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  1. Worth bearing in mind that Lotus say their test drivers are quicker with RACE on so highly unlikely that anyone here would be quicker with the system switched off. Obviously aware that trackdays are not about laptimes and that going slower in the name of having fun is a perfectly acceptable thing to pursue. But in the event that your mate passes you in his Fandango 3000 you might want to slip it back into RACE.
  2. Always enjoyed RACE mode, wet or dry. Incredible system, still the smoothest TC system I've used to date. If it's really lashing down, everything OFF is the most fun and probably the wisest too. You're in no doubt about the lack of grip.
  3. Situation in Italy is horrendous, I really hope they get it under control soon as China appears to have done. Figures today are over 4200 new cases and 475 new deaths. Contrasting with China reporting just 13 new cases and 11 new deaths. Remarkable when China had over twice the number of cases if all the numbers are correct. Accepting that could be a sizeable 'if'. Death rate in Germany seems astonishingly low at 28 deaths from 12,327 cases, compared to the UK's 104 deaths from 2,626 cases, I'd be interested to know how they have achieved this. We really will see what the scientific communities are made of, the race for a vaccine and effective treatment is unprecedented. Given the importance, the financial backing and potential rewards I think we will see some incredible progress being made. One company has gone straight to human trials already. A breakthrough with treatment or available vaccine will change everything very rapidly, starting with calming people down. The world will bounce back quickly from there. Won't be the same as it was for a very long time and big changes to our lifestyles will be needed anyway from here on, but we may well advance medicine and microbiology rapidly in terms of dealing with viruses as a result of this. When all the world's brightest scientists are given all the world's money you are going to see some extraordinary results, just as we saw immense technological leaps taking place throughout WW2.
  4. However bad the virus is, panic is doing even more harm. A major concern now is the deaths that might result from vulnerable non-infected people who won't get medical help from an over-loaded NHS. Very disappointed that the media are doing nothing but reassure and instead increasing the paranoia and fear. BBC led with 'first man to die in wales' today. Not that there has been a fall in new cases. They also showed a video of a fight in a supermarket in Australia all promoting the narrative that society is on the brink of collapse. It turns out the fight wasn't actually anything to do with what's going on. Nothing about the great things communities are doing to help look out for each other. Other headlines read 'Europe overtakes China' not 'China gets virus under control'. Good site here for the actual numbers.
  5. Does anyone know anyone who’s had the virus yet?
  6. I was surprised by the 'verdict' until I read that it was our very own @JAWS's Evora. As close to a perfect example of an Evora NA as you'll find. You do wonder about the condition of some of the used cars mags base their opinions on. No doubts about this one. Congrats Jimbo, the legend continues!
  7. Welcome to TLF, good luck with the search.
  8. If they had sold them all don’t you think that even Lotus’s marketing department might consider doing something to celebrate the fact, if not shout it from the rooftops? Pretty sure Uncle Bibs would know about it too. It would be the best possible news for the company at this time, not something you would keep quiet about.
  9. Welcome and good luck. Will be great to see another S3 brought back its best.
  10. Those who like shouty exhausts will find it lacking. Those who like being able to forget about noise meters on trackdays will approve. Still a lovely noise just much quieter obviously doesn’t erupt like standard pipes. Does rob the car of some of the theatre but I can’t help but wonder if it robs some bhp too. It may not, might even make more for all we know but some dyno figures from Lotus would be helpful. Be good if Lotus could show a bit more interest in the issue of track noise as it directly affects many of their customers and I dare say has put quite a few off.
  11. I was referring to the electric SUV Mustang Mach E!
  12. Yes the Esprit Sport 350 was under the shadow of the Sport 300 for so long, I can remember a friend buying one for £28k, I had a V8 GT and was a bit stunned by the difference between them, in every department. Felt significantly faster too. It remains the most composed car I have ever launched over the kerbs at the Nurburgring and by some margin. As you say finally getting the recognition now and good to see. Us Lotus types are bit slow on the uptake by the look of it!
  13. A fair assessment. But the Sport 410, GT410 Sport and the GT430 are the Evoras for Exige fans and trackday lappers, whether they know it or not! Sport 410 was the car that sold the Evora platform to me. Don’t love the Exige any less but it’s harder to go back having gotten used to the Evora’s incredible blend of abilities. Funny though isn’t it, take 100kg out of a 650S, add 20bhp and more downforce, call it the 675LT and the world loses their minds. Even now asking prices are around twice that of the 650S. And they made 1000 of them. Lotus do exactly the same thing, limit production to 60 and the reaction is very different. A Sport 410 selling for less than a 400 is crackers, the 400 ought to be propping 410 values up on rarity and carbon parts alone. Such great cars too. Sad reflection of just how low demand is out there for Lotus at the moment.
