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  1. Looks like the Elise and the Evija to me.
  2. Elise is a real natural on track straight out of the box and compared to the cars you've owned before, it will barely wear its tyres out at all. You could always try stickier rubber on some lighter wheels for more performance but if the concern is wear on your road tyres you might be surprised how long they last.
  3. I'd love to do a back to back comparison video with the GT430 if Stratton were interested. Used GT430 or a new Stratton GT? Impossible to call without driving the GT but best guess is that it would be close.
  4. Sorry Gents, away with the family this year. Hope the strippers are better than last year! Catch you in the New Year.
  5. Congrats and welcome to TLF. Huge fan of Motorsport Green, current Evora is, as was the Exige I had before it! @Bibs is a man of impeccable taste too! We'll be needing some more pics when you get the chance! Enjoy.
  6. Unless you’re an aerodynamicist it might be best to take Lotus’s word for it.
  7. No idea but for what they charge I think you should be able to have what you want. I really like it in all black too, contrasts nicely with the orange dials.
  8. Probably not a 288 GTO though I don't imagine. Besides, Ferraris from that era had quite a bit in common with the current Evora interior. Door handles are very similar for a start and the 'parts bin' accusation applies equally. Remind me again where the Evora interior falls short. I keep forgetting...
  9. Sports car interiors haven't progressed beyond this, the Ferrari 288 GTO, for me: And by the way I have the same indicator stalks in my Lancia Integrale!
  10. I don't disagree that there is room for improvement inside, not so much for me, but for other people who care more about minor switch gear. Seems very strange to me to care more about indicator stalks than engine placement but that's a 911 buyer for you. Climate control is generally rubbish in my opinion, I prefer finely adjustable 3 rotary control set up in the Evora to anything in any of my other cars. For whatever reason Lotus have been a bit tight on guages since the 1998 Esprit dash makeover. But I'd love to see a decent bank of instruments return in the next Lotus but the desire to be seen as up to date will favour using whatever is cutting edge this month, which will also look quickly out of date next month. The lack of arm rests is another oversight that you would have expected the new management to have dealt with right away. The US market cars have them, they don't weigh anything and I have no idea why they aren't at least options. Best guess is they have a load of lightweight door cards to use up. They were removed as part of the Sport 410 light weight package and for some reason never returned for the GT410 Sport. I still wouldn't have them in my Evora personally as I irrationally like the lightweight statement in a Lotus but I totally get why most would spec them.
  11. Sure, if you have room to open the door fully an Evora is no harder to get in than a Boxster or Ford Focus for that matter. I think the point is that no Lotus will be challenging for people to get in and out of going forward. Again though zero marketing is a major factor. The Elise and Exige should have been promoted as having exceptional side impact protection (which they have) along with the torsional rigidity. Nobody makes a door as strong as the Elise tub for side impacts. Once people understand the benefits, many would be quite happy to haul themselves over the necessarily high sill.
  12. Not if they use anyone who thinks modern Aston Martins are an improvement!
  13. No doubt the moment Lotus go full TFT dash then car buyers will rediscover a passion for precision analogue guages that won’t look out of date within 6 months. I’m a big Aston Martin fan and was very fortunate to own a V12 Vantage. The interiors from that era had their ergonomic quirks and challenges but the Breitling inspired analog dials were exquisite. The new Aston interiors are a massive step backwards for me. Merc switchgear works well I’m sure but it’s a case of be careful what you wish for with Lotus. I would genuinely prefer a 2010 DBS to the latest one which is much faster of course but worse in every single other way that matters to me. Auto only, hideous interior, bigger, much heavier, electric steering. Audi R8 seems to be losing something with every new version too, original with the side blades was a great piece of design. 911 just gets bigger, heavier and more like a Panamera. 718 Boxster/Cayman completely inferior to its flat 6 predecessor in all respects other than straight line speed and mpg. Sales have been disastrous by Porsche standards. I’m not sure which new cars people are hoping Lotus will emulate?
  14. I wouldn’t mind some more guages, nicer indicator stalks and matching switch gear illumination, I still think the pre 400 cars have the edge inside but generally always very happy to get back into my Evora.
  15. I think the S1 Evora had a pretty amazing interior by the standards of 2009, certainly a more interesting place to be than an E90 BMW, so not convinced it's that simple. Bigger problem is the high build cost. The Evora is expensive to make so has to be expensive to buy if Lotus are to make a profit. Economies of scale has a lot to do with it, suppliers holding Lotus to ransom post JMG is another factor. On paper the Evora doesn't sell itself. It has to be driven before it makes any sense to the few buyers who are even aware it exists. So we are left with a tiny number of people already. You could have Apple design the interior and it wouldn't automatically send sales through the roof. Tough market out there with an awful lot of less risky/quirky/left field options for someone with £80k in their pocket.
  16. More modern interior gadgets are very likely, lower C of G less so. A DSG auto would be considered by an increasing number to be a step back in terms of driver engagement but would probably help sales. Lotus' ambition to sell far more cars in the future means they will likely follow the lead taken by Ferrari and others to make their cars easy to drive for less skilled drivers. That is a common trend throughout the industry but most things I have read lately say this is coming at the expense of driver engagement. Fast cars are in general getting faster, easier, safer, but less involving. Progress for many but not everyone. The first really all-new Lotus is still a very long way off but it's likely to be auto only and have electric steering as both are necessary for autonomous driving tech, something Geely is very into. Seems to completely miss the entire point of a Lotus to me but what do I know? I like the idea of a longitudinally mounted V6 in an Evora chassis, quite happy with the same V6 (or a version of it) but mounted North-South and lower if possible sounds like an improvement but it would very likely be considered of little to no benefit to the vast majority of car buyers and not worth re-engineering cost. I really don't think any such thing is of any concern to Lotus at this time. Daily useability, ease of ingress/egress and interior tech are the priorities. I happen to know that it will look jaw dropping too. But a major step on as a pure drivers car? I haven't heard anything yet to suggest that it will be.
  17. No translation necessary!
  18. Moving forward to where? Or towards what out of interest?
  19. At least no-one can accuse them of pro-British bias. Trump voters will be incensed by a Korean hatchback ‘beating’ the new Corvette. Maybe that’s the idea - to get everyone talking about R&T. Seems to be working!
  20. I don't believe for one second they really think the 'winner' was the best/most enjoyable car to drive of the line up they had. Just making a statement which is really wasting everyone's time. Still, US journos always seem to enjoy driving Lotus cars, even if they all say pretty much the same thing every time.
  21. My very generous better half bought me this stunning print for my birthday this year. It really looks amazing on the wall, the Compmotives gleam just like the real thing. The first print actually arrived slightly damaged in one corner after being manhandled in the post but Ella replaced it without hesitation and the replacement arrived in much sturdier packaging and is now pride of place in man cave at home. Her prints are very expensive but make a really nice gift for a very special occasion. She has been great to deal with throughout. Some nice stuff appearing on Facebook lately too. Looks like someone from here has already had one of Buzz Art's prints made up!
  22. Evija is unusually compact for its catagory, so I believe Russell Carr at least is on the same page. He'll be looking to preserve that key Lotus attribute going forward I'm sure.
  23. I can’t for long, it’s utterly hideous! Alpine has heavily outsold the Cayman across Europe, 2533 units vs 1601 Caymans (down 40%). Time for Lotus to wake up!
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