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  1. Good link @C8RKH Will bear it in mind if I see more reports. Just watched the full video of the track work, nice to see he doesn’t hold back and was almost keeping up with the GT3. I guess the tell tale in the future will be if we see additional braces or metal changes on future cars...
  2. I’m a member on the worldwide FB GT4 owners Group.. 3500 members. Apart from the 3rd gear issue for which there is a recall nothing goes wrong. Lots of cars are pure track racers or track biased and the only thing is third gear. Just scrolled through months and months of it, nothing. Strutt failure isn’t a common reported fault and that chap is either unlucky or has hit a curb or something quite hard like the mechanic suggests despite the Vlogger trying to get him to say it’s Porsche. Funny how the vlogger also says after the off at Knockhill that his friend Peter always has a spin and ends up in a gravel trap... and his Cayman GT4 must have had the toughest life of any car in the world... Noted, but think this is a rare event.
  3. One of my favourite RoadTrips was in a Black (white interior) V8 XJ8... W - reg, borrowed from my brother (Company Car), what a thing.. cars that waft and ride so well don’t exist under 100k these days
  4. Incredible spec and gorgeous looking car. All the details are just right. Love everything about it. Like the 350 can be tracked without noise limits right?
  5. Sold but is a 360 Cup better than a 350 Sport?
  6. Wouldn’t surprise me if the 250 Elise was more fun to drive though.
  7. If it’s just for the road driving I’d probably suggest Elise (more than enough speed up to 100mph) but if it’s for the track.. Exige everyday! My first lap at Hethel in a 350Sport was 5 seconds a lap faster than in an Elise 220Sport... 6 laps later I was more that 6.5 seconds faster! A few months later I sold my Elise.
  8. Was guzzumped on an Esprit GT3 by them...
  9. V6 Cup with 8,000 miles for £47k Looks like it’s in great condition. More appealing for trackdays than a 350 Sport and cheaper.
  10. It’s a perfect match. My X5’s days are numbered!
  11. There’s a multimillion investment from abroad... people with resources that don’t accept anything but success. Theyll pull it off and put Lotus where they deserve to be... As for the critics, it’ll be one of those moments where we can be really British and not say anything about it
  12. Heard of a 2013 V6s with Komotec 470 coming up.. 15k Miles mint condition with good spec in an ok colour. What’s it worth?
  13. Not surprised, looks like a perfect spec and fair price.
  14. one owner - 15k miles, high spec and only £37k an S3 Elise costs that! ive driven a 350 Sport and 380 Sport but haven’t driven an S... To help people like me that don’t know much about Exige’s :- q. main differences between the S and Sport apart from power are? q. 380 Sport is lovely, but if you weren’t bothered about the carbon panels, splitter, wing and extra bhp (real world, is 30 bhp really that much on a country road where you bottom out at half the power!!),, is it really worth double? twice the price of this mint looking car from a reputable solid Lotus specialist?
  15. Low numbers are indeed the key. But the car has to be brilliant too and we all (including the car media.. Harris, Evo et al) know the S3 Exige Sport and Cup series cars are stupendously good. Combined with low production numbers and an industry that has an appetite for numbing cars with too much tech and you’ve got the holy grail... I can see the 380 Sport rising sooner rather than later. Lotus actually did 380 owners a favour by making the next models so much more expensive! @rafphillips you’re a lucky guy! Dont know the spec of yours but that sounds amazing.
  16. Agreed, can’t see it dropping too much either.. does what the more expensive variants do for significantly less
  17. None taken.. There’s no doom and gloom when it comes to Exige in my eyes.. Thread will hopefully be a positive one. Thanks @2GOOD Can a moderator pls correct my 430 Sport Error? learnt something already!
  18. About 6 months ago I was a telephone call away from buying a low mileage one owner 380 Sport for £64k... The deal was almost done for a fully specced, tasty options including the “track pack” and “Titanium Sports Exhaust” Exige. It only had 7k miles. Didn’t happen in the end because the 380 was just too noisy (trackdays dilemma) and expensive to start modifying in the warranty period.. so I backed off. Shame as I also ended up selling my Elise within a couple of weeks.. and bought another Porsche... ooops! Apparently the 380 Sport was £82k new. Just saw this on another thread:- A 410 really £91k new? £77k then sounds pretty good for a near as damnit new car! Thought it might be useful starting a thread for anyone interested in buying one, not a lot of cars or information out there on what’s the going rate.. (like the Evora Market watch thread). To get the ball rolling, off the top of my head.. Do these bands make any sense? V6s - £35-45k 350 Sport - £45 - £55k 380 Sport - £55 - £65k 410 Sport - £75 - £90k 430 Cup - £90 - £115 My Exige dream still exists (no garage is complete without a Loti!), keeping an eye on what’s out there... Phenomenal performance, looks and noise for the money. I fell in love with them after Jamie (B&C) arranged a test drive while waiting for my Evora to have some work done on it.. Please feel free to correct my bands / share any information / experience / advice or spots!! Cheers
  19. That is bizarre, hope it’s true. Closure for thousands of people and maybe a something to prevent it from ever happening again.
  20. Damn indeed. None of them doing their jobs. Corbyn has showed his pathetic cards, utter joke putting his interests before the countries. Vote of no confidence, now.. what a joke. I’m unsurprisingly to those that know me a remainer simply because I don’t like taking unquantifiable risks. I like the freedom of movement across Europe and welcome trade with our Geographical Neighbours for long term sustainability. I think it’s better to buy Beef from Ireland not Australia. If you ignore the rhetoric from the Australian-Born America resident 19.7 Billion Media Mogul (The Sun etc) and his Sky “News” (its not news, it’s Dallas!) empire stirring us all up every morning (It’s the Sun wot won it” etc etc) and coincidentally making millions out of this controversy... you're left with In or Out based on the facts. Those facts have always been available for individuals to work out, they were there before the referendum. That’s an individual responsibility to do this before you vote. But after two years I actually think the complacency in our way of life and the system (Europe included) needs to be outed (no pun intended)... Lets go WTO, I don’t want a second referendum, it’s too late for that.. I think the people have spoken, let’s take back control and trust the “Bloody Fools, Idiots and baffoons” to run our country.
  21. LR isn’t bad. It just requires an adjustment to your calibration. The box works well but can’t be rushed or might crunch. When you’re on it,, normally in 4th you’re in 3rd.. so what, still fast, full of character and excitement! If I was to buy another Evora I’d ideally go SR but wouldn’t buy a SR over a better spec LR in better condition.
  22. As @EGTE said it’s proportional. CC or manual.. doesn’t really matter apart from slow the F down when it’s wet!! I tend to be on the motorway either early or very late, the amount of people that don’t vary their speed to the conditions (including lorry drivers and taxis ) never seases to frustrate me. Inexperience or complacency/stupidity. I once had a big moment in an S2000 on the M3, my tyres were just legal and I was going too fast for the v wet conditions.. slow down to 50-60 problem gone
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