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  1. Not sure what the mileage record is but at least one Elise has done over 250,000 miles. 1.8 Toyota 1ZR engine would probably be my choice for racking up high miles but as Kevin and many others have shown a well maintained K-Series can run and run too. Have you considered the modern Europa? They are very rare now but use the Elise chassis with a Vauxhall 2.0 turbo from the VX220 and were built for better long distance comfort. Great cars. Very quick with fantastic handling. This one's over budget and probably nicer than you need but will give you some idea.
  2. Short term bang for buck the KT460 looks better value if Komotec dyno numbers are to be believed. Long term it might not be such a good deal if you throw the Komotec catalogue at a Sport 350/380. At least in the UK. Time will tell how that works out but Komotec cars have underperformed against expectations in my experience. Zero understeer in the Cup 430 I drove, too much oversteer if anything. Each to their own with this, whatever anyone prefers to drive and own is the right way to go for them. Factory 430 is definitely the route I’d go and I’d have absolutely no interest in modifying it either. Previous Lotus was bone stock and so is the current one and it’s staying that way.
  3. Total 430 production number will be tiny in any event. Even among those interested in the Exige, most opt to give their money to Komotec rather than Lotus. Factory 430 would be my preference. I’m not convinced a Komotec 460 is actually much quicker.
  4. Wow, that’s a 4 cyl Lotus greatest hits line-up!
  5. Sounds like a great idea to me! How do you choose which to drive?!
  6. Welcome finally! Which Lotus have you got currently?
  7. Absolutely love the colour and spec. We met briefly at Lotus when you came to visit. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the car but not a bit surprised. Welcome yo TLF!
  8. Welcome to the forum, very special car, a drivers dream in the Alps. My 06 Elise remains the most most enjoyable car I’ve driven there. Exiges are even more exciting of course and retain much of what makes the Elise so involving and rewarding but you don’t gain in every respect. I’d happily have an an Elise and Exige if I could.
  9. They do have a very good idea but they’re not releasing any numbers yet.
  10. I would have thought they would have sold more than 25 Cup 430s but the actual number will be small nonetheless. There were 25 x Type 25 editions built for a start and they appear to have all sold now. So perhaps it’s possible that they have sold a further 25 (non Type 25s!) and the figure doesn’t include them. 50 total still seems low to me but not impossible. I very much doubt they ever got to 60 Evora GT430s. Total number of rhd cars is in the low 20s and the UK had more than anyone else by some way. Total number of Evora GT430 Sports must be less than 10. Porsche GT cars make their first owners money so everyone who can afford one tends to want one. Very different proposition, you don’t even have to like cars to want one. Wasn’t always this way though. The now revered 997 GT3RS4.0 was not a guaranteed cash machine at the time, only 6 rhd UK cars were sold. Most thought it too expensive at around £140k compared to the regular GT3RS and a bit of a risk. Then the car world lost its marbles.
  11. Welcome to TLF, Excel looks great, very cool, congrats.
  12. LOVE the colour. Congrats!
  13. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    The j-hooks are fantastic, really impressed with them, immense consistent stopping power. Pad wear is higher but well worth it. I never saw any cracks on any of my cross drilled brakes on the Exige but the design does create a big temp difference near the holes and they fill up with brake dust pretty quickly. They also used to groan and vibrate after heavy track use. Braking performance wasn’t really impaired, no fade at all but your confidence could be. J hooks just get on with the job. Best stock road car brakes I’ve used to date.
  14. A reminder of how capable the Sport 410 is on track. So composed and corners so flat, I don't know Croft at all but it looks very quick to me for what is also a civilised road car.
  15. You are an absolute mad man. Genius move! Car looks absolutely stunning. Congrats and enjoy.
  16. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    I know of around 4 auto GT430s but they are rare over here.
  17. No AC or later gearshift wouldn’t put me off after 5 years in an Elise without AC and another 5 in a pre-350 Exige but I accept that most find them both desireable. I think the RACE mode is well worth having if you’re planning any trackdays, not all early cars have it. Very clever system. Every Exige is great to drive, welcome to TLF and good luck with the search.
  18. We have a new member asking an entirely reasonable question. Let's not try to put him off from coming back here please.
  19. The Pits

    EVORA Weight

    Amazing spec car Julian. I bet it drives like a dream.
  20. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    Standard GT430 baffled sump isn't too shabby either.
  21. Either way, few of the recent posts have been of any use to the OP or the discussion he started. On behalf of the reasonable minded majority on here, can we please return to discussing 380 vs 410, preferably in a civil way? Thanks.
  22. I’m sure it’s the media making a big deal of a throwaway remark but it’s a pointless thing to claim at this stage. Can’t see how it could benefit Lotus to do so. I’d rather hear about a renewed interest in Motorsport, some GT racing ambition or positive plans for the current range and how Lotus are going to manage the transition period. I guess if they can sell a few Evijas none of that will matter much from a financial point of view but the brand building (and repair work) should be well under way by now.
  23. I never complained about the rapid launches of lighter, faster model updates, they were exciting days and I ended up buying one of the cars made during that time. Exige Cup 430 was unnecessarily rushed out before Cup 380s were sold, but what a great car. We have been hearing about the next new car coming 'next year' for a long time now. Only now do we hear that the first one being will be 'shown' before the end of next year. I'm actually trying to manage expectations by drawing people's attention to this. Some people are waiting to see the new more 'affordable' Lotus car before buying something else so I hope it helps for them to know that they are unlikely to see customer cars until well into 2021. Hopefully Lotus are planning to under promise and over deliver. It would be a good strategy for them. It must be very tough for dealers out there at the moment. Talk of new cars can only make stock much harder to shift, particularly without any support for the current range of brilliant drivers cars, the like of which we won't see again. Long delays, however good the final car turns out to be, will not be welcome.
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