they’re quiet enough to use on track...

  8. auRouge

    The Evora 400 Diaries

    Have you guys seen one in real life? @JayEmm For me sticking with its DNA is it’s success rather that a sin. If you’re going to relaunch an old model, surely stylising based on what it was is an essential ingredient... non? Obviously this isn’t for everyone.. my wife thinks an Intergrale is ugly🙄 Maybe it is?! But the legend and heritage give it beauty that’s past skin deep.. A110 has serious rally heritage success, I’m glad they didn’t stray too far on the first model back on scene. When Geely gives us another Esprit... they’d do worse than to headhunt the team that re invented the A110 and let them re invent an Esprit that looks like an Esprit 😉
  9. auRouge

    The Evora 400 Diaries

    Lotus and 🥃 are my two favourite things too! This is by far the best car forum. Content, members and functionality of the website,,, it’s all brilliant and why despite not being a current owner (that can always change if a neat S1 Elise project appears) I’ll remain a fully paid up member. As for selling any Lotus... variety and new memories😉 a new car is a new challenge and adventure.
  10. Btw. Re transmission there was a cable upgrade in 2012 or something like that. My car had those. In the price bracket you’re looking at it should be sorted. Just be a little careful with Manufacturing Years... Some cars might be 2013 or 2014 but actually not be manufactured in that year.
  11. Ill add my car was a 2010. I can’t comment on the 400s as I haven’t driven one on track. I did drive @JayEmm‘s car this summer on the road. Transmission felt great at normal speeds. Almost rife bolt like which is a good thing!!
  12. Interesting.. I went the other way from Evora to E92 M3! Both are epic. The Evora will be more fun guaranteed. They’re exciting at any speed. M3 is however a better and faster car imo. For only 4K miles a year the Evora would be my choice, you’ll love it. Go in with your eyes open and bargain really hard. I’d be looking at £50k cars for your budget, it’s the right time of year to buy a Lotus. It’s a total buyers market out there. Amazing deals. I just bought something for less than you’d think possible with full dealer facilities! Make sure the car you buy has all the usual niggles sorted. This should be in its documentation. In particular look at the roof paintwork very very closely for micro blisters👀 caused by water leaks into the cabin. Check all the carpets (front and back) for signs of wetness and removal... Cars that leak are a pain and unfortunately Lotus customer services don’t help second owners with this issue in my experience. Theyre great cars, amazing handling and you’ll never bore of its looks. Good Luck👍🏽 Figures don’t represent real performance. Transmission isn’t the best so you can’t whip through the gears that fast I’m afraid. I was a LOT quicker in the M3 on track. But this isn’t the point with an Evora.. you’ll be smiling a lot more as it’s more towards a supercar atmosphere than a really fast coupe.
  13. auRouge

    JLR on shutdown

    OBJECTION, argumentative! 😂
  14. auRouge

    JLR on shutdown

    @C8RKH contributed not EVERYTHING as a result of Brexit. @pete yes not the best situation after the Global Financial Crisis but you don’t survive 48 years without some clout or talent. They had new owners and cash. We’ll never know. Bit smoke and mirrors tbh. I didn’t buy into it so voted with my feet before the new owners took over. BoT:- My brother had a 4.0l XJ8 back in 2000, it was a proper car. Ford era. Lovely thing, nothing ever went wrong, it just waffted around with just enough torque to make you feel special. Test drove an F Pace a year or so ago thinking that would be a comfy family wagon... Its not a Jag. No quality interior and the engine just felt generic and a bit naff. Sat in the back of a new S Class Merc today... it’s interior was equally cheap! Rubbish leather, poor plastics, shiny glare of the dash etc etc. What the hells going on with “luxury” motoring these days?
  15. auRouge

    JLR on shutdown

    Should have edited but was busy. Yes the posts contradict. What I meant to get across (in my morning rant) was we’re not privy to the deals t’s and c’s / what happens next. To illustrate, when I left my previous employment I was on a “reference Full Pay” salary as far as the general public was concerned. This helped employees not default contractually on mortgages and the like, my actual take home salary was less. Won’t bore you any further! (interestingly at the time not allowed to discuss “full pay” in public social media either so as not to spook investors... funny that!!🤬 I quit and joined a stable employer tout suite!). If they’re down to 3 days and completely unaffected great... I sincerely hope this to be the case, the sceptic in me doesn’t believe it for one second. Brexit contributed to ending the oldest name in British aviation by sterling devaluation which made its fuel bill go up by millions over night... Safe to say I’m no fan of Brexit as it put my friends and their families into the 💩