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  1. Bargain alert for someone (like me last year) looking for a newish track orientated Exige with all the trimmings... a pretty car. Surprised a dealer hasn’t bought it 1 owner 380 Sport, 2400 miles with quiet exhaust... When I was looking just over 12 months ago these were £62-65k without the expensive exhaust...
  2. So refreshing to finally see a car that doesn’t follow the heard. Light and sorted. Personally love it. Not as cool as your Esprit @Sparky
  3. like new. used for two winters. bought from EliseShop. balance of warranty expires 12 Dec 2021.
  4. Just like the buffoons that slate Lotus you’re slating a brand for the sake of it with no idea of the real facts or numbers. Utter rubbish.
  5. Agreed. Given how many cameras and potholes there are everywhere maybe it’s time... I like the look of that 90
  6. auRouge


    Might be of interest if you’ve got RA flights booked.
  7. and best yet... it wont get black flagged for noise what a fantastic start for Geely. a genuine Ferrari competitor / beater. the name Lotus properly resurrected from the hay days of F1 successes. cant wait to see what the new Elise, Exige and Evora’s will be like! the standards and investment are now no question where they deserve to be. hats off to HetheL, exciting times for Lotus and all its fans.
  8. @Brian Braddock Change happens. You can criticise Lotus for making an SUV and continue reminiscing about when “men were men” and become instinct or be a modern business and get over it. Having seen what the competition are doing, who gives a shit!? You don’t have to buy the SUV but it allows the manufacturer to build what it wants to. If making a few variants allows the company to continue making world class sports cars... move on and get with it. Fast estate you get. Good. Give the fast estate better visibility whilst occupying the same chassis... come on, that view of SUV’s is so 90s!
  9. auRouge


    @bibs shame I’m Lotusless at the moment.. my old Evora would have looked good.
  10. auRouge


    Thanks Andy! Hope you found the Cat C Innsbruck bit entertaining
  11. I feel the same about anything mainstream these days. It’s all become too alike. The necessity of having to share chassis and engines creating variants to become profitable has been at the cost of character. It’s all boring.
  12. Can’t fault Kia, amazing advancements and probably a faultless super daily. Thread has going me thinking about my next daily! Eclat. Something I’m keen to talk to my Lotus independent about as an eccentric alternative daily! Been running an 18 year old Porsche for almost two years... been a fantastic project that also been zero depreciation and not too expensive to maintain. Wonder if I could do that with an Eclat? A cool looking thing.
  13. far better looking than a Kia Or a Porsche
  14. Jaguar XF Sportbrake??... surely the perfect company car solution for a wagon! Compared with zee Germans “to which the Jag counters with a more entertaining chassis”
  15. Indeed it has. PDDC (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control) was first developed and introduced on the Cayenne. It has since been offered on the 911 (991 onwards)... helps keep it flatter on the limit therefore increasing traction and reducing lap times. Worth 5 seconds around the Nurburgring. Porsche sells 5 times more non sports cars than it does those funny little sports cars.. thus benefiting from all that extra R & D.
  16. auRouge

    Bye bye V6

    Congrats.. stunning
  17. Good link @C8RKH Will bear it in mind if I see more reports. Just watched the full video of the track work, nice to see he doesn’t hold back and was almost keeping up with the GT3. I guess the tell tale in the future will be if we see additional braces or metal changes on future cars...
  18. I’m a member on the worldwide FB GT4 owners Group.. 3500 members. Apart from the 3rd gear issue for which there is a recall nothing goes wrong. Lots of cars are pure track racers or track biased and the only thing is third gear. Just scrolled through months and months of it, nothing. Strutt failure isn’t a common reported fault and that chap is either unlucky or has hit a curb or something quite hard like the mechanic suggests despite the Vlogger trying to get him to say it’s Porsche. Funny how the vlogger also says after the off at Knockhill that his friend Peter always has a spin and ends up in a gravel trap... and his Cayman GT4 must have had the toughest life of any car in the world... Noted, but think this is a rare event.
  19. One of my favourite RoadTrips was in a Black (white interior) V8 XJ8... W - reg, borrowed from my brother (Company Car), what a thing.. cars that waft and ride so well don’t exist under 100k these days
  20. Incredible spec and gorgeous looking car. All the details are just right. Love everything about it. Like the 350 can be tracked without noise limits right?
  21. Sold but is a 360 Cup better than a 350 Sport?
  22. Wouldn’t surprise me if the 250 Elise was more fun to drive though.
  23. If it’s just for the road driving I’d probably suggest Elise (more than enough speed up to 100mph) but if it’s for the track.. Exige everyday! My first lap at Hethel in a 350Sport was 5 seconds a lap faster than in an Elise 220Sport... 6 laps later I was more that 6.5 seconds faster! A few months later I sold my Elise.
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