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  1. I don’t think the extra panel actually secured the roof, it just tidies up the inside. I’ve never not fitted it to my roof though.
  2. I will be going. I hear bilster berg are asking too much this year so that might not be one the cards
  3. Thanks for some insider knowledge. Do you track the car often? If so, has it been a problem??
  4. Having started this thread and since driven a new 250 cup I can’t see it being a problem in track. I’m still unsure whether to fit a larger fuel tank to my v6 or get a cup for a year and store my v6. If I’m buying one for a year it wouldn’t be a new one - I was considering buying a new 250 as a keeper. no decision made yet. edit: they are both great cars
  5. Don’t joke, I am considering storing my exige for a year whilst I play with an Elise cup!
  6. Yes they are very expensive. I like the idea of carbon sills and heating surrounds just to make the cockpit feel different. But the external carbon is very nice, little worried on how much it lasts.
  7. Damn it, I’ve been talking myself out of a cup and keeping my exige, this doesn’t help. what carbon mods do you have ?
  8. I just hope I remember correctly and he fitted some in the end.
  9. I've seen an Exige V6 lifted off the ground just using 2 jacks (plus 1 person counter-balancing the engine - wheel swap) so I'd think the solution with the rears on the blocks would be ok. I'd be worried at how well the rear bar used to lift the rears balances as it doesn't look very wide - but if it's in the correct places (I have no idea about the rear points) it should be ok. Also, I think the wooden blocks are no necessary if you buy yourself a low-profile jack. PS: I'm no expert! I jack my car a side at a time.
  10. I owned an Exige Sprint (240PP) for 5 years before getting the V6. Great car but was feeling a little worn, don’t feel I could replace my v6 with one. I’m also wondering how many more drivers cars are coming out of lotus and is securing the last Elise cup a worthy trophy
  11. Your 2p is worth a lot to me - your findings are very much aligned with my thoughts - thank you. I've decided that I'm not going to use the car much over the winter so I'll make a decision in the new year. My options are: swap the V6 for a brand spanking new 250 Cup (one of the last great cars from Lotus), keep the V6 and fit a larger fuel tank and keep it, store the V6 and buy a 2nd hand 250 and run that for a year and then maybe sell one of them later.
  12. I’m really thinking of this for track. I know my lap times will be quicker in the exige but I was hoping I’d have more fun in the elise.
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