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  1. Exciting idea but would probably end up with a huge price tag and there’s something about uncontrollable savagery that doesn’t quite sit right when it comes to a Lotus. Isn’t being over-chassis’d part of the Lotus way of doing things? I guess Evija is about to change all of that. The speculated 500bhp sounds instinctively  like it would make a better balanced package than 640bhp V8. But very happy to be proved wrong on that!

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  2. Corona virus excuse will be used to get them out of jail with Geely who would be giving them some serious hairdryer treatment. The numbers must look apocalyptic. It’s very unlikely that they have sold many Evijas to date, lovely as it is. But delays and inactivity were well underway long before the virus showed up.

    Anyone who buys a Lotus must be an optimist almost by definition! I still hope for the best and always will but Lotus racing and road cars have been a lifelong passion of mine. I happen to believe that Lotus are capable of making better drivers cars than Porsche and Ferrari. That actually comes from first hand experience. I bought into the hype around Ferrari briefly and traded a Lotus Carlton for an F355. It remains the biggest disappointment of my automotive life. I sold it and bought an Esprit V8 GT and back to back comparison was overwhelmingly in favour of the Esprit in every regard, measurable and unmeasurable - apart from the posing in London/wealth statement angle perhaps. The Esprit wasn't as well finished in some areas but it was half the price of a new F355 at the time, on another level dynamically and so much faster in a straight line it wasn't even funny. So that was all the convincing I needed that Lotus have gifted engineers who really know what they're doing. I have never looked back since and have remained wary of motoring press/internet hype around certain cars and brands. For me, the rest promised so much while Lotus quietly delivered.

    I only want the very best for Lotus but have yet to be convinced that it's what they're getting. This really is the last chance to transform the company into a major player and it won't happen without an inspired vision, massive investment and endless reserves of passion for Lotus - past, present and future.

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  3. That's exactly what the GT430 offers in my opinion. It might not match the Exige 430 for ultimate lap time but it runs it very close. Closer than it has any right to given a weight penalty of over 200kg. Exige is only faster through superior power:weight, it shows up mostly on the brakes in my experience and the Evora was actually the more benign, balanced and composed car on the limit. This is of course subject to the set up of the Exige Cup 430 I drove, I'm sure it could be improved by someone who knew what they were doing with the dampers.



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  4. Loads of fake and enhanced ICE sounds around already. Even in F1 nowadays. I'm sure we all prefer authentic sounds where possible but one of the biggest drawbacks of electric cars (lack of noise) is easily fixable. Compulsory artificial sound would be absolutely loathsome but to be able to choose from a range of different sounds from sci-fi noises like a TIE fighter to an F1 car, all silly and just for fun but they would definitely beat not having any choice other than a milk float electric whine. Totally silent noise cancelling mode would be nice too (another Lotus initiative from decades ago). Not really much to debate about. Porsche Taycan and Jaguar I-Pace already have unique sounds developed for them.

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  5. My first thought was a day trip to South Wales. Will have to put that back on the back burner.

    I have stuck to the guidelines throughout lockdown, I haven't been out on the bike or Lotus at all. But most nights I can hear bikes and cars charging up the hill near where I live. Definitely makes it harder for those of us trying to do the right thing.

  6. I welcome any kind of radical thinking at Lotus, we haven't had any to date. It's probably best for them to go all-in on electric at this point and get the jump on everyone else to make the first range of electric sports cars that are fantastic to drive. Though I don't think that's the plan.

    But the virus lockdown will fast forward environmental/climate change agendas, it has already by proving that we can all travel less than we used to and there will be reams of data showing the benefits of this unique global experiment. Consumption of 

    No point in continuing ICE cars just because they sound nice. You can make an electric car sound like anything you want with a little imagination. How about a button to make your electric Elise sound like an Esprit V8, Exige 260, Cosworth DFV, or F1 Renault V6 Turbo, the Lotus 102 had a Lamborghini V12!

    However no actual detail in the press release at all, just empty puffery still at this stage. Not easy to decipher the buzzword heavy blurb but it suggests that buying an electric Lotus will come with a deal to switch to Centrica. Does point heavily towards all-electric Lotus range asap. The plans to do one last V6 must be hanging by a thread!

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  7. You have to say the garage is doing a good job of promoting the sale. It's being picked up by a variety of car content websites. Publicity will help a lot with the sale I'm sure. Even though I still think Lotus should have it in their heritage museum. In terms of provenance, regardless of how many miles ACBC actually drove in the car, what is more significant for me are the modifications he was trying out. It suggests some things that may have appeared on the Esprit had he lived. We know about the power steering and different door seals but who knows what other tweaks he had made to the suspension and whatever else?

    TLF group buy?

  8. I know that very car quite well, ex Trevor Skedge, while not my absolute favourite green of course, car still looked amazing. Colour suits an Elise well too, though Kawasaki Green takes the prize for me.

  9. You really have to wonder why more people didn't order Fire Red.

    Andy your 410 is outrageously rare and special. If I was buying now I think a mint Sport 410 would just be irresistable. Stu's black one is still for sale at B&C I believe. That is such an immaculate example. Absolutely flawless. I'd ask them to hide the Liquid Yellow 430 round the back though!

    Last one, promise! ;)



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  10. Just for rarity alone I think you probably chose wisely but I'm sure a very tempting deal could be had on the liquid yellow car. It truly looks like the modern day successor to the Esprit Sport 300 in that colour.

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