  14. Talking prices down. A Lotus owner speciality! You can hold anyone to ransom on most cars right now. Terrible time to sell, world's your oyster if you're buying. People who paid over the odds on 991.1 GT3 and RS have lost a lot more money. There are Cayman GT4s asking mid-£60k - that's asking. All are low mileage as everyone was scared to put miles on them. 2nd owner could easily have paid £120k for that. These are Porsche GT cars that everyone thinks are a smart place to put your money. Always best to stick to the golden rule of only buying cars that you wouldn't mind being stuck with. With Lotus taking a different direction as well as (eventually) broadening awareness and interest in the brand (plus investing in the heritage centre) the market for Lotus cars should grow. Supply of the last pure drivers Lotus won't.
  15. Autocar: New car is "expected to be shown in the first half of next year before going on sale in the following months" The original target was to reveal the car this year with sales early next so it has been delayed by the best part of another year. 'First half of next year' could mean end of June 21, on sale towards end of 2021. It won't take much to make this a 2022 car. So current range will have to be around longer than orginally planned which makes some updates much more likely.
  16. Makes no sense at all to pay more for a GT410 so my advice for anyone looking is to get a GT430 before everyone comes to their senses. In reality it's a very crowded market around this level, all kinds of classics, V12 Vantages, Aston DBS, McLaren 570, 12C, 650S, F-Type, R8, Gallardo to name a few. High end cars have been produced in large numbers in recent years, there are a lot on the market and prices are continuing to fall in most cases in order to get them sold. Amazing time to buy for anyone with £85k in their pocket. Sadly not many know what a GT430 is or will ever test drive one. Those that do will in time, I believe, consider it to be a modern equivalent of the Esprit Sport 300. Also misunderstood, overlooked and considered over priced back in the day but revered by the fortunate few now.
  17. I can think of a lot worse than that, Look what Ford have just done to the Mustang name! Very slim chance we’ll see the Esprit name re-used I believe so no cause for concern. I do know of one suggestion that would be very well received here if it ever happens, who knows where they are with that but it relates to the car being digitised at Hethel. Deep pockets will be required in any event.
  18. Welcome to the forum. Sorry to say that most of us are still wrestling with the conundrum of which Lotus to choose, oscillating between Elise and Exige is particularly common and seemingly incurable. So expect plenty of discussion but not any lasting solution! Just to complicate things I now own an Evora just when I thought of myself as an Exige man for life but still regularly yearn for an Elise! All I can say is Elise is still magic, just as great as you remember, Elise Cup 250 is even better than you remember, seriously impressive car with seemingly endless reserves of grip, the sweetest, most benign chassis balance of any modern Lotus, amazing stamina on track and by far the cheapest running costs if you like trackdays. For mainly road use a 220 Elise is more than enough, slightly more compliant and more adjustable (= fun on the road) with a little less ludicrous grip but a Cup 250 does feel very naughty on the road in a good way. Think of it as an S2 Exige continuation. Only thing you’ll miss is revving past 8,000rpm. Exige 410 is a proper angry beast of a car. Laugh out loud outrageous on the road, full of feel, communication and tactility on track. Hard laps are a workout for the body and frazzle the brain. It will test your bravery. A full-on experience, super intense but also surprisingly good on the road when taking it easy (decent gearing, ride is good, V6 smooth at low rpm). Not a great daily car due to limited rear visibility (Elise wins here) ingress/egress challenges (esp in tight parking spaces) but for weekends and special drives very little to touch it for engagement and excitement at any price. If you’re above 6’2” you will probably need to look at an Evora but you shouldn’t feel short changed. Exceptional drivers car with a broader range of abilities than the other two. ‘GT’ is a stretch, it’s a proper pure sports car with a bit more refinement than the other Lotus models. The others score on the ability to take the roof off but the Evora seems to have an answer to every type of road and feels very competent on track but calmer and more composed than the Exige which feels more wild and savage. A near impossible choice but also one you can’t get wrong. They are all brilliant in different ways but also have a lot in common. Best get out there and get test driving!
  19. GT430 sets the bar for driving engagement for me. Elise and Exige even more intensely so but in a narrower operating window. McLaren is only faster and easier which is the direction Lotus are keen to go in. It has worked wonders for Ferrari, Porsche and Lambo sales.
