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  1. Original V6 Coupe (w/ race pack) , I have had the geo setup to reduce understeer but apart from that the car is standard.
  2. I really rate my cup2s both on and off the track, but I have to caveat this in saying that I've found them very slippery in mixed conditions, such as wet muddy roads.
  3. Which sub did you get? I have upgraded to focals but am missing something.
  4. Does this include European trackdays and are there restrictions on the organiser? (currently with Henderson Taylor and have a limit of 5 or 6 days)
  5. Sounds good! I look forward to attempting to fit it
  6. I'm sorry but I can't part with my money in that direction. They might be magnificent pieces of art (well, until they were outsourced) but the mud slinging and behaviour I've read/seen I can't support that.
  7. Tracks are getting more and more limited - I had HUGE issues with my (modified) VX220 with induction noise on track, my S2 Exige with Larini exhaust caused me few black flags (not for driving standards I might add) which is why I have kept my V6 standard. I fear any change I would also love a new exhaust that sounds like the Ex380 / Ev400 but that's just asking for trouble !
  8. I've just pre-ordered one also - sounds like a good investment - just hope I don't run in the problems at the track. I just hope I can understand the fitting
  9. Do you have a link to the thread? Must have missed this and search is not being my friend tonight.
  10. Sorry, can you explain why this might make a difference? I can't fathom how the front wheels spinning will affect the power output? (ps: I know nothing)
  11. It was a great day, hot as always and incredible circuit. Hope all is well with you Paul. Nigel unfortunately had too many black flags for noise in his 400 (worse that previous years) so I think like all circuits Ledenon is being more restricted. Thankfully my Exile was quiet enough.
  12. Yes, which ones are they?
  13. Martin, looking good. Are the rear canards from Deroure/Lotus or somewhere else?
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