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  1. thanks, very interesting, although I feel disappointed that we're no closer to putting a man on the moon in 2013, let alone Mars! when I was a kid they promised a man on Mars by 1980! I really thought I'd be visiting the moon by the year 2000! How wrong could 'Tomorrow's World' be! These days 'progress' is restricted by economics, not science. It used to be the other way round.
  2. I shall henceforth be changing my steering wheel grip from 'quarter to three' to 'ten to two'. It's about the only thing I can do to make my driving in any way more like the Kimster.
  3. Good news and quite a relief. I really feared the worse there for a while.ff
  4. Yes the move was forced by emmissions legislation and there absolutely should be an Elise that majors on economy and efficiency at the bottom of the range. But they also need to keep demonstrating the other major advantage of lightweight construction - big performance from a small engine. For a while all you could get was a 1.6. If I had my way I'd be continually pushing both boundaries with the Elise platform. But Lotus don't have the luxury of a big chequebook, Dahar Bahar left only stubbs! Given the last few years I think what they producing is close to miraculous!
  5. The problem the Elise had was they stopped uprating it for a while. In fact the first facelift S2s had to make do with a raised 1.6 toyota engine. Definitely a backwards step for me, just impossible to contemplate for an Elise R owner too. That has been put right by the new Elise S but it's been a bit late in coming. Doesn't stop it being one of the most enjoyable and capable cars on UK roads available at any price though. Most people buy expensive cars to show off in but those only interested in driving fast when no-one's looking owe it to themselves to try an Elise. I consider it to be a timeless classic, much like the 7 which is still brilliant both are still among the purest drivers cars you can buy today. The only progress flappy paddle tech-fest cars are bringing is to raise the bar for clueless drivers. As cars like the Clio 'progress' I think the Elise only becomes more relevant. So I really hope there will always be an Elise. It's a real goldilocks car (for me, in R form). Just big enough, just fast enough, just enough grip. There will always be the thrill of too much of a good thing but the well balanced package offers a more enduring form of driving pleasure. But the world would be so dull without lunatics like Frank. In fact I think we could do with a few more. As for an all new car, I guess the obvious direction for Lotus would be a carbon tub, I'm all in favour of that but guessing it's less adaptable than the current bonded ally tub and not sure the market would care enough about what they can't see to pay the extra for it. All eyes on the Alfa 4C for that one I guess. Until then Frank maybe you could do what I've been begging Lotus to do and show us what you could do to one of these:
  6. It costs Lotus next to nothing to make and should probably find a few homes among those less keen on spoilers and confined spaces. Perhaps Elise V6 would have been a (slightly) better name? If only to preserve the hardcore associations with the Exige line. Trouble is, everyone would have said "who are they kidding! it's just an Exige without the spoilers"! Either way, it's going to be a stunning thing to own. I totally see the 246 Dino similarities too. You know the car must be good when all anyone complains about is the name!
  7. I much prefer the look of your car Frank, also the BAC Mono. However I don't think Lotus have given up on the US market, it's simply the cost of federalising the cars, surely? I think they were pinning their hopes on the Evora IPS (created very much with the US market in mind). Sadly US customers just headed for the Porsche showroom, much like UK buyers. So the money to federalise the range never showed up. Hopefully the new Malaysian owners will believe its worth the investment. I have heard there are plans to bring the Exige Roadster to the US, which would be a good start.
  8. Roadster looked really fast going up the hill. I think the pretty lines are misleading. It's a bit of a beast at heart!
  9. I salute anyone who's getting an Exige V6 Roadster so willing to overlook manners more commonly associated with a lesser Lotus forum. All I suggest, having done 140mph with that roof on, is that they remember why there was a 145mph limit in the first place. For their sake not mine. Equally, I have been told by someone at Lotus that the Exige S with the roof panel out can become unstable at high speed. Very easy to be flippant about these things but I won't be trying my luck with my car. Most limiters are completely arbitrary of course, such as the german car 155mph limit or the superbike 186mph limit. I think the Roadster's is a rare example of a limiter for a good reason. However my favourite was the BMW 750i, limited to 155mph but couldn't actually exceed 150mph! Genius.
  10. Having seen what 140mph does to that roof on an Elise I wouldn't recommend removing the speed limiter either. Quite easy to believe it would be ripped clean off at 170mph and I wouldn't want to be in the car or anywhere near one when it happened. Roof off shouldn't be a problem apart from the wind noise. Didn't Lambo have a 'roof' on the murcielago that was good for only 80mph or something like that? I bet a few of those exceeded the manufacturers recommendation! I bet a few of those are lying on the side of european motorways too. But it was such a small canvas square I doubt you'd even notice it was gone.
  11. Good analogy with the S3 N/A vs Turbo. Same here, I like both!
  12. I think its a case of the roadster not costing Lotus anything to make so why not. If, for some reason, it sells well then great. Those thinking it's softer and more luxurious are in for a shock though! I can't see many prospective Boxster owners considering it as a serious alternative, even if I consider it far superior! I guess not everyone likes spoilers on road cars so for them it would be much better looking. Other than that I can't see an obvious reason to buy one. I like the basic shape and there's some appeal to the stealthy approach, it's a much faster car than it looks now. And just to be difficult how gorgeous would it look with a body coloured hard top?! As mentioned before I'm completely convinced it would be a lovely ownership proposition but I'm not grown-up enough to realise that a 145mph limit might be much of an issue in the real world.
