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  1. Pure sci fi. The electric car to convert hardened petrolheads. Would I prefer a screaming V12? Probably but I would have to accept it would be a lot slower. Its a beautiful piece of sculpture but the elegant lines are misleading, this would humiliate an F1 car off the line. The performance will be seriously extreme and disorientating. A Formula E car makes around 335hp in qualifying. When even a Tesla model 3 can make the fastest petrol saloons look silly in a straight line, the fortunate few are in for a shock! (Not literally I hope!). Full electric car to stun the world is a great move for a Lotus at this time. The reality is that most of the people that can afford one will also have an AMG Project One or AM Valkyrie on order. If not both. I wish Lotus every success with it. A renewed interest in Lotus cars will benefit us all.
  2. Nautilus Blue. So rare, so fine!
  3. It's not easy some days but the fastest way to stop getting info from the factory is to blab it online. That guy on the playground has burnt his bridges with Lotus big time and all for what? To impress some people on an obscure car forum. It's a huge day for any Lotus fan tomorrow and it will inspire real excitement and anticipation for the future. Much like the T125 I doubt any of us here will ever drive one, few will ever see one, more's the pity. But unlike the T125, the Evija heralds a new design direction which is much more relevant for all of us here. 24 hrs from now all will be crystal clear!
  4. With so much antagonism and ill will online these days it's great to see a car community coming together to help one of our own. £52k raised so far which I hope will help him make a full recovery. Hope to see him back behind the wheel of a Lotus soon.
  5. Lots of hoo har on here the last time I said I thought that a silver Lotus was stunning but I'm saying it again. Looks terrific in silver in the video to me. Great review, Harry puts these clueless, narcissistic Youtube kids to shame. I agree the AC is really good, surprisingly so perhaps, but I really like the three finely adjustable analogue controls. So much more simple to use than many more modern systems. Dash graphics could use an update for sure but I'm glad that there's still a car on sale where suspension quality and chassis dynamics are prioritized over interior style and infotainment. Sadly most buyers see it completely the other way around which means Lotus will have to adjust their priorities to get it right with the wider market but thought it was a good point about sharing tech with Proton vs Volvo/Geely. My advice to anyone who really appreciates the current range is to get one while you still can. When you're really driving you're looking as far away from the dashboard as you can, however nice it is!
  6. For trackdays obviously motorcycle helmets are fine and offer wider aperture visors for better visability too but you'll need an approved race helmet and Hans device to go racing. No experience with V2 but I've been happy with my Bell RS3 which was good value for an approved motorsport helmet at around £400 when new. Very good value for what it is, about half the price of the equivalent Arai. It's better to save money pretty much anywhere else and get a well designed, constructed and tested helmet. The best brands put them through tougher tests than the ones used by SNELL. The cheaper ones do the bare minimum to get through.
  7. Spotted on Facebook. For sale at BlackForest Lotus apparently!
  8. The Pits

    EVORA Weight

    Shame car mags work for car makers not car buyers but they should be keeping them honest. Evo did start weighing cars to their credit, I know options play a big part but some of the discrepancies ‘as tested’ were shocking. Sad reality is though, few buyers care about weight in the SUV age. I also had a few laps in my car with light fuel load following Trevor’s GT430 lux and sadly for me the weight difference didn’t translate into any discernible straight line advantage. It’s a complex area though as peak mph is power and aero related above a certain speed. My weight advantage will diminish as speeds rise as drag/power overtakes power/weight. There’s a point at which a fast Caterham Seven is slower than an Exige V6 despite quicker acceleration at low speeds. The benefits are still there just too subtle for most to appreciate. There’s probably a bigger benefit to braking performance over acceleration in any event. How many here have used the maximum potential of their 400 brakes? Not many I’d wager so the benefit goes unnoticed. Helps explain why many didn’t appreciate the Sport 410 at the time. GT430 j hooks get much of the credit for exceptional stopping power but weight saving is really contributing there.
  9. The Pits

    EVORA Weight

    I think that’s the case solved essentially. It puts my car at 1311kg without fuel vs a factory claim of 1299kg which is lightest possible wet weight without aircon and sound deadening. ‘Lightest possible’ would also suggest no fuel also and possibly when the definition was altered. James Martin’s and others understandable confusion comes from his owner’s manual stating 1395kg with full fuel tank. The cynics love to repeat that the Evoras are all the same but it’s clear that Lotus have done a good job removing weight from the 430 given it has heavier wheels, tyres, rear wing, front splitter and oil cooler over a 400. A GT430 Sport without the aero parts looks like the purists choice and quite the sleeper. Shame no-one went for them, £104k basic doesn’t look so outrageous now either. Would love to see some Caymans on the scales, I don’t believe we’ll ever see one coming in at 1355kg.
  10. Wasn’t everyone expecting crazy power given the price level and figures that nearest rivals Pininfarina Batista and Rimac Concept 2 are quoting? Name a hypercar that doesn’t have crazy power.
  11. So nothing to do with Arab princes then? If the huge detail is what Lotus has revealed then why not repeat it here, many would find that interesting. Quite a few here know a lot about T130, especially after Goodwood so we can confirm if it is indeed accurate. No great revelations going on in the playground as far as I can see apart from someone giving it the very big I am.
  12. What’s the huge detail? An Arab Prince is interested in a new hypercar? That’s exactly the sort of person they need to view the car. The significance is completely lost on me too I’m afraid, so please do spell it out for us.
  13. Fantastic info from the horses mouth there. Much appreciated. TLF Gold! Six trackdays is excellent wear really for a tyre of such high performance on a 1300+kg sports car. Certainly the best compromise out there for wet/dry/road/track if not the ultimate in dry track laptime over a single lap!
  14. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    It’s not strictly necessary especially on cars that aren’t tracked. But a rebuild is recommended every 2 years for those that are. I’ve recently serviced a set of Ohlins TTX36 as it happens, sent them to Mick Gardner Racing - official Ohlins dealer and the people that built and supplied the dampers in every GT430 and helped spec and develop them too. Great outfit, no better place to take them frankly, top service, the dampers came back gleaming. I updated mine to 3-way adjustable for good measure for circa £1600 inc vat. Service alone was more like £800. Biggest inconvenience would be leaving your car at the dealer or on axle stands if you know what you’re doing while the dampers are sent away. A bit of a pain, sounds like a winter job to me. Also perfect excuse to rebuild to 3-way which takes the damper to another level again.
  15. Me too! It's not just the front left, both front and rear left show feathering on the outer rain grooves. I totally expect the left tyres to wear more around a clockwise track (as most are) but the tyre tread looks optimised for the right hand side of the car to me and are all made from the same mould. I'm sure the cost of left and right sided tyres wouldn't be worth it and Cup2s do offer real value for money and perform brilliantly, we've never had it so good with road legal tyres before. Totally get why it's done and the ability to swap left and right between trackdays (which I wasn't doing but will be from now on) most likely outweighs having more optimal tread designs left and right. Instead of wearing out a set on the left first and chucking the whole lot away, you can swap over left to right and get another trackday out of it. Maybe two or three extra trackdays by swapping over in between. Doing what I did is the fastest way to knacker a set. Front left shot in 4 trackdays, if swapping over got me to 6 days that's close to what I was getting out of the Exige (7 days from a set of Avon ZZRs). However I wasn't swapping the ZZRs over either. We live and learn!
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