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  1. A reasonable sounding argument if somewhat exaggerated to stress the point. The thing that concerns many is not storage bins or tft screens but the change in focus and where that might lead. It could lead to a better, more useable sports car that is shot through with Lotus feel and precision. Or it could lead to the gradual erosion of the things that make Lotus special and different. Road car design operates in a narrow window. A car maker’s focus and priorities are what distinguishes them from their competitors. Adding tech is a given, no-one’s arguing against that. But it seems th
  2. I hear you on that one but these cars are distorting notions of fast. Testers are saying the 600LT doesn’t feel ridiculously quick in comparison and a more useable level. From a lightweight McLaren with near 600bhp! Not that long ago that would have been a life-changing experience so I think it takes something away to have the bar set so high. Much like other cars feel numb after a Lotus, so there’s a danger that a lot of fast cars would feel underwhelming to someone used to a 720S. My Evora feels properly naughty to me still. Much as I’d love a 720S, I wouldn’t like to lose the apprecia
  3. World has gone completely mad. These new top end supercars really do accelerate like superbikes now. Even quicker at high speed. That has never been the case before. McLaren really didn't hold back with the 720S, pushed it's performance into hypercar territory. It's giving everyone headaches, including McLaren. The £1m P1 can't do a lot more in a straight line or around a track. It takes away something from the megabucks Senna's achievements too. It's absolutely nuts. For reference my ZX12R remains the fastest thing I’ve ever been on down Hangar Straight, hitting an indicated 165mph. My S
  4. Simply in terms of performance. 458 and 488 claimed performance figures are not that far apart. However the 458s were in the great Ferrari tradition of massaged numbers. 488s are more honest and able to be reproduced outside of Maranello. 12C exposed the 458, real world difference was enormous. Ferrari had to turbocharge the 488 just to keep up. They are proud Italians, being the fastest matters. Ferrari and McLaren are the bitterest of rivals going back to the 70's. They continue to have a profound effect on each other. McLaren have taken strides to make their cars more emotional, Ferrar
  5. 410 if you can afford it. It's the only one with a chargecooler which helps keep intake temps stable for more consistent power. It helps prevent heatsoak which causes power output to decline on hot days and on track. In truth it won't be of huge benefit if you don't drive the car on track but it's a nice feature to have if you are planning trackdays or live in a hot country. It's also the newest, fastest and craziest of the three.
  6. All very fair points. Though obviously good for volumes if it works, the thought about making cars primarily for US and Chinese tastes and requirements did nothing to reassure me. What does that do to the design and engineering briefs? Major alarm bells for me there.
  7. McLaren bashing is currently all the rage. JayEmm is just jumping on the band wagon, it’s helped his channel no end by the look of it. After putting up with years of prejudice against Lotus I’m not inclined to join in with it, especially without any first hand experience. They’ve ruffled a lot of feathers among the supercar establishment. Making the usual names look a bit slow is probably the biggest insult you can dish out. Make no mistake, Ferrari’s turbocharged 488 was a direct response to the 12C wiping the floor with the 458. Lots of fanboys wish to see them fail. Porsche fans tend t
  8. The principal driver for many Porsche and Ferrari sales is the opportunity to make money, or at least lose very little while enjoying a fast, flash car on finance that will impress your mates and make your neighbours envious. People are quick to forget but before the whole 'overs' thing on Porsche GT cars (which was concocted as a way to shift the slow selling 918 Spyder) Porsche GT was neither a bank machine nor particularly cheap way to own the cars Chris Harris said you should buy. Just to back this up, there were very few sales of the now revered 997 GT3RS 4.0 in the UK. Hard to believe no
  9. Another great brand with so much potential Maserati. That name could sell used bog roll. But by thunder they'd do better making cars the designers and engineers want to make, cars worthy of the badge. What's been allowed to happen to Lancia is enough to make a grown man weep. MG today is nothing more than garnish on the bonnet of some shite Chinese SUV copy of some shite Japanese SUV copy of some shite European SUV. If I was a big MG fan I'd rather they called it a Dungshat or whatever and stopped tarnishing the badge. Survival at all costs can come at a terrible price!
  10. MJK absolute hero and much missed. Suggest they use lockdown to clone him and Chapman ASAP!
  11. You can always put the news on if you need cheering up! Black humour aside, it's easy to throw stones behind a keyboard and I've always suspected that Lotus probably need to be doing things to upset the few nutters who bought their old cars, in order to appeal to a much larger number of people who aren't that 'into' cars. Clarkson proved how popular a car show could be when you stopped talking about boring technical stuff and started having a laugh and doing knob jokes. Lotus probably wouldn't be going far enough if everyone here was whooping for joy. I'd like to think that the best str
  12. Never had you down as a lightweight Andy! You're meant to be grinning with your fingers in your ears humming happy tunes to yourself - for another 2 years - before finally cracking and marching down to the Porsche dealer, tears streaming, to order your protest electric Cayman GTE. By then Porsche should have realised the huge potential in lightweight engineering, inspired by their kick up the arse from Alpine and have committed to using their huge resources to making every car lightest in class. They also kickstart the new trend for discreet, hidden, integrated, interior tech which doesn'
  13. On a more positive note I was pleased to hear they are producing equipment to help fight the corona virus. A commendable thing to be doing and also an opportunity to show some smart thinking and innovation. No doubt the highly capable PR team are planning to let people know about this at some stage. Also enjoyed the conforming to stereotypes when the guy from Hong Kong asked about about access to diagnostic tools and OBD ports, whereas all the Italian wanted to know was about engines!
