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    2013 Exige V6 Cup, 1981 Turbo Esprit, 1991 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo, 2000 Mitsubishi Evo VI TME, 1998 Caterham 7 Superlight R
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  1. Hello From Boston, USA

    Welcome John and many congrats. Silver over red is a classic, car will look great. Keep us posted with how you get on. Cheers!
  2. Evora GT430

  3. New Lotus owner Esprit turbo se

    Welcome and congrats, interesting history in that one. Hope you get it back to good working order before leaving long.
  4. New member

    Great idea, welcome to TLF. Will be interesting to read your views on how the Toyota V6 compares to the famed Alfa V6.
  5. Evora GT430

    Providing I can beat my own Exige V6 Cup times, your Exige will make a good benchmark to aim for @550superfast. If I can keep your car in sight on a sufficiently noisy trackday I'd say the car was doing well for a stock factory effort. Not great value for money compared to modding an Exige but not much is. Should you blow off into the distance a phone call to the remappers might have to be brought forward! Roll on 2018!
  6. Elise/Exige/Europa picture thread

    That's more wing than car!
  7. Evora GT430

    Trying to get hold of Motorsport Green which will come as a surprise to no-one. However, there are a number of slightly different shades bearing the same name and the paint process has changed several times too. Nailing it down isn't proving to be as straightforward as I'd hoped but I think we're getting there.
  8. Problems!

    Zero oil consumption on my V6 also and it was no stranger to track days!
  9. Evora GT430

    Probably will at some point but not straight away. Have some running in to do first. Taking a look at the options available. Cornering forces should exceed those of my Exige so harnesses will be very nice to have on track. I took a passenger ride in a very special track focused Nismo GTR recently. The driver had harnesses but I only had an interia reel belt. Support was excellent in the corners (the Nimso carbon race seats are outstanding) but it wasn't very nice at all under hard braking, I had to brace myself with my legs and on the door grab rail. It's better for a driver as you can brace against the steering wheel but that is still far from ideal, you should have your body fully supported so you hands can focus on steering, not hanging on! We'll see. If it keeps getting thrown off trackdays for noise, it might be more use to look at a quieter exhaust first!
  10. Evora GT430

    We will see. I got drawn back into it by the wingless GT430 Sport. Seemed like a good halfway house, a massive spec, useful saving from full fat GT430, stunning styling. A full spec 410 with Ti exhaust was getting into very big numbers as it was. Then the man maths kicks in and it's 'only' £6k more for the full aero version. I'd love to experience some proper downforce on track so a big appeal there even if I prefer some aspects of the more stealthy Sport package. Not least that Mrs Pits might come out in it once in a while. Then I looked at the wing and figured that it might easy enough to unbolt if needs be. It's going in very large to go for the full monty GT430 but strangely I wake up with a smile about it most mornings instead of a cold sweat, long may that continue! An act of madness to pay 911 GT3 money for an Evora for many even on here no doubt but there's very little else around this price level that I desperately want. Even used McLarens are a fair bit more I f you want a nice one and I really don't want to be paying any more for anything!
  11. Evora GT430

    Yes love the standard Carbon race seats, looking forward to a few more years in those!
  12. Evora GT430

    Not quite Copper Fire, but still.... Number plate should read SEB 5NR! Could start messing around with gold custom decals but it's a GT430, it looks AMAZING already. Doesn't really matter what it's painted in.
  13. Evora GT430

    Yes @Snoopy1969, there is a reason I've been producing so many photoshops recently! It's always the first sign of trouble. Some time early next year would be a good time to go GT430 spotting in the New Forest. Much speccing has been going on behind the scenes. Mine isn't finalised yet so will keep the details quiet for now. Lotus really offer a bespoke service for this type of car. I've tried hard to resist the urge to customize too much, it's so tempting but I think the work they've done on the GT430 is terrific inside and out. Easy to start personalising details just for the sake of it. I want it to be a GT430 at the end of the day. Won't be Copper Fire though alas, the plan I had for the 410 won't really work on the GT430. The FYEO Turbo Esprit never had a huge wing on it for a start. The 410 does a much better FYEO tribute. It would still look amazing in CF but there's nowhere to put the gold details that really set that colour off so well. Someone also said that people will think I'm Seb Delaney's Dad!
  14. Evora GT430

    Your choices are restricted but as has been said before there are noisy days and you as long as it's possible to lap places Spa and the Nurburgring, all is not lost. Good opportunity for someone to do a bolt on baffle of some kind. In other news - we now have 33% of the UK allocation of GT430 here on TLF. Now at least 3 UK members with deposits in.
  15. Evora GT430

    You should be under 102 drive-by with a 104db static exhaust. If it's anything like the exhaust I tried in the Sport 410 then it's significantly quieter. Still sounds good but also significantly less amusing in tunnels. What we need is a proper adjustable system that can be run hard in quiet mode.