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  1. Thanks guys, looking forward to being a Lotus owner.
  2. Hi, I had Paul a mobile leather seat repairs guy come round for half a day and sort out the seats in my old 911 (also had an off white leather) The results were fantastic. Lots of photos on his website. He charged me £250 to sort out two front seats, door cards and gear stick muff. It was a great job. He basically masks everything and then uses a air spray from his van and matches the colour. If there are any cracks he fills them with something rubber based glue i think.. The effect works but doesn't last forever depending on how much you use you seats. If its only a small part of the seat I can't imagine it would cost more than £50 but that's only a guess. The only issue is he's based up north so books a load of jobs down south and does them all together in a week or so, so you might have to wait a couple of months till he's next down. Good luck. ;-)
  3. I'm booking with a group of friends through Goldtrack. I'm not a trackday expert but love going to Spa and Silverstone. The Evora should be great on both tracks.
  4. Trackday on Oct 14th... I didn't go last year because I was driving an Abarth 500! But have been many times before with friends and brother. About to book it this year! Anyone here go? It's a great track and brilliant drive over.
  5. Thank you. The colour gives it a hint of aggressive Motorsport which will look great at Spa.. But won't look naf at Tesco's! Ive just submitted review for B & C.
  6. Morning, Some say all good things come to those who wait... In my case this couldn't be more true. After purchasing the car in February (Started looking in Jan for an Exige S, drove a few and then fell for the Evora! Found my ideal colour/spec) I delayed taking delivery to coincide with a promotion at work, it was the ultimate tease! Anyway, I just picked up my 2010 NA Evora from Bell & Colvill and couldn't be happier! The car has only done 11k miles and has the Sport, Tech, Premium Interior, Forged Alloys and a Lotus Stage One Motorsport Exhaust. I had it fully vetted including a download of its ECU. The buying experience at B & C was first class and the sales manager Jamie tailored my purchase and ensured every detail was covered. Tbh it was like purchasing a new car and I'd highly recommend them to any prospective purchaser. Already done 500 miles since picking her up last Thursday, the car is better than I could have hoped for. After spending months reading about the doom and gloom associated with the Evora's niggles I had kind of prepped myself for a frustrating car. Its early days but so far the reality is a tight, rattle free, surprising quick, sure footed, super comfortable everyday performance car that can only be described as a stunning machine! I was worried that the gearbox would feel loose and indirect... It isn't, in fact the style suits the torquey engine and I love the gun bolt action of it, bit old school but isn't that what's missing in today's desire to over engineer everything (Audi!) and remove the soul that gives character? The Evora has style, character and poise... Infact if I had to sum up the Evoras first impression in one word it would be "poise". I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!! Cheers, ;-)
  7. Hi, Chris Knott quoted £595 with unlimited mileage with the wife on it parked on a driveway... Not bad at all! They asked about my previous cars which I thought was an excellent way of seeing who your dealing with... For that reason alone I think I will go with them, taking my eclectic history of cars into account is very gentlemanly! Will get a few more quotes but I like what they included (unlimited mileage, £75 for screen excess, my 14 years NBC protected, and only £500 excess) Not going to rush into trackday cover as I'm really busy at work for now, but good to know its an option with them should I need it in the future. Thanks for the tip! Cheers, A;-)
  8. Thanks very much, that's great. Still a reasonable quote. If I can get a similar quote with that sort of grown up flexibility that's where my business will go. Will post later and let you know, the trackday thing is not going to be the governing issue for me as its an everyday car and I need my wife on it for a trip down to the Alps this summer.. Thanks for the tip ;-)
  9. Rafphillips, Thanks for that, I will give them a call tomorrow. That sounds more like it.. I'm 37 with a clean licence and 14 years of NCB, parked on a drive in a profession that apparently is v low risk! Any trackday cover with them included or as an option? Thanks Bibs & Ramjet, noted
  10. Hi Guys, Taking delivery of my car next month and I've just started looking into insurance for it. It's a 2010 NA, unmodified with Lotus Sports Exhaust and Lotus 18/19 Forged Alloys. I need fully comp with up to 8000 miles per year as I will use it everyday. Just had a quote from CCI for approx £1000 (including 6 track-days with a £1750 excess, Windscreen cover limited to £1000..) My current insurer could insure the car for £700 fully comp upto 10k miles a year.. I'm not a regular trackday goer but do like the occasional Spa, Silverstone or Alton with friends! Any advice as to who's the best to insure Evora's with? Perhaps best to stick with my current insurance and buy one off trackday policies? Any idea of costs and what's covered? Cheers, A
  11. The car I'm buying has 11k miles on it and is basically chip free so a similar scenario. Would appreciate that. I'm going from "do it" to "not bother"... I was very decisive about the car but can't make up my mind about this!
