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  1. It would be enough for me even if he only drove it once! Does it really matter if he only put 1000 miles on it? Is it really any better if he put 3000 miles on it? The early engine overhaul suggests he enjoyed it to the full!
  2. No, it really doesn’t! Not in Burnt Orange anyway
  3. Following the same trajectory, the 2060 car will have 8 cylinders, have 920bhp, weigh 1600kg and produce 1000kg of downforce, without which it could hit a theoretical 280mph. It would still be mid-engined and have a manual gearbox (7 speed if you add one gear every 40 years!). It would also be gorgeous! My more accurate prediction for the 2060 Lotus is a 2 ton autonomous EV so it really is time to enjoy these cars while we can!
  4. It really looks like that too with a setting sun. No filter or colour adjustment at all and only taken on the iphone. Extremely light sensitive colour so almost impossible to get tired of!
  5. Near 40 years of Lotus evolution.
  6. Yes gloss black wheels with machined rims was a factory option.
  7. Very cool looking tyre. Might be enough to keep me away from Pirelli a while longer I'm sure Cup2 R would be very popular with the GT3 trackday drivers too and there are many more of them. Also many more GT3 owners than GT2 and Pista owners! Just to get us back on topic:
  8. Some of you might like to know that @rallyesax works for a very well known tyre manufacturer and I for one really value his contributions on here. Really helps to hear information from people that really know their stuff. Contrary to popular opinion I don't make up half of the things I post! Can I get these extra special Porsche compound tyres for my GT430 yet? I think it was a smart move for Lotus to use the same tyres as the 911 GT3. For a start they're going to be very well tested and developed, for another thing there are lot of GT3s out there so it should help reduce cost and he
  9. Yes like Nissan (eventually) they had the decency to offer for sale the actual spec that set the laptimes, then you see the prices! My brother was crazy enough to spec a GTR Nismo with the N Attack pack. He still won't tell me what it really cost but it wasn't far off two Nismo GTRs! The amount of work on that car to get it to lap 7.08 will make your hair curl. Phenomenal thing but imagine what Lotus Motorsport could have done with a cheque for another £120k back in the good old days...
  10. Getting my excuses in early Dave! Would love to do a few laps in my Evora, what a privilege that would be?! Followed by steak in the Pistenklause and hear the laptimes tumble with every stein of Bier! Yes to a trip out there. Unless we book exclusive trackday we won't be able to do the full lap but Bridge to Gantry runs on tourist days are plenty exciting enough.
  11. Agree GT430 should beat that but it's not just getting the right driver, it's competing on a level playing field. The list of 'Ring times is bridge to gantry full of cheating and politics. Nissan started setting times that were so controversial that Porsche objected publicly. No-one seemed to give a stuff and I believe Porsche took a 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em' approach from then on. If you look at the official lap videos you'll see a very stripped out GT3, with a full cage, single race seat and that's just the stuff you can see. Things like brake pads won't be standard and @rallyes
  12. No-one’s set a time there in a 430 as far as I know but it would go well there I’m sure. Brilliant suspension system would really suit the NS bumps and downforce help with the crests. Sport Auto got 7.48 out of the Exige Cup 380, it was a wild, hairy lap, I would expect the GT 430 and Exige Cup 430 to beat that quite comfortably. The time set in the 380 Cup was only 5 secs faster than their Exige S (345bhp) time so a disappointing result for whatever reason. I would hope for sub 7.40 from a GT430 but totally academic until it’s done.
  13. Gone up since 2018 then. I could have had it for £85k then. Nearly all other classics have fallen since then so boldly priced. Really belongs in a Lotus heritage museum, amazed they haven’t snapped it up given they are planning one. Probably should be worth £100k but the number of people who really appreciate its value is small and not particularly wealthy. Not many Lotus collections out there, more’s the pity, but this would be pride of place in one. If I had the means I’d jump on it but under current circumstances I’d have to sell my own dry sump plus Evora to stretch to it, so will have to
  14. A driver's dream come true right there. What a fantastic car for the lap as well as the journey there and back.
  15. Still rather have an R8 but wouldn't swap my Evora for the pair of them!
  16. I'd take an R8 over any 911 personally but that's just me. Having a nice engine in the tail doesn't change the thing I most dislike about it - which is having a nice engine in the tail! R8 V10 is even nicer in any case. Pretty shocking how quickly Autocar dismissed it in that article. That 911 is pretty hideous to my eyes, significantly worse looking than its predecessors. R8's got worse looking too over time. It does happen - Countach Anniversary, Ferrari 512M, Ferrari 575, 360 Modena, new Corvette..... just no-one's allowed to say it when it's a 911.
  17. That's the trouble, the press keep insisting that they are a master of all trades. As a compromise for people who absolutely need a 2+2 then fair enough. But we are sold the story that they are the absolute best a man can get even when compared to dedicated 2 seaters. They are undeniably capable now after decades of engineering out treacherous handling characteristcs but it's not something I desire at all. R8 with the V10 is hugely preferable to me as a fast road car.
  18. It’s all in the DPM article but the system learns fastest by allowing more slip initially. Many people do exactly what you did but if you keep it on after correcting a slide (hopefully not a spin!) it will quickly adjust to the grip level available. Just be prepared for the first initial slide or, if you prefer, build up to the limit slowly but the system will take several laps to adapt this way. It will still get there in the end. Sport is old school TC, effective but also a bit clunky and much more intrusive. It also allows more slip than race so you will be doing more corrective steering.
  19. Yes and power steering. It was for sale privately a couple of years ago for around £85k. No idea what they want for it now. I am surprised Lotus haven't bought it back themselves.
  20. I'd take the Audi over the 911 personally. I've had my whole life to come round to the 911 but I'm still waiting.
  21. Your nearest Lotus dealer or specialist should be able to do it, when they re-open.
  22. Not much point in developing their own when AIM have done all the work for them. Easy retro fit for earlier cars so no-one need get MY2020 envy, if this is what they are planning. I have to wonder why it took them so long, especially as they developed one for the 311. I have been using an AIM dash on my Caterham racer for the past few seasons. Really good kit.
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