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  1. On 09/09/2021 at 07:23, CocoPops said:

    If you ever want to drive trackdays with soft top or no roof, you’ll need full face.

    open face helmets are only for cars with fixed roof or hard top.

    I bought an Arai SK6 as my first lid, a karting helmet without the fire protection. Did me well for trackdays and karting.

    I recently upgraded to a GP6, which is the full rated version.

    your heras may also suit a certain brand. The shells and inners are different shape. I tried Bell when I bought my first Arai and my head didn’t fit comfortably.

    I’ve also got an Arai GP6 with Hans. Great helmet. 

    My brother is unsure about what to do in his Exige 410. We did Oulton and Anglesey last week. Car was great but he said the seats were useless so has decided to get Harnesses fitted..

    However this then means he should wear a Hans that’s he’s reluctant to do.

    Anyone else suffer on track with lack of lateral support? 


  2. Worth noting trackday organisers now insist on us carrying an extinguisher in the small print...

    A friend last season in his McLaren 540 ended up with an engine fire... he pulled over, put the the fire out trackside! Cheeky little extinguisher bought duty free in Folkestone before a eurotunnel to Spa came into use 😬

    It can happen! 

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  3. Good Evening,

    Been a while since I last posted.. catch up every now and then in the background.. all very positive, great to see progress and momentum building at Lotus.

    My brother has bought an Exige 410 to reconnect with real driving instead of cheating with double clutch and excessive bhp!!

    Only problem in the Exige / Elise is where to put your phone. He’s a busy chap that actually uses the car therefore needs to make the occasional call and needs navigation to avoid the jams (Waze).

    Already waisted time on a few crappy amazon purchases.. 

    Any recommendations? Ideally not a sticky on the screen. Links appreciated!







  4. Sods law is your biggest problem. Whilst the chance of getting done are almost zero, the chances of a once in a lifetime accident somehow due the aforementioned almost become quite probable because you’re aware that you’re breaking the law.

    If you have a decent independent garage nearby why not call them, explain the dilemma (cover the cost of a taxi for them) and get them to pick it up and deliver?

    Just my take on it. I wouldn’t take a risk. 😉

  5. This topic can be managed. I was Black Flagged at Bedford for going over 98dB in a car that hits around 105dB when you’re on it... An instructor then told me where not accelerate hard and the rest of the day was fine. 

    My mate on the day brought his 3-11... (can hit 116-18dB) that’s similar to yours in terms of noise. We got away with it.

    Be aware it’s the Car that will be banned for the rest of the day and not the driver if you get two strikes. 



  6. Hi,

    Its due to moisture build up under the headlining from moisture within the car...

    Are your floor mats wet?

    I had exactly this problem back in the day.

    The car leaked, was fixed under warranty and then leaked again... Fixed and then leaked again... Repeat!!! 

    You need to stop the cause of the leaks to stop the moisture otherwise the micro blisters will keep coming back I’m afraid.

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  7. On 18/12/2019 at 21:57, DJW said:

    Alpine then.  

    I did say when I sold my A110, that that car with a Lotus shaped body would have been perfect for road use. 

    When that happens Lotus will have a seriously long waiting list... with my name on it!

    I like Alpine’s but don’t like the idea of a DCT (no matter how good the Getrag is). Hopefully Lotus will keep a manual option. 


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  8. Bargain alert for someone (like me last year) looking for a newish track orientated Exige with all the trimmings... a pretty car.

    Surprised a dealer hasn’t bought it

    1 owner 380 Sport, 2400 miles with quiet exhaust... When I was looking just over 12 months ago these were £62-65k without the expensive exhaust...


  9. On 26/08/2019 at 12:18, C8RKH said:

    Porsche where the engine monster has a tendency to eat the engine internals or where on the GT models the suspension wants to break free through the top of the body work.

    Can things go wrong? Of course. But not usually catastrophic unlike others.

    Just like the buffoons that slate Lotus you’re slating a brand for the sake of it with no idea of the real facts or numbers. 

    Utter rubbish.🙄

  10. @Brian Braddock Change happens. You can criticise Lotus for making an SUV and continue reminiscing about when “men were men” and become instinct or be a modern business and get over it. 

    Having seen what the competition are doing, who gives a shit!? You don’t have to buy the SUV but it allows the manufacturer to build what it wants to.

    If making a few variants allows the company to continue making world class sports cars... move on and get with it. 

    Fast estate you get. Good. Give the fast estate better visibility whilst occupying the same chassis... come on, that view of SUV’s is so 90s! 

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