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  2. Revised Evora testing
  3. Good news indeed. About the Telegraph figures they were right Lotus did sell less in the UK in 2014. They are looking at the sales in 2014 compared to the sales in 2013. Lotus were on the up but à bad Dec month I think 8 instead of 60 made Lotus sell less about 10 cars I believe. Lotus is comparing their financial years that is the difference. What is frustrating is the Dutch market almost no Lotus sales here about 3 à year. We have one dealer and the prices are just too high. I love to buy a new Lotus but due to high taxes and maybe some other things it is impossible to buy. We have no zero interest deals no 50/50 deals. To give you some examples , Evora SR 121000 euro same car just raised 5000 euro's this year.Exige 120000 euro and à demo Elise build in 2012 for almost 50000 euro. To compare in Germany they are offering à demo 2014 Elise for 33000 euro and brand new CR's for 38000 euro. If I lived in Germany or Belgium I would be seriously tempted but over here in Holland I just can not afford them. As a consequens there is no second hand market for cars after 2009 because they do not excist. Importing is à option if you get the right car for the right price but depence how many taxes must be paid after importing.
  4. Nothing great about it top designer doing "almost nothing" for 5 years and now back to the past. I think we can now say for sure no new models in the coming years otherwise Coco would not leave without taking the credits for the new cars.
  5. They even have a new /old one Russell Carr
  6. I see that Coco will leave Lotus on 31/10. I think he was the last one still at Lotus who Bahar hired.
  7. Yes think so but don't you think that all these plans were already there before he even started at Lotus it is a bit of look how good Tata is doing at Land Rover/ Jaguar but in reality Ford did all the hard work before without taken the credits. I think most of the things are positive using the existing platform(s) is good mostly because nothing much to improve there and there are no real new developments regarding platforms. What is needed is a "new" Elise just rebody the exsting car or use the evora tube. Not because the car is not good enough but because people want to see something new. But for now we have to wait and see what will be shown in the next couple of months.
  8. Indeed good interview such a shame we never know if he pulled it off. Does anybody know what was so special with this new engine I know he said in the past they did something what no one else tried before and now he mentioned it again ?
  9. You know much more than I do of course but 100m just for a prototype engine that seems a bit steep. How many were built ?
  10. I do not understand it anymore. Lotus lost lots of money in 2012 and 2013 most on R&D costs and now suddenly nothing new is in the pipeline. Open Evora could not be done and now it could be possible. New Esprit will not happen but last year they were still working on it but slowly. New Elise is needed but now talks about a SUV. My big question were is the money gone and what have they all done the past four years ? Don't say Bahar spend it all.....Maybe JMG is not telling the whole story and we all be surprised next March I really hope so !
  11. Geneva is an important show no doubt but these days they are less important as say 10 years ago. Almost no one is waiting for a show to introduce a new car look at the past week new MX 5, new Discovery/ Freelander , new Jaguar XE, new AMG....even the press have driven all these cars except the Mazda.
  12. I dont know of course but I think we will see the Evora before Geneve. Why I think that first Geneva is 6 months away so this will cost sales if people think I wait for the updated Evora. Second why invite every dealer for just a updated car ? My guess updated Evora soon and some updates for the Exige. At Geneva there will be shown a new car maybe a concept that will be in production end 2015 beginning 2016. New Elise anyone ? DRB said Lotus must grow to 5000 sales a year so only one car is needed to try to reach that figure. I could be completely wrong of course.
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