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  1. Top work Nano, good to keep this going. Will be an increasingly useful reference as the years go by!
  2. Stunning car. Can't be many left now. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed my V6 Cup.
  3. I wanted to give the new logo a few weeks but its still not working for me. I have no problem going back to a typeface that's closer to the 60's style badges for the Lotus lettering but looking at the old logo it just looks better to me, especially Chapman's initials. Much more elegant piece of design.
  4. I hope it works out well for them but where possible I prefer to see Lotus leading the way rather than following the herd. The videos do make the car look tiny inside, similar to Exige proportions. If a 5ft blonde has trouble getting her knees under the steering wheel then a well fed captain of industry is going to struggle I’d have thought? Might just be she has the seating position all wrong but I can only go on what’s presented. Very low-rent for a hypercar first drive video but great to see it moving. Obviously hope the car is a huge success and I’m sure there will be many more videos and promotional stunts to come.
  5. It seems we're getting used to justifying no end of mediocrity on the basis of the size of audience. Quality matters much more than quantity when you're trying to shift 130 £2m hypercars. If supercar blondie genuinely knows lots of high net worth people in Dubai (she may well do) then I fair enough, hopefully she'll bring the car to their attention and they won't mind being spoken to like a 5 year old. Youtube is also the modern equivalent of the kids bedroom wall which I also get, this is part of where the Evija belongs, but this is playing the very long game and will be quickly irrelevant if they can only sell a handful of cars. The scary part is that the successful youtubers and the people that run them have the car makers by the short and curlies. They are now seen as an essential part of marketing a car for which they are laughing all the way to the bank. The thing which is never questioned is the accuracy of their claims about the size of their audience. In general terms the wealthiest car Youtubers are the most successful, this is because they can afford to buy views, likes and subscribers. If you haven't heard about click farms, search for it on Google. I think the Evjia deserves better personally. The first person to drive the Evija outside the factory is a big story in itself. I'm sure they could have done better than a youtuber driving around a dusty trailer park at 2mph, with a bit of thought. If I was a serious buyer I'd want to know about the quality of the engineering that's gone into the car and I'd want to learn about it from someone with some credibility on the subject. What does it matter what supercar blondie or any other youtuber thinks about it? What insights are they able to offer beyond 'wow, insane, awesome, insane'? The scary part for me is Lotus could probably have had a number of F1 drivers for less. This thing would absolutely wipe the floor the Formula E grid. I think that would be a far more impressive and shareable thing to watch. And I bet the kids would find it more memorable too. Supercar blondie can do the commentating or post race interviews!
  6. I've got nothing against her personally but she looks like she's talking to young children. Maybe she is? Let the dumbing down commence! Wouldn't you all prefer to see what former Lotus F1 drivers think of it?
  7. Not for me it won’t but I fully accept that it appeals to most of the people most of the time. Big difference between all round ability and desirability though. Few desirable things are either practical or useful. A fast golf diesel is a very good car, does everything very well, many things considerably better than a Cayman. Objectively speaking you get very little back for spending more on a car and in at least one respect you will end up worse off. Some people are admirably rational about cars and are completely incapable of seeing beyond a used good value do it all. Not many such types here though! Every Lotus is an act of madness to most Porsche owners. But unless all you desire is all-round excellence, it doesn’t equal desirability. I was impressed by the Cayman but had zero desire to own one.
  8. Most other reviews conclude that it's not actually any better than the previous, lighter one. Couldn't care less really, does nothing for me whatsoever. Good luck to those wanting to pay over list and other such nonsense. I'm very happy with what I've got. I do like the manual-only statement though. I'm sure they'll do a very popular auto version soon enough but it might help to encourage the current management at Lotus to 'stick' with manuals a while longer.
  9. Ridiculous colour. What were you thinking? Spectacularly well done!
  10. I had a half front on my Exige but could always see the line. Went full front on the Evora and happier with it. Unfortunately it won't stop all stone chips but after 17k miles and many trackdays in my Exige V6 Cup the paint was in great shape overall. Skip to 3.50 if you just want to see the part about stone chips. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoyed mine. Fantastic car in (just about) every respect.
