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  1. You would expect some run out editions, but new management have shown zero interest in the current range to date. Each Evija sale is worth many Exiges and Evoras in terms of revenue so I guess the focus is on that. I heard some rumours of some minor tweaks but nothing has shown up. I don’t think we’ll hear much before next year now.
  2. I much prefer the Lotus carbon race seats as you sit so much lower, it improves the whole driving position, especially for taller drivers plus the weight saving is considerable but the Sparcos look great, recline and give you better access to the rear storage area.
  3. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    I use Classicline Insurance, as does Trevor I believe. Up to 6 trackdays cover included providing you give them 48 hours notice.
  4. Long may they remain the case! In the unlikely event that I buy the next ‘attainable’ Lotus sports car I will be swapping the badge for the one of the ‘old’ ones asap!
  5. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    Yup it’s nice to know the car has been engineered to run to a very high top speed but I seriously doubt I’ll ever exceed 174mph in my car. Never got near the top speed of my Exige V6 either, or exceeded the speed limit of the Roadster version as it happens. I did do 195mph on a motorbike once. Quite happy not to repeat that!
  6. I have no view on the standard stereo as my car doesn't have one at all. Big fan of the colour of your car though! Mega.
  7. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    Many thanks Julian, believe it or not I wrote the words for those brochures and I didn't even have a digital copy myself!
  8. For daily use the normally aspirated S1, Evora S and SR (supercharged) and Evora 400 (supercharged, chargecooled and noisy!) are the go to choices. They have the benefit of more road focused set up and better rear visibility than the later and current cars with the louvred carbon fibre tailgate. All Evoras, like any Lotus, perform well on the track.
  9. Hi and welcome. Most would point you towards an Exige for track use but the Evora is very capable on track and certainly an upgrade for track use over the Maserati. The best Evoras to drive on track are the lighter Sport 410s. The model was replaced by the GT410 Sport which is much the same thing and can be bought new and there are some amazing deals to be had currently. The ultimate road and track Evora remains the GT430 which is a truly amazing car, limited to 60 units worldwide (I doubt they ever got to 60 either!) and there are a few remaining low mileage cars for sale (1 unregistered one left) with some good deals to be had there too. Depreciation on older S1 models will be glacial, lowest running costs and best ride quality belongs to the normally aspirated S1.
  10. Very fast time, nicely done. Much enjoyed my passenger laps in it last year, is the car even faster since then?
  11. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    Met up with a few other GT430 owners yesterday. Incredible car. A total animal when you want it to be, refined when you don't. Agile as a fly but also very stable and composed. Exquisite to drive fast and slow. Quality of the damping never gets old. Mesmerising!
  12. Not sure what the mileage record is but at least one Elise has done over 250,000 miles. 1.8 Toyota 1ZR engine would probably be my choice for racking up high miles but as Kevin and many others have shown a well maintained K-Series can run and run too. Have you considered the modern Europa? They are very rare now but use the Elise chassis with a Vauxhall 2.0 turbo from the VX220 and were built for better long distance comfort. Great cars. Very quick with fantastic handling. This one's over budget and probably nicer than you need but will give you some idea.
  13. Short term bang for buck the KT460 looks better value if Komotec dyno numbers are to be believed. Long term it might not be such a good deal if you throw the Komotec catalogue at a Sport 350/380. At least in the UK. Time will tell how that works out but Komotec cars have underperformed against expectations in my experience. Zero understeer in the Cup 430 I drove, too much oversteer if anything. Each to their own with this, whatever anyone prefers to drive and own is the right way to go for them. Factory 430 is definitely the route I’d go and I’d have absolutely no interest in modifying it either. Previous Lotus was bone stock and so is the current one and it’s staying that way.
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