  12. Thanks for that, I think its a good idea. Armourfend sounds good and is recommended but apparently Paint Shield have a patented product that doesn't scratch! See below:- "Xpel Ultimate “self-healing” film - a unique film exclusive to Paintshield in the UK, where should the film be scratched, e.g., swirl marks, these will heal over a short period of time, or healing is instant when hot water is poured over the affected area. The film will protect your vehicle from stone chipping, minor scuffs and abrasions and has a clear gloss topcoat making it virtually invisible when installed on a car. The film is also resistant to vandalism and atmospheric pollution." Comes with a 5 year guarantee... Will do some more research and report back if there's anything valuable in it. Cheers
  13. Afternoon All, Going to take delivery of my car in May, it's going to be detailed and basically brought back to A1 condition by the dealer... I'm tempted to get some sort of protection film put on as I do crunch the motorway a bit and will be using the car everyday... Quotes so far are £427 for the bumper and mirrors by Armourfend or £425+vat by Paintshield for the bumper alone... Quite expensive given you could probably have the bumper professionally painted for less... Dilemma is that I have no problem paying a bit extra to have the shield but don't want to do if it looks naff and i could just paint it after a couple of years assuming its that bad and have it like new. Is it like an IPhone with a crappy bit of plastic protection that gets worse and worse, you kind of need it but it ruins its clean lines... Can any longterm owners comment on whether or not to fit the protection film? We know Elise/Exige is a no brainer but the Evora is a different animal with a plastic bumper.. Harry M in Evo reckons film is a great idea... My Evora will be my Zonda! Yes or no? Cheers :-)
  14. It's the April edition.. Not out in the news agents yet. Only a double page spread and basically concludes its a great car with a few niggles that arnt serious. Comparisons included a Cockster S, Nissan GTR and an M3 (E92)... Good article and would recommend you buy it. If you have a bit of petrol in your blood then you should subscribe to Evo, it's an awesome magazine! It reckons a very tempting buy at just over £30k... Basically v good press for the car, secondhand market might hot up a bit!
  15. Just arrived through my post box this morning! It's almost like someone's trying to tell me something... actually I'm starting to feel errr aaaa a bit predictable! I've only just dug out editions 121, 132, 136 & 138 out of the loft! Evo is my Bible :-)) Cheers
  16. Bell and Colvill, Jamie Matthews is the sales manager. Is all I can say so far is that the experience as a customer has been brilliant. I'm delaying taking delivery for a bit as I'm really busy but when I do I will give some v positive feedback. Until then if anyone out there is looking at buying the experience I had was very good indeed!
  17. I think so too, wanted Carbon Grey or Black. I have bought the car from Bell & Covill who have been excellent.
  18. Brilliant thanks Thank you Thank you Thank you
  19. Morning, Thanks to TomE, Softlips, Kip, Spinagain! Great bit of advice. Have checked almost all those items with the dealer, I didn't pay too much attention to the stereo on the day but was told that it had been replaced last year, will check it as briefed before driving away! To back up the history the dealer went through every bit of work carried out on the car from new (gave me a copy too) All of those items and more have been rectified under Lotus Warranty. The Lotus Dealer was knowledgeable and friendly... Everything I asked was answered... that's how to buy a car! So I've done it... TaaDaaa! She's a Sept 2010 Evora with all the packs plus Forged wheels and a Stage one Lotus Sports Exhaust! Very very excited. Cheers, A
  20. Morning All, Will formally introduce myself after I've actually purchased her... Just about to put down a deposit on a 2010 Launch Edition Evora! It's from a Lotus dealer but I thought it would be a good Idea to do a bit of research (half the fun!) Things I will ask the dealer include:- 1 ECU, for abuse 2 X 3 recalls Heater/a.c. unit drain tube freezing causing poor demist performance 01/02/2010 Fix to solve poor demisting performance during the winter months due to water freezing and blocking the drain hole. Fix carried out at owners request. Replacement of exhaust muffler flexible mountings 01/02/2010 Upgraded silicone material on exhaust mounts to improve Fitment of 'in-line' fuse to alarm siren circuit 01/02/2010 Fix to ensure doors automatically unlock in the event of an accident. 3. Sat Nav and camera 4. Transmission noise in low gear at low revs (car has had the cables replace) 5, Central Locking 6. Latest ECU update Like I say, I will introduce myself properly once the deposit is down! Any advice appreciated. Cheers, A
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