  14. I think it’s indicative of the actual amount thought that has gone into customer driving events to date - little to none. Much like all the other ‘possible avenues’ they’re looking into, I’m sure it’s right up there with all the other ideas that are absolutely definitely something to consider, possibly, at some stage. Like I said, Lotus is being run by some proper corporate creatures now. Easy to argue that passionate visionaries never made much money there so let’s see how they get on with some committee culture, procrastination and buzz words!
  15. Not saying anything! Just one small suggestion. If Lotus are looking for more accessible driving events, where their cars can be driven properly, without breaking Swiss traffic laws or risking any PR disasters, without the need to pay a few hundred quid to close a road (the cost of a trackday anyway), may I suggest they consider using the test track that they drive past on the way to work every morning?
  16. Again I don’t enjoy reading that from another great Lotus customer, advocate and supporter. People like you and Jimmy have been keeping the company going when you could so easily have bought something else, you are a part of the history. Every Lotus sale is a triumph against the odds. Especially when most people consider many of the alternatives to be both better cars and better places to put your money. Ferrari invite customers to exclusive clinics and preview events to show them their latest cars before the press. Very smart move. Makes owners feel special and valued before offering th
  17. No-one can credibly argue against brand building during this time, given the ambition Geely has for Lotus, the negative perceptions that need to be overcome and when funding is in place. Not anyone here, not Phil Popham. The task in hand demands it. I bought an Aston Martin V12 Vantage back in 2012. I didn't buy it new nor from an official AM dealer either. But I was invited to a V12 Vantage day at Works Service in Newport Pagnell. It was arranged to celebrate the car. You could call it a glorified owners 'meet' but they did it with thought and care. We got a tour of Works Service an
  18. The choice we've been given here is be patient and wait however long it takes or move on. Many of the serial Lotus owners I know have chosen the latter. Naturally, those frustrated by the lack of activity are going to get more frustrated the longer it continues. To those that think it's all just fine and dandy I suggest they have a look in the classifieds for what you can buy for around £80k these days. The choice is overwhelming. From new cars from the obvious alternatives to used McLaren 570S or 650S, Lambo Gallardo, Ferrari 599 or how about a low mileage AM V12 Vantage and £20k ch
  19. 95 pages and counting suggests that people here enjoy speculating about the future of Lotus. So it is welcome and encouraged here. Masses of other threads to read for those who find it tiresome. Continued radio silence at Lotus becomes unforgiveable if they have anywhere close to £1.5bh to spend. I'm amazed how many here think it's just fine, whatever they don't do, whatever they don't say, however much they ignore current owners or the current range, however long they delay, it's all good. It's really not and it will cost the company dearly. The podcasts are a great idea but that's one b
  20. Honda (Acura) paid a small fortune to be in the Avengers, didn’t do much for sales of the new NSX. It is a very expensive thing to pursue. Style is important Chapman was very aware of that too but so is substance. The latest update to the Lotus website has introduced the configurator but has also seen the wholesale removal of the copy on all of the models bar Evija. Strange move. Hard to see how that will help move Lotus forward in any way, just like doing nothing until the new car comes out. The plan hasn’t ever really been to ‘just build light, great handling cars’. The Seven was canned
  21. Nothing can happen with dealers until there's something they can sell. Shift 5000 units of the new car and then Volvo dealers might want to talk. Currently all they can offer is a hope and a prayer, so understandably no interest. Volvo (who have done really well for Geely) would push back hard against that as things stand I'm sure. Couldn't we at least expect a more corporate version of the build quality video series then? To at least start laying the groundwork now for the relationship to Geely and Volvo will bring. Show us some of the parts they have access to and how things will improv
  22. Very much agree. But it will never happen until they start doing something about it, aside from make the logo worse. As has been said before there is so much they could and should be doing. Why not use this time to begin to address widespread negative build quality perceptions? It's not enough to tell a sceptical market, you have to prove your claims. We could follow a car being built in a series of short videos which are all mini chapters in a larger story. They could start with parts being made by suppliers. Show their quality control. For example, the lighter, aluminium brackets from the GT
  23. I was referring more to the dictator part with JMG. But isn’t less for more precisely what Porsche Motorsport and all its equivalents do to rapturous applause? At least with Lotus, less car = more Lotus. Removing 100kg of car worked wonders on the GT430 and all of the JMG era cars drove spectacularly well, not least the Sport 380. JMGs strategy had many downsides but he didn’t have half the options open to him that the current lot have. At least there was a clear plan, good enough be left to continue unchanged by numerous business brains since by the look of it.
  24. Very glad to hear that they are getting better. Hope they all make a full recovery soon. Family members getting corona virus must be massively stressful but I'm sure recovering comes as a huge relief.
  25. Another opportunity for a quick thinking company to look into. Chapman famously and ingeniously exploited a tax loophole to help make the 7 a success. Although frustrated by the current management to date I think in fairness the job requires a brilliant, passionate, visionary dictator to really deliver on the huge potential Lotus has. My impression of Popham so far is that he's very much a 'company man', pragmatic but none of those other things. However, perhaps a visionary leader at Lotus would immediately clash with Geely and not last long enough to realise his vision? Popham clearly kn
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