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  1. An entirely reasonable if somewhat bleak way to look at it @jep. My concern is that Lotus is one of the few car makers left that offer something for those who aren't so keen on the current industry trends and direction sports cars are taking. My own personal view is that there's an opportunity for a company taking a different path - a much bigger opportunity than just another 'me-too' approach. Lotus has always been a challenger brand, they just never had the money to leverage that like say Apple, Dyson, Ben & Jerries or Virgin Atlantic did. All are massive mainstream brands now but they w
  2. US is a tricky one, federalising cars is a deliberately expensive and time consuming process. They are very late to the party with the GT and the road legal Exige is an obvious casualty of the legislation which is an effective form of protectionism. It's also harder to compete with US sports cars once you have jumped through all the hoops with the new Corvette available for peanuts and a brand new Mustang with all kinds of bhp costing loose change. It goes without saying that Lotus would liked to have done more in the US. No idea how the GT is really going but doing everything they could to lo
  3. I think the reality is the next car was running behind schedule and over budget anyway. The corona virus not only changes the landscape they will be selling into it's also the ideal opportunity for them to reappraise the plan as they now have the perfect excuse for being so late. The longer they take the less interest there will be in a combustion engine car as such a thing will have a short shelf life and reduced return on the investment. Also the decision to neglect the existing range is looking like an increasingly bad call, that was based on a new car being rushed to market sooner plus gen
  4. Any other takers please? For what it's worth I will be getting more in the original font (which was taken from a rubbing of my '84 date stamped NCTs). The font used in the pictures above is a more modern version.
  5. I don't believe it will be called Esprit but I do believe that the Evora chassis based 2-seater will take a lot of design cues from Evija. Whenever we finally see it. Plan was end of this year. Looking more like end of 2021 early 2022 now. It was running late anyway, now add corona virus disruptions. They may well can it and decide to go straight to full EV (some sense in that, true mini Evija, market moving rapidly that way, especially by 2022) but that would involve yet futher delays. Don't hold your breath and enjoy the Lotus you have or snap up one of the brilliant current cars while
  6. I've had a few requests for another group buy from Tredwear. I'll be getting a couple of sets for myself. If you're interested let me know below and I'll see what can be done. Let's hope they're still trading!
  7. What is the best car they've ever driven? What is their favourite car currently on sale today? What is the best Lotus they've ever driven? How does it compare to the above? What can Lotus do better than any other car maker? What does Lotus do best? What does Lotus do worst? How many Evijas have been ordered? Why haven't they invested in the current range? What are they doing to address a reputation for poor build quality among the wider market they are aspiring to sell to? How can a new range of Lotus cars stay true to Colin Chapman's ethos and appe
  8. Metallic purple Europa wins the ‘coolest Lotus road car’ competition hands down!
  9. Welcome to the group, hope we get to have a get together before the year’s out. Really sorry to hear you have been in hospital Kevin, very unfortunate to get pneumonia with all that’s going on but very glad to hear you’re home now, you must have given Mrs Wheeler a fright to say the least! Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.
  10. The Elise was originally intended to be an updated version of the 7 as we know. However for any given amount of bhp the 7 will always be faster across the board. Simply is more lightweight therefore has more performance. Interesting to read that they don't appeal to everyone though. Hard to know without driving the cars the opinions are based on, the Palmer Sport cars for example are deliberately set up for extreme oversteer and handle appallingly. I don't know why Caterham allows Palmer to do this as many form their opinions on the 7 from his driving experience days. But I've owned a 7 since
  11. I’m all for customers getting special treatment and that an Evija configurator should be the best of the best for serious buyers if Lotus can afford it but I can’t see the benefit in excluding dreamers from the process. Looks like us plebs got this as yet unpromoted video.
  12. So not available to joe public? Really short sighted if so. Lambo eventually got a return on their investment in the Countach from all those posters on bedroom walls. Can someone explain the downside to letting the general public dream about your new hypercar? It would help sales among the super rich if anything. Something as basic as the other configuators would be fine and enough to get people sharing online.
  13. Where did you find the Evija configurator @C8RKH? Can't find it anywhere. I want to see what it looks like in Motorsport Green natch!
