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  1. Putting girls on the bonnet, a very 80's approach to improving front-end grip!
  2. Bump on the head for the guy fitting the badge and decals maybe! Still, we might have stumbled across a new Turbo Esprit controversy - did any cars leave the factory with centred decals? It's taken nearly 40 years for anyone to notice but here we are!
  3. Good to know there's still a place on the internet where fellow Esprit owners can discuss the merits of nose decal placement within 17mm! There's no arguing with Chris's magnificent car nor any question marks over its ownership history! But wtf was going on with that Deezer car?! Getting the decals a few mm off is one thing but how do you accidentally get the decals and the nose badge the wrong way around?
  4. Looks like my car had front decals at Brands Hatch in 1982. Either way I'm not moving my decals or swapping with AN 12 for love nor money! Besides, mine is the actual FYEO car, as you can see proven here
  5. I don't think consistency with decals was Lotus's strong point in the 80s!
  6. The mind boggles as to what you got up to in that in the 80s! Quite the man about town! What a cool car to own back in its heyday though. It must have felt light years ahead of its time in an era of comedy turbo lag and high maintenance exotics with dodgy handling. I think AN12 was on Comps but that's just my best guess, very hard to be sure. I don't have any clue about how many white Turbo Esprits left the factory with Essex stripes in '82 or '83 so there could well be more with Essex stripes out there.
  7. Good spot on the Giugiaro badges! From my factory provenance certificate there were 3 Monaco White cars which left the factory in 1981 with Essex stripes. The other two also had full red leather but mine was the only one with the Panasonic Cockpit roof mounted stereo. The first owner of the car was a company based in Spalding, Lincs.
  8. Here's a very early pic of my car at Brands Hatch, best guess 1982. On BBS as you can see and wearing SAV 176X.
  9. I'm obviously hoping that's not my car but would appreciate that everyone hang fire from any declarations that it 'must be' my car before we see more evidence! If it has been shunted it's been beautifully repaired, no sign of repair whatsoever. I know my car has had some paint on the drivers side front wing but that doesn't look like a part of the car that was damaged in the shunt. I'll have another close look at my front chin spoiler. It's obvious from those photos where it would have been touched up. I never had my chin spoiler resprayed and believe it to be the original paint with stone chips consistent with its mileage. The roof radio was fitted at the factory in my car so that would have helped narrow it down and my car was fitted with BBS from new and those do look like Comps in the old pics. Certainly no record of my car ever wearing AN12. Best I can to rule my car out for now is to draw your attention to the placement of the Turbo Esprit decals on the nose. Of course they could have been replaced but they have faded very slightly compared to the more recently applied red side stripes so I believe them to be original. No need to replace the decals on AN12 as they look fine. The b of turbo is just off the badge centre on my car. The decals are definitely more over to the right on AN12. The old pics of my car with the Essex stripes show the front decals in the same place that they are now.
  10. Will see how I'm fixed, both could use a run!
  11. If the Sport 410 you tried had Lotus carbon seats then they definitely are lower mounted but because of the upright position you lose headroom compared to the Sparcos which can be reclined. Fixed back seats had to be at that angle for the airbag to work correctly for much shorter than average drivers. Probably doesn't apply to anyone here but car makers have to consider all eventualities. Another recommendation here for Jon's adjustable brackets. My view is that Lotus should really have fitted adjustable mounts like the original 410 show car had. Jon's brackets are the next best thing. They lower the seat further still, bring better under thigh support (the seats hold you better under hard braking), increase headroom, improve comfort. I thought I'd give them a try and wasn't expecting much but I was amazed at the improvement from what appears to be such a small adjustment. Sparcos feel a good two inches higher now it's really noticeable. Definitely not the best choice for taller owners. Disappointing that the factory never offered a fix for the seats but at least there is one. Really finishes the car off nicely for those who like the lightweight seats.
  12. Yup RSR said that the Nissan GT-R needs new brake pads every 12 laps of the Nurburgring. 12 laps! I was getting 7 trackdays out of Avon ZZRs at the rear in the Exige fronts went on forever and it went through several annual services on the same brake pads. Evora tyre and brake pad wear is noticeably higher, it increases exponentially with weight but even so, four trackdays later and brake pads still over 50% after the equivalent of more than 40 ring laps. Run an Elise for a year and anyone would think Lotus had invented the everlasting tyre! We got through a lot of front brake discs and tyres on our Lexus SUV from very gentle road driving. Imagine what an Urus would get through!
  13. Never really left but thanks all the same. Been very busy these past few months. Hoping to get the cars out soon, they are sat in the garage looking very neglected! Back on topic I'm sure some would argue that Lotus have form with performance through brute force, especially with the Lotus Carlton. I don't remember any attempt to make it any lighter than a regular Vauxhall Carlton. It was fully loaded with every possible electric option. I was fortunate to own one and absolutely fell for its sinister presence and outrageous performance - Testarossa go for half the price. It was at least an ultimate of its kind, so brought pride to the Lotus badge in that way, a modern equivalent might perhaps be what Lamborghini have done with their SUV. It was an incredible, world-beating saloon car, it really was hilariously fast, but a great Lotus? I'm really glad they made it and would love to see more collaborations with major manufacturers, but my first 100 yards up the road in the Elise S1 was more of a revelation. The fun started way before you got to the end of the throttle travel. As with all fast saloons and SUVs until you're using the giant performance you're just in another big saloon or SUV. I can remember being driven around Goodwood in the Lotus Carlton by former F1 driver Peter Gethin. He got it round in about 1.40, matching the sort of times set by the, then new, Ferrari F355. Pretty remarkable considering it was never meant to be a track car. I managed 1.27.1 two-up in the Exige V6 Cup with less power than either. Let that sink in for a moment. That's 13 seconds a lap over 2.3 miles and I'm no Peter Gethin! Of course road legal tyres have improved massively since the late 90's but there's definitely something to this 'adding lightness' business.
  14. Having had 2 SUV family cars I can say they are occasionally nice places to be but not nice things to drive. Any Lotus SUV that was great to drive (for an SUV) would make me wonder what it would have been like as a saloon.
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