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  1. Indeed, though I still believe the sales numbers have more to do with lack of promotion than the quality and ability of the cars. The market didn’t want a fizzy brown soft drink either, they had to be persuaded.
  2. Great, congrats, 430 Cup is very special. Perfect example of the sort of car the current management would never sign off. Keep ‘em coming. Be nice to see more than 2!
  3. Trouble is with youtubers is they tend to say much the same wishy washy stuff. Every car they drive is ‘insane’ or ‘puts a smile on my face’. They see their main job as selling enthusiasm for cars very few have any technical understanding or driving ability. It’s not hard to work out really that a car engineered for the autobahn has to be capable of sustained high speed with a minimum of drama. Impressive engineering that might actually have a use in Germany but it does tend to mean they are not very exciting at low speeds - also accepting that an Elise is not in its ideal element sat north of 120mph on an autobahn. Over here we enjoy cars more on often poorly surfaced A and B roads, with strictly enforced speed limits. It shouldn’t be a great surprise to anyone that a British developed Lotus might excel on UK roads yet most people prefer to buy German without giving it a second thought.
  4. Stunning, congrats! Welcome to the forum.
  5. Congratulations, a fine choice. Totally agree with your reasoning. Marketed properly, Lotus could still sell a lot of Elises as they offer a uniquely rewarding driving experience. Unlike a 911 Turbo which feels half asleep until past 160mph, it’s a fast car you can enjoy at all speeds - that really could really catch on one day. ‘Fun at fifty’ was one of the engineering targets for the original Elise. It completely delivered on that and the current Elises continue to do so. So much so I think they are fun at 40mph! Somehow it’s a quality shared by all the current Lotus range, if not all the Lotus cars made to date. Just one point of many that I think Lotus should make more widely understood now they have the resources to do so.
  6. Regardless, these are still desperate times for UK dealers and I still fear some more names will follow sadly. I hope to be wrong about that and that sales really have been ‘revived’ but has anyone here bought a new Lotus in the last few months?
  7. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    Welcome aboard. Mission accomplished. Gold star for that homework.
  8. If they have revived sales of the current range it wasn't in the UK. Desperate times for the UK dealers currently. We've lost Leven already, I fear more will follow. Hate to see Uday's idea of a tough year!
  9. It’s OK folks Uday Senapati’s ‘incredible 2019’ included ‘reviving sales of the current range’. The ‘brand is back on track’ already thanks to their amazing marketing activities too. Phew, what a relief, I thought for a minute there it was just some more empty sound bites from Phil Popham. Did he mention Lotus DNA again by any chance?
  10. And the relevance of this to the future of Lotus is....?
  11. Transport accounts for around 30% of carbon emissions as I'm sure everyone here knows. Transport emissions have continued to increase over the last 10 years despite the introduction of 5m electric cars and many more hybrids. The rise of SUV sales is considered to be a significant contributor to the continued rise, not hard to believe when the average family car is now in excess of 2 tons. Regardless of anyone's personal views, conspiracy theories or wishful thinking on climate science it is a huge and unavoidable issue for car makers. The government is now considering bringing forward the current plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2035. If they move it to 2030, you can all do the maths. In light of that, going full electric for Evija was a no brainer. It may struggle in Valkyrie's shadow as a 2020 hypercar (along with everything else) but it makes a lot sense as a concept to pave the way forwards for future Lotus cars.
  12. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    Gulf blue car only proves that the GT430 manages to look good in any colour. Even powder puff blue.
  13. V6 car was an attempt to get something to market sooner. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if they canned it only to see what Porsche announced last week! SUVs are considered to be the largest contributor to the increase in transport emissions since 2010. The tide could well turn against them (fossil fuel ones anyway), just as Lotus bring theirs out. Seems to me Lotus should be paying more attention to what’s going on in the world then what’s going on in Stuttgart.
  14. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    Take away the nostalgia and historic motorsport association and I don’t think many people would go for baby powder blue. Not a fan of it on any car except a GT40 replica.
  15. You have to hope that Lotus are paying attention to the car maker they aspire to emulate. If so it should help the improve the chances of future 6 cylinder, manual sports cars no end. Can't see who would go for a new 6 cyl GTS when the choice is between saving a lot on a used 981 or spending a bit more for a GT4 but 4 cyl Cayman sales really must have been dire for Porsche to reverse their plans. Pretty dumb if you ask me to take away your car's USP in the first place but there you go.
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