  20. I would love to see Lotus go after the MX5 but it’s not realistic at this time. Lotus need mass production to be able to make sports cars that cheaply. Current production levels do not allow them to compete with the Cayman on price either. So however much we want Lotus to be priced between certain price points we have to make do with the level that is profitable. Or buy something else. Easy to say the Evora’s overpriced but it’s more engaging to drive than any McLaren I’ve driven to date. I still find the Sports series cars a bit unattractive but I’d love to try a 720S, very much admire it. Must be shockingly fast but would need to be convinced it was worth giving up the Evora for. The magic and communication is there at all speeds so wouldn’t want to give that up for something that feels like it’s just getting started at 100mph. Great for impressing friends down the pub. Not so great at impressing me on my own at sane/legal speeds down a B road. I have a 1000cc superbike and yes that feels utterly wasted 99% of the time on the roads. Absolutely love it as a piece of extreme, exotic engineering and could enjoy that about a 720S too, plus the 1% might just be worth it but the frustration is undeniable. Not at all concerned with what’s next, very happy with what I’ve got for now. Chances of trading it in for a new Lotus Evija lite are very slim currently. More interested in seeing where they take the Exige. With the new 2 seater aiming more at daily useability, luxury and tech it should allow the Exige to remain undiluted and hardcore. Even faster too if they keep making it for a while. Last and nuttiest Exige V6 whenever it comes is what I’m keeping my eye on.
  21. Or the plan to pitch it at Cayman level didn't work out so they've decided to pitch it higher up, swap 4 cyl plans for a V6, 4 cyl becomes a tough sell over £100k. Take cues from Evija, go for hybrid tech to bring it closer to Evija. Geely are all about tech so they'll want to showcase some on their premium sports car brand. Evija does that in spades. Going to a supercharged V6 would seem a step backwards. It was only a stop gap measure anyway, not the car Lotus really want to be making. As for hybrids and driving dynamics La Ferrari, McLaren P1 and 918 Spyder owners seem happy enough with it. New NSX handles well too according to the few that have driven one. At least a hybrid would give the next Lotus a point of difference and mainstream buyers go for luxury over light weight every time. I'd rather Lotus pitch the next 2 seater as a baby McLaren than a Cayman and much rather Lotus took inspiration from McLaren than Porsche. I think that's a positive step but will mean longer delays which is a dangerous game when the pace of change in the industry is so rapid. Don't see them using the Esprit name. They went weird and left field with 'Evija'. Esprit has baggage that won't help them break with past and reach new customers. Styling doesn't go anywhere near the Esprit. I guess the Evora will be left to limp on as it is but they really can't afford to ignore the current range any longer. Maybe an Evora interior revamp will be back on the cards later this year. Exige might get an update though which could be exciting. Previous plans for the Evora based 2 seater were essentially to replace both Evora and Exige but pitching the new car above the Evora means that is no longer the case. Could mean the Exige is allowed to remain extreme and pure.
  22. Unusually for Autocar, this is mostly bollocks but not total bollocks for once! However re-using the Esprit name is highly unlikely in my opinion. The new management are not real Lotus people and I think are more interested in getting away from the past and associated baggage. Love the contrasting passion for the Esprit that exists here but not sure why it would be a big deal to see the name re-used? In fact, unless it was a car worthy of the name and original ambition I'd rather it wasn't used. Elan M100 felt like using a great name to add some gold dust rather than designing a car that would add gold dust to a great name. In my opinion Bahar's Esprit lacked the wow factor of the original and I'm not sorry that it never made it into production. I'm pretty certain that I wouldn't have bought one especially after they dropped the Lexus LF-A engine anyway. Donato Coco's Elite however was something else...
  23. Sorry, it's not clear (to me at least) what your concern is here Mel, some possible spell checker/typo errors at critical places perhaps? There's a thread on the Autocar article here The future of Lotus appears to have been delayed for another year by the look of it. My best guess is they've taken the decision to go hybrid which has set them back further. Trying to create some link to continuing what the Evija started I guess. The Evora based car was supposed to be the interim model bridge between the current range and the 'all-new' cars which are still a long way off. As I understood it Lotus wanted the Evora based car to be a 2 seater Cayman level 4 cyl hybrid auto but were considering using a run of V6 cars to get the thing to market sooner. Sounds like that idea might have been scrapped and the car will appear later rather than sooner as a hybrid and pitched above the Cayman level into 6 figure territory. Perhaps Porsche's U turn on the 4 cyl Cayman has caused them to rethink? They might like to also consider the reception to Honda's expensive hybrid-only new NSX!
  24. Welcome to the forum, that car is definitely in need of rescuing, good luck with the restoration.
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