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  1. I'm disappointed that Lotus needed the money that bad. I also think Hulkenberg's size and weight might be more of an issue than we realise. Adrian Newey has now called for a revision in the weight limit. Maldonado is capable of good things but Grosjean is looking for all the world like the real deal now. Raikkonen's shoes will take some filling though. He really did put together some incredible drives at Lotus. I just saw a replay of the Hungarian GP again with him holding-off a charging Vettel for 2nd place with 30 lap older tyres. Incredible stuff.
  2. I'll look into it. Thanks for the heads-up from an expert in the field! Not long now, we are talking delivery dates. No, I'm not driving it in a snowstorm!
  3. Love Copper Bronze big time. Seems very reasonably priced too... I've made my bed now but I could have been quite tempted to get that and throw some money at it. I hope it finds a good home.
  4. Ta Bibs Classicline have just quoted me happy!
  5. The default answer is usually the Sport 300 but by any objective measure the Sport 350 takes it. It's the fastest, it has the most power, the best engine, best brakes, best suspension, magnesium wheels, most effective aero. Some might argue that a V8SE might be a better, or at least more comfortable, road car but the ride is so good on the Sport 350 I'd argue it's even better on the road too. Doesn't stop the older, slower, 4 cylinder, Sport 300 being more desirable for most though. Complicated creatures aren't we?!
  6. Allow me to demonstrate. BINGO! Image problem solved overnight! Mind you, he should have left his chin spoiler black though... missed a trick there.
  7. Worthy contenders all, but this isn't 'which is your favourite Esprit?' nor 'which is the best looking' but which is the coolest. Not as easy as it first appears and made a lot harder given that all Esprits are enormously cool to begin with. My favourite Esprit is currently the early dry-sump Giugaro Turbo, the best looking is probably the Essex. It's also very nearly the coolest car on planet earth but not quite the coolest Esprit of all time. For starters the coolness of a supercar is often inversely proportional its performance. Having just 160bhp gives the Esprit S1 and S2 a massiv
  8. The key thing here is which is the coolest, not the 'best'. The 'best' is the Sport 350. Now that's settled, which is the coolest? It's a very close call for me but I might have to go for the Esprit S2 in Championship Gold. It imparts instant legendary status on anyone with that on their V5.
  9. they should throw away the key for the perpetrator of this:
  10. Haven't picked it up yet. But not long now. Don't worry, I won't let you down on the photos! Can anyone recommend who I should call about classic car insurance?
  11. Lotus crimes? Where to start?! This is going to be a long thread!
  12. Interesting. They must be very rare in 14". I had a hunch that something was different, but put that down to the red wheel nuts!
  13. IF this tragedy was self-inflicted, which looks likely, then Frank has a point. He may be expressing it with both barrels but that's Frank. But it's still an 'IF' so perhaps too soon to be making accusations. There is more than enough tragedy in the world as it is, we really don't need people going out of their way to add to it. Thank goodness no-one else was hurt. Maybe Paul Walker was telling him to go faster, maybe he was trying to stop him driving like a dickhead, we'll never know. But either way the driver is ultimately responsible.
  14. Sorry Bibs, only just twigged how that particular mis-communication happened! As you were everyone! I doubt there's an insurance company either here, Australia or anywhere with the common sense to realise that a 4 point harness properly installed offers much better protection than a 3 point inertia reel seatbelt. I tried to remove the airbag on a car I had. No chance. Never mind the insurance, I couldn't get a dealer in the land to remove them for fear of litigation.
  15. Yes I can confirm the existence of at least two distinct entities that did not object to being called Bibs!
  16. Deeply tragic, his daughter is only 15. It must have been some shunt to destroy a carbon tubbed Carrera GT like that. Horrendous.
  17. BIBS (Binary Interforum Bullshit System)
  18. Hopefully there could be some, ahem, flexibility in the declared 'purchase price' figure with a co-operative seller?
  19. I'm going to have to actually drive the Esprit at some point, so this looks like a good an excuse as any. I particularly like the idea of excluding Barrie from the concours competition!
  20. Firstly congratulations on the car, looks stunning in MSG but I had a hunch it might (my Exige is the same colour)! Secondly I've never heard of that fault before, it's very unusual. It's a very commonly used part on countless Elises and Exiges, I never had any issues with mine during over 5 years of ownership. It should be a formality to replace but the dealer needs to match up the lock with your ignition key which might take a bit more time to sort and you might have to have to put up with a seperate key for a while. Hopefully that's the last issue you have with the car and can just
  21. My point is only that you wouldn't be allowed to race with the harnesses attached to the back of the seats on safety grounds. My guess is that it's not a good idea for road use either, whereas fitting a harness bar is.
  22. Lovely car David, very unusual colour. I would be happy to relieve you of your wheels faster than a scouser if you ever find those speedlines. Good luck with the search, I'm inclined to help you find some!
  23. I'm disappointed it's not Hulkenberg and that it was down to money in the end, unless the rumours are true about the difficulty of designing a 2014 car around his gargantuan 75kg frame! I'm still amazed that such a front running team is having such financial difficulties. Good sponsors are very thin on the ground it seems. But it's easy to forget Maldonado's win for Williams. It was a brilliant drive by anyone's standards. I'll hope for more where that came from.
  24. Lexus IS-F engine is a fine, strong, motor, the LF-A V10 is one of the most glorious ever! I doubt Toyota would want any other car using the V10 but that was the dream Esprit powertrain for me - even over their own bespoke V8. They did that before and it didn't work out too well. Reliability and dependability still has to be a priority for Lotus if they are ever to overcome their reputation in the eyes of many. A Toyota powertrain gives you that. Having owned and much enjoyed the bestial Speed Six in the TVR Tuscan even though I never experienced any mechanical issues at all during my
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