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  1. Car to point the finger to which dealer? This is an upgrade that really interests me.
  2. The hard top design is the same on the Exige as the Elise and VX220. Even the S2 Exige had a removable roof. The only thing to question is that the roadster variant of the Exige was speed limited to around 150mph - this might be due to the strength of the soft top?
  3. My vx220 used to live under a cover. Was a breathable very thin material. Never had any issues at all at that was used all year round.
  4. Mine was done by the dealer when I bought my car brand new. The hard top is removable and the roadster came with a soft top.
  5. I don't think many people option this (I haven't) due to noise restrictions at our tracks in UK/Europe. Isn't it a lot louder?
  6. So @JG220 has switched to Vivid, very nice. Isotope was definitely on my radar along with Essex blue - spec sounds great @CocoPops - didn't think you liked black wheels?
  7. They were always limited on how many could be made before they dismantle the production line.
  8. Stunning!!! What area's did you get PPF fitted to? That looks soooo shiney, did you get it ceramic coated as well? Have my order of a Fire Red 250 FE and can't wait.
  9. I was close to asking for my 250 Cup to be made in this colour - love it!
  10. Since lotus has adopted this for their cars I’d assumed the unit worked. As said above I do hope you’ve just been unlucky this time.
  11. It’s probably better if it doesn’t come with it so you can fit better stuff instead.
  12. What is missing from the FE cars? And how much/easy is the upgrade?
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