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  1. I’d be interested to know if the increase in noise will cause problems at uk track days?
  2. Really nice, can you get it without the stripes (or different colour)?
  3. I questioned my dealer about this noise also and was told it was normal, also been in an evora 400 and that made the same noise.
  4. I've got Donnington on the 29th and Oulton on the 30th - Even if I can make it the car will not be clean !
  5. I'm going to be making this decision soon. I has 3/3/3 with my Exige so 3 years free servicing which has been carried out by Bell & Colvil (supplier) and can't complain, they've looked after the car well. Now that I will have to pay I may return to BoT (Jez used to service my previous 2 cars and was very happy with the service!)
  6. TonyKL

    Wanted - V6 Soft Top

    I can't confirm but I use a VX220 roof on my V6. The newer ones are lined so probably a little warmer in winter but as mine is seasonal it doesn't matter - plus the non-lined ones roll up smaller and will take up less space and will fit behind the seats.
  7. TonyKL

    Wanted - V6 Soft Top

    FYI, a soft top from and Elise S2/S3 or even a VX220 will fit.
  8. They had many issues (and claims) with the diamond cut Exige wheels that they removed the option in early 2015.
  9. Thanks, this is a job I'll be doing myself once I've got the tape!
  10. What did you use to stick it back on? I tried warming up the glue but failed
  11. Your lucky, my hardtop has lost it's rubber strip at the rear - I found it on the floor next to it, doesn't want to stick back on
  12. that's quite a toothy grin going on there
  13. I wouldn't call an Evora a bin!?!
  14. I'm sure that there was something else there that's missing in that shot
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