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  1. I guess they couldn't read your plates? 🤷‍♂️
  2. Devils advocates - AIM changed the specs of the gps unit (not Lotus) - the original does work with the FE dash.
  3. Had my Elise Cup FE 4 months and 4,000 miles. Off the Spa and Zandvoort soon and then south of France. Cars are for driving, given them what they need. Do you take your girlfriend to McDonald’s?
  4. Haha congrats! Make sure the car has the “conversion” done so you don’t have to dremel the car yourself. I do have a spare soft top (had one on my v6 and my Elise came with one) but it’s un-lined (rolls up tighter to fit behind seats) but I’m not sure it does with carbon seats. assuming you’ve gone 410 so carbon seats? (i have the harness bar off my v6 too but not sure it fits behind the carbon seats)
  5. I’m sure there will be times you regret it and other times you will we wonder why you u didn’t do it sooner 😂
  6. Oh no it's my fault now - I knew I shouldn't have been suckered in and replied to your u2u 🙃
  7. Martin, I’ve still got my seriously lotus harness bar that I used in my v6 if you are interested?
  8. I can confirm that it is possible for me to reproduce the above in my Cup 250. With very low revs in second and a planted foot the car will kangeroo as above. Honestly I have never had any issues driving the car so I'm not bothered by this, at such low revs I'm surprised the car doesn't stall, maybe this is some sort of anti-stall behaviour? I didn't get a chance to test it with the TC off.
  9. I have a 250 cup and will be using it this week so happy to try to replicate it in mine? Let me know what to try and I’ll report back. There is a private lotus Elise cup Facebook group (I don’t Facebook) which has many owners that might be able to help.
  10. Can’t believe I missed this one! And didn’t know the cockpit was run by a fellow lotus owner!
  11. I can’t help you directly but I had a harness bar fitted by Bell & Colvill in my FE Elise 250 Cup and I believe it was straight forward. They had to trim the rear panel as that covers the mounting points but all together a simple install. Also, regarding the GPS-09 module. If you get version A then it works with FE dash. If you get version B onwards it doesn’t. This is due to having to use different parts to make them and therefore a firmware update is required to use v.B onwards (we won’t get this update for FE dashes).
  12. TonyKL

    Hello :)

    👋 Welcome, glad you still have the Lotus!
  13. @cafe_racer I also use a Mac however as I'm on an M1 I run Windows 11 via Parallels Desktop - works a treat and have transferred many large files (hockenheim track day) from the AIM into race studio. I've always been in the car when I've done it so close to the unit - I've not tried connecting the car to my home network but that might also be another option?
  14. I was told an upgrade is planned that might turn it into an mx2e clone but there was no eta. Could be waiting forever ☹️
  15. Mike at is exceptional and very helpful (but not the cheapest).
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