  14. Big fan of the Sports Racer Evoras also but would take an S unless I was planning high mileage and daily use perhaps? I wasn't taken by the first Evora 400 I drove (a very early press car) but was comparing it back to back against my Exige V6 Cup on track. I did enjoy it on the road too that day, particularly the noise, but the more hardcore Exige was closer to what I wanted at the time. The last Evora 400 I drove, on roads I know well, was @DaveC72's gorgeous Chrome Orange car. It completely won me over, such a fine and fit example, I was definitely wowed. Very close to Lambo Gallardo levels
  15. It’s a good start, great car, sure to become collectable if not already. Good luck with getting it back on the road and welcome to the forum.
  16. Nice pic here shows very clearly why the Chapman design might go rather better with a modest amount of horsepower. Doesn't take much to make a gnat buzz, stop or change direction. Think of the extra flab sitting in all the other cars, stereos, air con, power steering, electric seats plus all the stuff needed to try and get that mass to go, stop or change direction. If driving dynamics were all that mattered to the buying public, Chapman's ethos would be the dominant one. But comfort+performance is what sells and in the SUV era, lightweight is very low down the list of priorities if it's even o
  17. My 7s are extreme track only cars now to be fair but a fast aero screen 7 is a blast/tonic/outrageous/hilarious on the the road in small doses. 211 in a similar catagory, helmets needed above 40mph. Novelty wares off on longer trips. Exige S2 is that crucial bit more useable but easy to argue the 211 offers an even more concentrated dose of pure Lotus. Still the most precise car I’ve ever driven, even more so than the lighter 7. I think they call that chassis rigidity.
  18. Lotus Carlton is incredible and still hugely fast but a great example of performance through monstrous power, I don’t recall a single component that was any lighter than any other Carlton/Omega. Type 14 Elite remains in many ways the purest expression of performance through lightweight for the road but the original Elan was really where the idea really bore fruit and established Lotus’s reputation. Gordon Murray among many others still rate the Elan’s steering as the finest in any car. Everything people associate with the Lotus approach is there in the Elan, still very quick today, hard t
  19. Looks in great condition but I never heard anyone here say their dream Esprit was the Turbo HC Limited Edition. It’s not worth more than any other Turbo HC to me but a nice HC should be around £50k anyway. Be interesting to share what it makes. I’m utterly amazed that anything is making decent prices in auction given what’s going on in the world plus bleak economic outlook but great to see some interest in the Esprit all the same.
  20. Stunning car, congratulations. Not even Lotus will make cars like that soon, enjoy!
  21. Nice pics of models frozen in 2017 but can anyone find any info on the cars at all? Looks like bare minimum 0-60, top speed, power and weight. No explanation or introduction to the models at all. There’s a list of numbers under the specification section but no copy, nothing to inform, excite or persuade. Given how misunderstood and unappreciated the cars remain this is bizarre at best. There is some info on the Evija so hopefully there is more to come for the other models. We have to hope so!
  22. Worth bearing in mind that Lotus say their test drivers are quicker with RACE on so highly unlikely that anyone here would be quicker with the system switched off. Obviously aware that trackdays are not about laptimes and that going slower in the name of having fun is a perfectly acceptable thing to pursue. But in the event that your mate passes you in his Fandango 3000 you might want to slip it back into RACE.
  23. Always enjoyed RACE mode, wet or dry. Incredible system, still the smoothest TC system I've used to date. If it's really lashing down, everything OFF is the most fun and probably the wisest too. You're in no doubt about the lack of grip.
  24. Situation in Italy is horrendous, I really hope they get it under control soon as China appears to have done. Figures today are over 4200 new cases and 475 new deaths. Contrasting with China reporting just 13 new cases and 11 new deaths. Remarkable when China had over twice the number of cases if all the numbers are correct. Accepting that could be a sizeable 'if'. Death rate in Germany seems astonishingly low at 28 deaths from 12,327 cases, compared to the UK's 104 deaths from 2,626 cases, I'd be interested to know how they have achieved this. We really will see what the scientific
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