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  1. Agree, why bother with the camo when we've already seen the car? There hasn't been a squeak from Lotus since Goodwood. The silence is very strange particularly when the marketing budget is many times what JMG had to play with. There appears to be no interest in the current cars whatsoever and equal apathy for building some confidence in the brand. This is the critical time to lay the foundations for what is to come but it seems the guys who should be doing the groundworks are sleeping on the job.
  2. Such a great car the 111r, I still miss my SportsRacer edition. 2ZZGE + Elise chassis = magic combination. Liking the personal touches too. Great choice of wheels, they really suit the car.
  3. You would have been my hero 30 years ago Barry, but I've moved on, more of an Eclan man nowadays which I bet handled considerably better than the Nova. Good to know Trevors already has a sunroof, sounds like an essential option on a kit car!
  4. Intriguing car, I have to admit to never having heard of a clan despite being a regular reader of kit car magazine in my youth and dreaming of owning a Nova one day. Very reminiscent of the Nissan 300ZX to look at but the use of the mid mounted flat four and Lotus know how promises some sweet handling. Also probably the closest thing we’ll get to my ideal spec for an updated Elise which used the 200bhp Subaru BRZ flat four.
  5. Group buy? I bet you could get a cracking deal on it too. Which isn't helping!
  6. They were designed to be swapped over which is why they are all made from one mould, left and right tread design is identical. At first I thought Michelin did this to save cost but it's actually a smart approach for track tyres to even-up the wear. They are optimised for the left side of the car due to most circuits being clockwise as confirmed by the guy who works at Michelin on here. Forgot his forum name, can anyone here remember? @rallyesax? Quick update. Yes it was him, here's a post from another thread about the Cup2. "However, Yes ! They are optimised for track days knowing that most tracks turn clockwise. So that the left hand side tire will see more corners that the other. And if you pay attention, you will see that the angle at the shoulder that you mention is going the opposite way to a PS4S for example (which is not a trackday focus tire). And it was done specificaly for this (it improves the stiffness, lasting performance and the shape of the contact patch while cornering because of the way the groove retain forces while entering the contact area). I know, it doesn't feel intuitive when you look at it, but it actually does when you do the math. And we do have 'feathering' (not sure that's what you meant) on the shoulders with other tirelines also with other Psi angles. The Pirelli Trofeo R you're showing at the end of the video is of course different in terms of tread pattern but you can see that, as a track focus tire, it also uses the same 'reverse' outer shoulder angle than us. In competition, Formula E cars use tires that have almost identical looking tread patterns to PSCup2. Shoulders are done the same way for the same reasons Speaking of trofeos R. I've been testing some of them last month at the Nurburgring against our Cup2. Their performance on the first lap are trumendous ! They are ahead of the cup2 with no doubt but then they drop in performance laps after laps. But hey ! It is state of the art semi slick, and should be compared to our Cup 2R (but we don't have a big size range ) They also act like real slicks when cold ! You really have to put some heat in it to get them to stick or it's real Ice-skating And I aslo have to say... They look cool "
  7. Unusual to have two such strong contenders for the 'ultimate Evora' tag. Naturally GTE owners and GT430 owners will tend to back their own cars but how will we ever settle it? Not seriously bothered of course, they are both epic drivers cars, it's just good pub banter. I really enjoyed the GTE I drove and have to say it felt faster than I was expecting given the IPS and stock 345bhp engine but it was hard not to conclude that it deserved some more power to match the exotic styling and presence. It looks like a 500bhp+ car standing still. It didn't feel particularly heavy but it certainly took up more space on the road. Felt supercar wide. Cool in many ways, great sense of occasion but there are also advantages of the standard body too, particularly on UK B-roads. What we need is a TLF sourced road and track video with a panel of (non GTE and GT430) Evora owners. Ideally with varied track driving experience (trackday rookie, regular trackdayer, racer) who can score the cars across a range of different aspects to come up with a TLF score to add to objective numbers such as weight, 0-100mph, 40-100mph and laptimes. Shame stuff like that is so expensive and time consuming to realise. Who knows, maybe the Stratton GT is the best of both worlds?!
  8. Gavin you forgot to mention how much you dislike the GT430's cut away front A-panels, or have they grown on you by now? I was still interested in how the Swindon approach to 430bhp compares with the factory one and if anyone had ever weighed a GTE or seen a figure for the claimed downforce.
  9. They get a bit compressed on here so quality is not the best but sadly this location is not longer available. Entirely my fault as well, I got the GT430 stuck here in January 2018. It made such a mess of the field (which is actually an aircraft landing strip) that they have fenced it off now! Doh!
  10. Can't remember exactly but if anyone has driven one it's probably him. Hopefully he'll be along soon once he's finished buffing his gold 211!
  11. His and hers number plates too!
  12. Fortunately for you they blew the budget on the white one!
  13. Incredible car either way, can't wait to see it up close and hopefully take some photos of it parked next to my car. Just fitting the high explosives to mine for that movie authenticity!
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