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  1. Evora GT430

    Worth a try @mik but if he drove both cars outside of the tyres operating window he should do more to qualify his findings. Many elsewhere are openly celebrating Porsche’s victory without questioning anything. No doubt the GT430 is already fast becoming known around the internet as the one with crap steering. Funny though, I reckon Porsche will escape the charge of having worse traction in those conditions. The tempting conspiracy theory would say that the whole thing was engineered to address concerns about Porsche’s EPAS. ‘Beating’ an industry benchmark for hydraulic steering would be a great way of putting them to bed finally. Porsche are more than ruthless enough to stoop to that. However, there was some criticism of the GT3 which is highly unusual in itself so I’ll give John Barker the benefit of the doubt. I stand by what I originally felt about the GT430. Grip has been prioritised in the pursuit of laptime. The difference between the Sport 410 and GT430 is much like that of the Elise 220 Sprint to the Cup 250. The ‘lesser’ cars might actually be more entertaining on the road by having slightly more accessible limits, due to narrower tyres. They feel a bit more adjustable. The skinnier the front tyres on an Elise, the sweeter they steer. The GT430 just grips, seemingly forever and can feel more aloof at road speeds, as did the Exige V6 Cup before it. With a track focused variant you’re only ever seeing half the picture on a road drive. On a cold, wet road, even less than that. Sacrifices were made for laptime in the ‘ultimate’ versions of the current Lotus range. They are so capable on track though it’s really a wonder that they work on the road at all. I still maintain that the finest steering Evoras of all are the S1 cars but the Evora 400 onward cars run them very close. Having recently had a brief back-to-back drive with a 400 I can confirm that it’s steering was absolutely glorious. Fortunately the GT430’s was very similar as you might expect from identical hardware. I think it’s the lateral stiffness and complete lack of body roll that hides the feeling of weight transfer which makes the GT430 feel like it’s not even trying at road speeds. For what it’s worth this is also how a 991.1 GT3 feels on the road too. Like everyone else is just going way too slow. “I’m bored, can we go to a track now?”
  2. 2018 Track Days - UK & RoE

    We’re at Silverstone on Monday, weather permitting. We’ll find out the full story with noise there. Would love to return to Goodwood and Castle Combe as I have some reference times for comparison but I fear noise will be an issue. The 311 does seem to be slightly but usefully less noisy than the latest Exiges and Evoras.
  3. 3-Eleven Picture & Video Thread

    I happen to like XKRs a lot, true GT cars and set up to breathe with the road. That one looks proper OTT, I bet it's huge fun. I would imagine very firm for a Jag, Evora GT430 is probably the closest Lotus to that. Decals remind me a bit of the Exige Cup 260.
  4. 3-Eleven Picture & Video Thread

    Welcome to TLF, a few of us were at Castle Combe last summer and enjoyed seeing your 311 in action. It was also my first drive in B&C's 311 so a very memorable day. Good to have you and the car over here. I take it you've seen the 430 version launched today?
  5. Lotus 3-Eleven 430 - New model released!

    At first glance the cheapest way to get the brawny 430 engine (which will transform the car far more than the 20bhp increase suggests by the way). However to add the GT430's Ohlins TTX 2-ways and the titanium exhaust and one of the nice paint jobs will bring it to just shy of £115k. Exige 430 already comes with the Ti exhaust so is better value I believe. This would be epic in good weather though. More linear power will really work wonders.
  6. Evora GT430

    I assumed he was being sarcastic!
  7. Evora GT430

    Only reference to price was that the Lotus was £119k as tested and the 911 was £130k as tested. To buy one that's been thrashed with no regard to the running-in schedule by a car flipper will cost you another £50k.
  8. Evora GT430

    The conditions render the conclusions pretty meaningless for both cars. The comparison was limited to welsh A and B roads on a cold, wet day. Both cars deserved a more thorough investigation than that. I don't take much heed of the suggestion that the GT3 generates less grip in poor conditions either. It's a lot heavier and has the same tyres, only wider. I'm utterly amazed that the Porsche's EPAS could be compared in any way to the Evora's system, I will believe it when I drive it for myself. It would have to be a quantum leap better than the 991.1 GT3 to get anywhere close. No other magazine has suggested the 991.2 steering is any kind of revolution, only that the EPAS keeps getting incrementally better with each new GT car. I read that as an admission that it was pretty awful to start with, not that many journos admitted it at the time. Loads of inaccuracies such as the Sparco seats and 25 438bhp Evora GTEs but that’s to be expected these days.
  9. Evora GT430

    Car Magazine: "The well-calibrated power steering is as communicative as ever, too." Top Gear: "The steering isn’t so high-geared as to be nervous, but it’s precise and staggeringly alert. And for a powered system the feel is as vivid as it gets." Road & Track: "On the road you'll immediately notice one thing: This car talks to you. I don't mean that it literally says words. I also don't mean that the steering is communicative by modern standards. I mean it talks. The hydraulic rack is inch-precise and relays information quickly and accurately. It's not darty or nervous. An action by your hands produces an immediate, expected reaction from the front end. That might not sound like a monumental achievement or even something worth celebrating, but consider the moment: There are currently so few new cars on the road that are both immediate and communicative, this deserves applause. And it's not only the steering. The brakes, the gearbox, the clutch, they all have the same desire to tell you what they're up to, like a platoon giving key information to a lieutenant." I think we can put Evo's findings mostly down to the conditions. Shame it wasn't a proper comparison.
  10. Evora GT430

    The part I take issue with is that the conclusions are drawn on the basis of a cold, wet road drive. Ambient temperature was 7 degrees C. The writer would have had a totally different experience in the dry on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2s. The inevitable win for the Porsche won't surprise anyone. However the reasons given for the Evora losing the comparison are literally the last things you'd expect.
  11. Evora GT430

    Yes arrived today. Massively controversial I believe. No spoilers but absolutely not what I was expecting to read. Nor anything I will believe until I drive a new GT3.
  12. Essex Random Images.......

    Stunning! Congratulations. Must be one of the very best left now.
  13. TLF GT430 Club

    Yes understeer can be dialled out, all GT430s come with the factory road settings. We need someone to winkle the track settings out of Lotus.
  14. Hello from Texas!

    Welcome to TLF, stunning car!
  15. Picture of the Month

    Feb's up. For the full article, click here.