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  1. I've got Donnington on the 29th and Oulton on the 30th - Even if I can make it the car will not be clean !
  2. TonyKL

    Back on Track OR Bell and Colvill?

    I'm going to be making this decision soon. I has 3/3/3 with my Exige so 3 years free servicing which has been carried out by Bell & Colvil (supplier) and can't complain, they've looked after the car well. Now that I will have to pay I may return to BoT (Jez used to service my previous 2 cars and was very happy with the service!)
  3. TonyKL

    Wanted - V6 Soft Top

    I can't confirm but I use a VX220 roof on my V6. The newer ones are lined so probably a little warmer in winter but as mine is seasonal it doesn't matter - plus the non-lined ones roll up smaller and will take up less space and will fit behind the seats.
  4. TonyKL

    Wanted - V6 Soft Top

    FYI, a soft top from and Elise S2/S3 or even a VX220 will fit.
  5. They had many issues (and claims) with the diamond cut Exige wheels that they removed the option in early 2015.
  6. Thanks, this is a job I'll be doing myself once I've got the tape!
  7. What did you use to stick it back on? I tried warming up the glue but failed 😞
  8. Your lucky, my hardtop has lost it's rubber strip at the rear - I found it on the floor next to it, doesn't want to stick back on 😞
  9. TonyKL

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    that's quite a toothy grin going on there
  10. TonyKL

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    I wouldn't call an Evora a bin!?!
  11. TonyKL

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    I'm sure that there was something else there that's missing in that shot 🤔
  12. Sounds very interesting - are you also planning on doing the small rear diffusers ala 380 ?
  13. Love the side skirts - are they Lotus/WinAce/Eltech ? Did BOT fit them for you?