  11. I never try to shift manual gears as fast as possible, it's not about that for me, it's about a deeper mechanical interaction and more satisfying, more physical connection with the car. In fact a good manual shift is something to savour and not rush. However you can shift faster than any auto box if you want to. I can go straight from 1st to 6th with a single block shift so the shift time argument doesn't hold up for me. The popular view online that DCT autos are 'a massive amount faster' on track is hugely exaggerated too. The main time saving is reserved for those who struggle with manual shifting under pressure (accepting this is the vast majority of drivers). Autos are not faster or better but being easier is a big advantage for those who don't have the time or patience to learn things like heel and toe. It's simply a matter of personal preference, there are no rights or wrongs either way. Let's hope that Lotus at least continues to give owners the choice.
  12. Interestingly though the 2010 corporate logo never actually appeared in enamel form on the nose of a car. If the new thing is just a corporate logo adapted for online use then that's all good. I never much liked the 80's lozenge logos either so there is a point where it's reasonable to object about logo designs and where the change was proven to be a mistake, even if it was in keeping with the design trends of the time.
  13. Welcome to TLF. Good luck with the resto.
  14. Welcome to TLF. Evoras are they way forward. JDI.
  15. Finding ways to making the Lotus badge more aspirational and desireable to a wider audience is essential if Lotus are going to deliver Geely's ambition for the brand. I'm not convinced this new logo achieves much towards that end, it looks cheaper and less premium to me but I accept it will work better online and on social media where logos are often typically tiny compared to say print ads and more traditional media - the main reason many big brands are going for more simple, flatter logos. It's already working better online compared to the previous logo which loses detail when very small on screen. But this does seem like the tail wagging the dog to me. I find the CABC intials to be an inelegant design but I'm relieved that they are still there at all! I only hope the 'old' badge will still be an option for the nose of the next generation cars. I've invested in it heavily with emotions over the years!
  16. Congratulations and welcome. Some pics of the 380 and Speedster would be welcome too!
  17. Welcome, amazing spec, very special car, congrats.
  18. Congrats, stunning and very rare car!
  19. Mine was a bit hit and miss until the first service. Some additional lubrication was applied, no problems since. Does seem to affect the carbon tailgate for whatever reason.
  20. Congratulations amazing colour, you'll never lose that in a car park! Sport 410 is a great package and fast factory car with a warranty beats aftermarket tuning for me every time. I would personally go with PPF on the nose. Full nose is worth it for me as you won't see the join and you have more peace of mind. With mud guards the sides of the car should be well protected. Whole car PPF is a bit OTT and not necessary. I am yet to be convinced by any ceramic coating, they don't seem to offer much protection in my experience. Modern PPF such as Xpel Ultimate is much better than it used to be, clearer, doesn't yellow and does a good job of preventing most stone chips. There are thicker PPF films available which probably offer even better protection but the finish isn't as good. Exiges are prone to stone chips and being a single piece front clam design a front respray will probably cost just as much as the PPF, if not more. Let us know how you get on. Hope you enjoy every mile!
  21. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    Could it be Lotus Racing (formerly Epsom) Green? Hard to tell from those pics but stunning colour either way to my eyes, still next to no miles in my book too. Very hard to imagine getting bored with such a glorious thing in such a short time but there it is now at a knock down price at Augustus Autos!
  22. 105db days are generally doable too but it's a good idea to short shift in the morning while you're learning the track then try your luck with the loud pedal in the afternoon. You'll normally get a warning or two first but some tracks will send you home for repeat infringements. Brands Hatch seems particularly strict these days which is a real shame. Many tracks still do 105 db days including Goodwood and Snetterton. You'll have no worries at Spa and the Nurburgring.
  23. Yes met Nigel today and talked GT430s until my 8 yr old son could bare no more! Good day. Amazed at the sheer number of McLarens and Lambos I didn't know they were so popular. I didn't count them but it seemed to me like there were fewer Ferraris.
  24. Going tomorrow, briefly saw Kevin leaving, very responsibly I might add! Some incredible cars there, everything under the supercar sun. Hope to see a few of you there tomorrow. I think they park cars together by marque so it should be fairly straightforward. Saw a few cars leaving today and yes the Lotus cars absolutely did hold their own.
  25. Welcome, stunning Exige, love the colour.
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