  13. well done that man. exactly the spec I'd have ordered
  14. Can't see that it's been facelifted at all. It's just a lighter, stripped out Elise S. As we all know, lighter is more gooder. Sure you can make it lighter still once you've got it but Lotus need to sell cars if they are to survive and if this can shift a few more of the utterly excellent but criminally overlooked Elise S, then it's fine by me. I think the whole point of it is how Lotus can add some showroom appeal for pennies. I think perhaps it was an opportunity missed in that the Elise S should be putting out more power for the money. I think the supercharged Elise should have slotted into where the 4cyl Exige left off. It does in terms of price so it probably should in terms of power too. If only to generate some more column inches. All that said, it's a really nicely judged package for UK roads but its been so under the radar you had to really go out of your way to even know it exists. Frank I'd love Lotus to put their limited resources into going after the Hennessy Venom but the problem with that is they'd only sell one (to me) and I have a feeling it would still be too slow for you!
  15. Howdy! Love nightfall blue, the same as the Elise Sportsracer I owned until recently. Absolutely spectacular in bright sunlight (you have plenty of that in Texas!) and just a beautiful, classy colour for an Evora (there was one at the Brands Hatch Lotus festival last year). Fabulous car, enjoy!
  16. stunning, nice plate too.
  17. Can Romain sign mine? Nice touch from the Iceman. I really hope he stays with Lotus. Got to be better than being Vettel's bitch surely?
  18. Looks like the airbag wheel has been removed so a whole world of quick-release Momo lovliness awaits!
  19. Completely agree Buddsy, this one looks like a winner. And a sign Lotus might be getting their mojo back. Elise remains a stunning package for UK roads and there's genius in every nut and bolt.
  20. Sure takes the shine off a road trip doesn't it! I was only doing 110mph (and needed to, to get past a local in his Renault Scenic!) for all of 10 seconds but they'd reduced the limit from 130kmh to 110 for a downhill stretch. Very harsh I thought. It was the first 10 minutes of autoroute on the whole trip. Sorry, back to best ever road trips! Elise Sportsracer. Susten Pass, Switzerland. It was shut at the top which is why it was so deserted and it was no chore coming back down again. Nearby Furka and Grimsel Pass were also stunning (and more famous) but Grimsel would suit a more powerful car better. The Susten was just made for the Elise. Sheer magic!
  21. Shame there wasn't a greater performance advantage from the soft tyre. I thought that was the whole point? Really exciting climax to the race but we really need other teams to start winning more consistently soon or Vettel will walk off with another title. He is brilliant but 4 years of watching Vettel win is more than enough for me. Lotus have definitely got some trick up their sleeve to do with the tyres. They are the only team who have criticised Pirelli for being too conservative!
  22. I just had the ZZR1400 serviced today. It's a fabulous and hugely capable beast but I really want a ZX10R. Test rode one back to back with the new Fireblade last year. Both were mindblowing but the ZX10R won it for me. So intense and ballistic but very sweet to steer and balanced, very sharp and precise. The engine was all about why I got into bikes in the first place. 14,000rpm! Not difficult to ride in the slightest but the speed.... like a horizontal bungee jump. I'm too big for one and look ridiculous on it but I don't care. I must get one before I get too old and scared for it all! When I bought my ZZR in 2007 it was the fastest bike on the planet. Litre bikes would eat its dust on the straights. Not any more. The game has moved on and the litre bikes are off the charts now. My bike made 175bhp at the rear wheel when I had it dyno'd. The much lighter ZX10-R is making more like 185-190!!!! Wow. That's what superbikes were making not long ago. No wonder superstock bikes are setting such fast times these days.
  23. I was hoping to drive to a trackday in Dijon in the new Exige V6, that would have run it pretty close but alas no longer on the cards. I drove back from the Monaco GP last year in an Aston V12 Vantage via the Route Napoleon but actually it was a bank holiday, the traffic was terrible and I got the car impounded for speeding near Grenoble too! So all the ingredients were there but the cake turned out pretty awful! I had to get the car transported back the UK. France in an Evora would be wonderful, especially if you keep the autoroutes to a minimum. Enjoy! I look forward to hearing about your trip on here.
  24. God help the universe if we're the most intelligent life in it! Fortunately that's extremely unlikely. As is identifying anything from a more advanced species that didn't want to be identified. And if they wanted to be identified they'd make contact. Which hasn't happened as far as we know. So either ET hasn't visited recently or has visited completely undetected and which amounts to the same thing. I do wish hollywood would at least try to be a bit more imaginative. When you see the diversity of life on earth, the chances of life evolving on another planet turning out remotely humanoid and a similar size to us is absurd. John Carpenter's 'The Thing' did it best. Total 'what on earth was that?!'.
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