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  1. I can’t help you directly but I had a harness bar fitted by Bell & Colvill in my FE Elise 250 Cup and I believe it was straight forward. They had to trim the rear panel as that covers the mounting points but all together a simple install. Also, regarding the GPS-09 module. If you get version A then it works with FE dash. If you get version B onwards it doesn’t. This is due to having to use different parts to make them and therefore a firmware update is required to use v.B onwards (we won’t get this update for FE dashes).
  2. TonyKL

    Hello :)

    👋 Welcome, glad you still have the Lotus!
  3. @cafe_racer I also use a Mac however as I'm on an M1 I run Windows 11 via Parallels Desktop - works a treat and have transferred many large files (hockenheim track day) from the AIM into race studio. I've always been in the car when I've done it so close to the unit - I've not tried connecting the car to my home network but that might also be another option?
  4. I was told an upgrade is planned that might turn it into an mx2e clone but there was no eta. Could be waiting forever ☹️
  5. Mike at is exceptional and very helpful (but not the cheapest).
  6. No idea sorry, it was a whole new circuit board. Release notes for dash firmware. Thanks, they have no idea when the update/upgrade will be available but the more people who ask them for it I guess the sooner it happens - unless there is some license issues with Lotus? They seemed to suggest is was not anytime soon which is why I went for the old GPS module.
  7. So a little update from me: I purchased my AIM GPS09 direct from AIM and as posted above could not get the unit to be recognised. I had securely fastened the module to the dash but no go so I decided to speak with AIM support to see if I could return the unit for another as I thought the one I had way faulty (as others had no issues connecting these units). AIM support have been very honest and helpful however there has been an update to the GPS09 module and now also requires a firmware update to the dash to make it work (not possible on the Lotus FE version) so the module can not be used with the FE dash. They told me that they are looking into suppling an "upgrade" package for the FE dash to enable the reversing camera and the GPS but not ETA as yet. I think this will convert the unit into a MX2E firmware version. Luckily AIM offered to replace the logic board in my GPS09(B) unit with their last stock gen A board which would allow this to work with the FE dash and I jumped at the chance so I now have a working GPS in the FE dash and I'm more than happy. Will hopefully test it out at Hockenheim early April (after my run-in service). So, buyer beware, there is no guarantee the module you get will work.
  8. After speaking with AIM (very helpful!) I have a replacement arriving (hopefully) tomorrow so will give an update this weekend. Fingers crossed!
  9. FWIW on my old Exige V6 it would "lose" fuel whilst parked up - come in after a session with it showing 1 bar and then start the car 20 minutes later and it's almost empty. I'd say it's more of a Lotus issue rather than AIM. On my 250FE the fuel shows empty on the dash but still have about 8 litres in the tank !
  10. Thanks. Have tried it a few times just to be sure. Nada. Will see if I can exchange it.
  11. Congrats. Mine was definitely secured as much as possible (even used tools to tighten) but no joy. Hope I have a faulty gps.
  12. Thanks. I did read your post and have secured it as much as I thought possible but I’ll give it another go. Once working I guess the track/gps automatically becomes enabled when the dash is switched on? Good luck.
  13. Any tricks to get the gps module working? Installed mine today but it’s like it’s not even connected. Fixed as securely as possible. Wonder if I’ve got a dud.
  14. Any updates - is it working for you? Have you managed to test the GPS/track features? Edit: Any installation tips?
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