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  1. I'd love to see Japan make it out of the group stages. Their win against the Springboks in 2015 remains one of the great games of any sport.
  2. Unless it's really heavy rain you won't get wet below the neck unless you have to stop or go very slow. The Ariel Atom with exposed sides might be a different matter I suspect.
  3. Not a bad idea, there is also some debate about the legality of crash helmets in cars which I would hope a ski helmet would get around. 620R vs 311 is quite an interesting comparison, are you intending to keep the 620R? Either way you will be well prepared for life with a 311 if you're used to an aeroscreen 7. You might even find the 311 slightly more civilised! I have a supercharged CSR also but I think it would be a bit too wild for road use now, happy for that to be track only.
  4. I did a lot of trackdays in an aero screen Caterham (which I still own). I started driving to tracks, including european tracks, then bought a trailer which quickly became boring then ended up with an Exige for trackdays. If I had a 311 I'd drive it trackdays and back but you'll want to wear a helmet and earplugs. Anything over 40mph soon became painful on the ears, a woolly hat and shades is fine for quick blasts around the block but not enough wind protection for longer journeys.
  5. Great to see the dampers on the scales to back up Lotus's claim. GT4 mounts also save further weight over the originals. I agree with the principle of trying the car stock before modding to get a baseline reference (which Ken has done anyway!) but in this instance if you want the full GT430 experience, you need the Ohlins TTX.
  6. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    @Bibs is the man for car covers, GT430 Club group buy?
  7. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    No better people than MGR when it comes to Ohlins on the Evora, they were involved in the development of the damper from day one.
  8. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    Ohlins are amazing I have the track and road settings for you both when you’re ready. Nice to see some appreciation of what Lotus did with the GT430, the US GT is the highest spec Evora available anywhere currently but still a fair bit to do to get it to GT430 spec.
  9. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    Wow, GT4 roof scoop too?! No half measures. So it's going to look more like this when finished then!
  10. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    Wow! Stunning spec Kostas. It's only going to get even better looking from here! Someone will buy that tailgate, completely transforms the car.
  11. It was sponsored by Geely!? Obviously Lotus can't do every event, it would shock many here I think if they knew how much the Goodwood FOS cost and it was great to see Lotus back there with what I thought was a terrific stand. However you'd have thought that Geely would have insisted upon more of a presence at Hampton Court.
  12. In other words a domestic appliance with the soul of a food blender! I'm sure it will be fast though and for many actually preferable to a fast diesel. I think I'd probably rather have electric Taycan to a diesel Panamera myself, I'm not actually anti-electric at all. If it meant we could still have Ferrari V12's and Lotus/Toyota supercharged V6s I'd be all in favour of a widespread switch over to electric for daily runners. Trouble is I don't think we'll be able to have our cake and eat it. Once electric takes hold and the infrastructure starts to switch over, road legal ICE cars will quickly become socially unacceptable, very expensive to run and soon after banned altogether. Track use will continue I'm sure so if you're looking for a petrol keeper make sure it's decent on track. Fortunately all Lotus cars are. The coolest car, bar none, according to the kids at my son's school is a Tesla. Any Tesla as long as it has the big ipad in the dash. Sign of the times folks!
  13. It looks better than a Panamera but then so does an elephant's arse. "The first electric sports car with the soul of a Porsche" apparently. Along with the Turbo and Turbo S nonsense it shows complete contempt for their customers intelligence to me but that seems to be the way they like it.
  14. V6 CUP CONS - ride is firmer, noisier, more raw, more race-car like, worse on long journeys PROS - less understeer, noisier, more raw, more race-car like, more immediate, more engaging on short journeys, better on track
  15. Stunning Kostas, Nightfall Blue works so well on an Evora, loved it on my Elise too. Very classy colour which does something special in direct sunlight. No GT430 in that colour to my knowledge which is a shame but at least we'll get to see what everyone else was missing!
  16. Great car, congrats. Welcome aboard!
  17. Congrats! Each Evora is special in its own right, S1s were never bettered in certain aspects. Be good to see a pic.
  18. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    Wow, jaw dropping, thanks for sharing. Hope you enjoyed some epic drives this summer.
  19. Great pics, thanks for sharing. Would love to have been there myself but hope to visit the museum before the year's out.
  20. Top work Nano, good to keep this going. Will be an increasingly useful reference as the years go by!
  21. Stunning car. Can't be many left now. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed my V6 Cup.
  22. I wanted to give the new logo a few weeks but its still not working for me. I have no problem going back to a typeface that's closer to the 60's style badges for the Lotus lettering but looking at the old logo it just looks better to me, especially Chapman's initials. Much more elegant piece of design.
  23. I hope it works out well for them but where possible I prefer to see Lotus leading the way rather than following the herd. The videos do make the car look tiny inside, similar to Exige proportions. If a 5ft blonde has trouble getting her knees under the steering wheel then a well fed captain of industry is going to struggle I’d have thought? Might just be she has the seating position all wrong but I can only go on what’s presented. Very low-rent for a hypercar first drive video but great to see it moving. Obviously hope the car is a huge success and I’m sure there will be many more videos and promotional stunts to come.
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