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  1. The Pits

    TLF Trackday?

    LoT clearly has some loyal supporters. Looks like this thread has been good for business so they shouldn’t feel too aggrieved that some crazed maniac doesn’t want to go on their days. I was hoping to keep the idea of a private TLF day alive, rather than another LoT day as I think we could have done something better but regretfully killed it in the process. Apologies to @auRouge, not my intention. I’ll promise not to attend if that helps? Looks like you’ll have a job keeping everyone happy though. Best of luck!
  2. The Pits

    TLF Trackday?

    Believe what you want. I have never been told off for overtaking on the right even at LoT because I always respect the rules of the day, way better than most in my experience. You have made some pretty big assumptions based on a post which dared to criticise LoT. Seriously OTT to be posting all this stuff about me endangering other people! Maybe ask anyone who’s been on a trackday with me first? Just a thought. Same goes for all this reactionary stuff about test days can we seriously get a grip? LoT does favour novices in my experience, that’s fine, nothing wrong in that at all. As an example they take a very dim view of overtaking on the right under any circumstances. As someone that follows the rules of the day that can be frustrating because there are people that just will not let you past but I don’t see anyone having a word with them. So it favours novices, that’s all good and that’s the deal. If it’s OK with everyone that’s not for me and I don’t like the approach that assumes everyone is a dangerous hooligan. A bit like here tonight!
  3. The Pits

    TLF Trackday?

    Yup I’m well known for being dangerous and inconsiderate on trackdays. What are you hoping to achieve by posting stuff like this @GFWilliams? Writing off the whole idea because someone doesn’t like LoT? Seems a tremendous over reaction and it’s getting very schoolyard here now. Can we get off high horses and discuss like grown ups please?
  4. The Pits

    TLF Trackday?

    Why do I have to like LoT? Wouldn’t it be more weird and worrying if moderators had to tow some sort of party line? Nothing of the sort here which is far more healthy. Lots here don’t like RMA because you can overtake on both sides but I think it’s much better like that and not run by some brain dead insurance company. Strict overtaking rules just breed frustration and eventually they are nearly always broken anyway leading to inconsistency. Never been on a trackday where everyone sticks religiously to the rules. For many it’s just something they have to say in the briefing and is rarely enforced. I can see why some of you like LoT, singing from the same hymn sheet big time! As for trackday insurance there was no such thing for many years and we survived somehow. An absurd suggestion that I’m advocating not getting insurance but I am advocating that keeping your brain in gear on track is more important.
  5. The Pits

    TLF Trackday?

    I've not had a good experience with LoT personally. I find them (one person in particular) to be patronising, officious and utter killjoys. Trackdays are supposed to be fun. We all know about the rules made up by insurance companies but I find LoT take a very hard line when it comes to anything like oversteer, heaven forbid anyone even thinks about overtaking on the right. Drive fast and you'll be treated like a crazed hooligan. Great for novices but don't expect to be cut much slack if you like driving fast. Yes it's only a trackday but it seems to me that they cater for the slowest drivers primarily. Any and all complaints will be met with the same one-size-fits-all excuse "we are a non-profit organisation". The B&C day was very different. Horizontally laid back, stress free with all the track time you could wish for and people you can reason with. The assumption is that everyone wants to get home with the cars in one piece and we were all treated like adults, not accidents waiting to happen! Those at LoT would be amazed to discover that nobody drove inconsiderately, nobody held anyone up either and everyone enjoyed it equally. Zero incidents all day. Zero stoppages. Everyone went home happy. I would definitely like a TLF members day because we know each other so will automatically give each other a bit more room and try our best not to get in anyone's way. We can talk to each other openly after a session rather than grassing someone up anonymously to the TDO. I actually think everyone would probably drive better without insurance! But that's just me. Managed nearly 20 years of trackdays without it so far. Agree, lots of well-known cars on these pages, would be great to see them in action. We've always enjoyed organising groups to attend trackdays. We got a few V6 Cups together at Brands last year, it was all the better for it.
  6. Agree with the others here, don’t even think about raising the ride height, the rubber’s there to protect the carbon splitter, I’d let it do it’s job. What might help is finding out the price of that splitter. If a carbon instrument binnacle top is £1000 you can bet that a new splitter will be at least twice that. Time to be thankful for protective rubber trim!
  7. Surely better to scuff the cheap to replace rubber lip than start scuffing the carbon splitter? I think that’s the primary job of the rubber lip and would prefer that the Evora GT430 has something similar. Fortunately ground clearance is generally good on the Evora but the replacement cost is very high for any of us these carbon parts. Absolutely stunning car by the way!
  8. Welcome to TLF, car looks great, rare colour actually and I think the early cars are really aging well, simple and clean lines, the diamond cut wheels were the best looking of all. Congrats.
  9. Never noticed Roger's footwear in that scene before, I was always staring at the car in awe of what happens to that paint in the snow. How on earth did he drive it with moonboots on?! It's marginal in the pedal box on early Turbos with Puma Speedcats!
  10. The Pits

    Hi Dears

    Looks crazy, you’ve come to the right place! Benvenuto!
  11. By 'pinged' do you mean they were asked to short shift or were they sent home?
  12. I'd like to discuss why there's no Hethel laptime yet. Too close to the Cup 430? Or too far away? A hard one to get right. 430 needs at least a clear second over it I'd say.
  13. The Pits

    TLF Trackday?

    7. Getting refunds if you change your mind... errr no, unless you find a replacement. This will be critical. People will need to commit upfront if it's going to work. You'll be amazed how flakey people can be (or perhaps not!) when there's a chance of getting their money back.
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