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  1. acchan

    Evora GTE Registry

    I have two children of 6 and 5 years so 2 + 2 is almost mandatory ... I consider you really lucky, also because I practically had it but then I changed my mind ... a curiosity, how are the interiors? I only have the photos of the car before they were rebuilt ... the interior was all white
  2. acchan

    Evora GTE Registry

    interesting but I live in Italy and therefore I am worried about engine maintenance ... then they should be 2 + 0 and I would prefer 2 + 2 for children ... very beautiful in any case !!! even the interiors ... I think they are pre 2012 and I did not understand if the suspension is changed ...
  3. acchan

    Evora GTE Registry

    @bravo thank you, I’ll ask to him! @LotusLeftLotusRight yes, it was the #4...It was a terrible mistake... I didn’t buy it because it was to expansive...
  4. acchan

    Evora GTE Registry

    thanks for the answers! what I'd like to understand is if you hear a difference between an evora s and a gt350 at driving level. the gt350 is wider with revised suspension, do you feel the difference? the mansory kit is the same aesthetically but has spacers and does not change the suspension ... will it have a worse guide?
  5. acchan

    Evora GTE Registry

    hi everyone, I’m an ex lotus owner (elise exige and evora). after the lotus experience I’ve bought a nissan gtr... so I love sport cars but, I felt in love with the gte at the first sight... Now I’d like to ask you, ehat do you think about gte, how is the car. is it different compared to an evora s? at last, the mandory kit costs over 50.000€, if I buy it I’ll do a fake gte?
  6. The carbon one is amazing but, how much????
  7. acchan

    Face lifted Evora

    Im 38, in my opinion THE lotus car was the esprit... that was as beautifull as a countach! I know that lotus isnt in the same range of lambo but, for me, the design of new lotus must be modern like lambo for exampleI dont think the evora eill be like the porsche carreta, an icon of the brand... the lotus icon is the esprit for me and its a shame the lotus won't build the new esprit!!!
  8. acchan

    Face lifted Evora

    I don't think so... because of I believe the the only real evora is only the gte, I hope the new one will move to a more aggressive, sporty, muscle design...
  9. acchan

    Face lifted Evora

    I really hope that the new evora will be very different between the actual one, very aggressive and luxury like a lamb for example....
  10. I love lotus, I'had have an elise, then an exile and now an evora, so I know exactly value and lack of lotus I think every lotus is too expansive at all, the dynamics is amazing, the best one, but, interior, electronics, optionals etcetera are the same of 10 years ago... elise/exige seats? ridiculous compared to porsche or jaguar... infotainment? idem... and now, let's talk about the engine and gearbox... why lotus still buy toyota parts??? it could buy audi, renault, honda... look at the jaguar f-type, at the same over's price you can buy an amazing, luxury car... it's the same for porsche... I think the speech above it's about a new buyer who have tho choose between porsche, audi, jaguar, maserati, corvette... I'm in love with lotus, and despite that, I'll still buy lotus, I'll be in geneva to see the new evora and I hope to get one next year... At the end I think JMG must identify the new lotus buyer and arrange correctly the price of the evora, not too expansive like a 911 s but like a cayman gts! (with the plus os 2+2 seats)
  11. here the link for a gb of a cf ventilation panel HKFEVER makes a lot of cf parts for lotus, for example the gate wing is about 2.000$ I bought scoops for my evora, very beautiful an HK is a real gentleman
  12. I think yellow or red or white is amazing... I think colors like blue or black could hide the dimension of the car and the cf part... in effect I decided to give GTE up at first because of the price, but I didn't like the black...
  13. acchan

    Evora GTE Registry

    this one was offered to me, its about 71000 £ + tax = 85.000 £ if someone want to see the car, I've got some pics... Russell is very kind, so contact him!!! The new interior are amazing, black with red stitching
  14. I have negotiated one some month ago, but at the end was too expansive for me... I think the evora gte is THE evora... please some pics!!!!
  15. So I'm not the only one who is considering an evora GTE... I've got a lot of doubts about it, price, warranty... and at last, if at geneve lotus will present an evora's facelift??? I'm going crazy!!!
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