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  1. Evora GT430

    @LF1 what could have been!
  2. Evora GT430

    Tried really hard to like the grey/orange/silver one. Failed. Ardent Red on the other hand....
  3. Evora GT430

    Wow, Ardent Red Just never lets you down does it! Breathtaking! Grey and orange? Sure, why not I guess. Looks very nicely done (at great cost I’m sure) for someone who wants something different. I think the GT430 is so out there it doesn’t need crazy colours on top as the red one shows.
  4. Evora Sport 410 Parts for Evora 400

    Don’t think a 70 kg weight difference might have something to do with it?
  5. TLF GT430 Club

    Annoying about the PPF but that sounds very encouraging. What's the plan for the Jan road trip?
  6. Silverstone GP - 26th November 17

    Sadly the GT430 won't be ready in time for Sunday now. I can't say I am too surprised but a shame nonetheless. Weather is looking good. Should be a great day. See you all next year! Enjoy!
  7. TLF GT430 Club

    I feel your pain! The road outside my house was freshly resurfaced the week I got my Exige V6 Cup! Fortunately I got away lightly with that although I think driving 15mph annoyed quite a few people that week! Agree that I'd rather not cover the whole car with PPF, finish of Xpel Ultimate is the best I've seen but still not a patch on an untreated panel.
  8. TLF GT430 Club

    It's a very special car. I know the basic ingredients are similar to an Evora 400 but the GT430 is a very different car to drive even compared to the Sport 410. Aero effect of the winged version is a unique sensation in an Evora for a start. Ohlins and giant tyres create a remarkably different driving experience. Adding very high quality adjustable suspension to the Evora has created extraordinary duality. You can never really tune the track side out of an Exige (long may that last!) but this is quite a big step up as a road car, one that also happens to be faster than a 311 around Hethel. Astonishing car really. One that very few people will ever fully appreciate. All this rareness and specialness comes with some anxiety though. A large PPF bill is just the start. I actually dreamt last night that I was riding shotgun with Jann Mardenborough at the wheel. I hadn't even driven it yet but for some strange reason I felt sorry for Jann and let him have a go (no backstory was provided there, your guess is as good as mine!). He was loving it right up until he smashed it into a huge pot hole, ripping off two wheels and the front splitter plus a massive gash down the side. I literally wept rivers by the side of the road! It was a huge relief to wake up this morning! I still hope to make it Gary but it's still at the PPF place so not getting my hopes up. Weather's looking great too! If anyone sees Jann Mardenborough up there, I'm off!
  9. TLF GT430 Club

    Still haven't driven mine yet. It's currently having a lot of PPF applied. They really are jaw dropping in real life. The carbon parts are so exquisite, beautifully finished and expensive looking that my first instinct was to have it trailered home and wrap it up in cotton wool. However PPF will allow me to enjoy the car without stressing about stone chips, something the radical aero package will be very good at chucking about the place. I have decided to get a lot done, full front, rear wing, full rear bumper, interior sills, carbon diffuser and roof. I nearly didn't bother with the roof because never got a mark on my Exige's roof after nearly 5 years and countless trackdays. That had a half front PPF and only got one stone chip above the PPF line in 17,000 miles. Then the penny dropped. One trip through a gravel trap and those wheel arch vents are going to shower the car like a gravel fountain! The front vents will shoot gravel and stone chips right towards the roof! They really do fill up with grit too, if you ever see one, take a look inside the front wheel arch vents. This makes a full front PPF essential really for anyone intending to use their car. The reality is, these cars need more protection than most, the additional cost stings I can tell you but it's just something that needs to be done. To be fair to Lotus it comes with a lot of PPF from the factory. But to feel that the car is well protected will change the ownership experience, take away a lot of anxiety and allow owners to get on with enjoying the car to the full. That's certainly the plan!
  10. New Aston Vantage

    Agreed good time to pick up a V12 Vantage. Electric steering and multi link rear suspension sound like steps back to me. Race version looks pretty tasty and I wish Aston well with it. Hopefully it will pinch a few 911 sales which should help make our roads a bit more interesting. But I'll stick with the GT430.
  11. New Aston Vantage

    Huge Aston fan here and I really want to like this but am struggling with this new design direction. DB11 is simply not a car I lust after at all, whereas the DBS still is. These new interiors look incredibly fussy and busy, and the end of this trend for iPads sticking out of the dash can't come soon enough for me. Just looks pony on an Aston Martin which should be elegant. The previous car went to great lengths to hide screens away until used, a much nicer solution to me. Looks like too much market research saying Aston need to appeal to a younger demographic, what do the kids like these days? iPads! Let's give them one of those! There are things I like about it but overall I'd be happier in a late, manual V12 Vantage S.
  12. The Lotus Evora Sport 410 GP

  13. Anyone else getting new Lotus launch withdrawal symptoms? It's been over 10 days since the Exige 430 Cup was announced!
  14. summer17.jpg

    Wow! I wouldn't know which one to choose! Great shot