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  1. Can't see mine in the background - I've a Fire Red Cup 250 which is due to be completed 11th Oct. Did you email Scott directly for the pics? Surprised you got some due to the Emira roadshow. Car looks stunning btw, you must be very pleased.
  2. That is going to look great, I was soooo close to doing my Elise Cup FE in Plum Crazy.
  3. That’s a bloody shame but thankfully haven’t wasted the car yet. Would have been nice to say hello, plus it’s so local to me. Think I’ll head to newlands corner meet instead.
  4. I would love this to be true but I do free that once the final FE car leaves the factory then it will be Emira Emira Emira.
  5. I didn't think the FE Dash had the GPS module?
  6. Did a 9 hours stint straight (plus fuel stops) from south of France to London in my S2 exige. Was actually quite pleasant and wouldn’t have wanted to be in any other car. Was tiring but for me the lotus is the perfect shape.
  7. I live around the corner so if I’m free I will come along. I have a track day on Saturday but might have time to wash the car. Although the exige isn’t really classic.
  8. Yes, aircon would not come out with the ignition, it would drip after parking (but location wise it is front offside).
  9. Is this not from the air-con?
  10. Sorry, I may have been more dramatic than intended - I know the production line is being torn down but the building I presume will be re-purposed 🤷‍♂️
  11. The factory where they are built is being torn down at the end of the year hence no more production / orders allowed. If however they fail to build the current orders of FEs by then who knows what they will eventually do. But I can guarantee that without finding an existing build slot you will not be able to order one.
  12. I think order books are full and they are only going to make those and no more. If you don't already have an order placed I feel that you may be too late (unless you can find a dealer slot) or a car bought for stock.
  13. I think every time I went to BoT your car was always up on the ramp waiting parts. Guessing you finally got the 2bular exhaust!
  14. I wondered this also - he sounded hammered lol
  15. Is it just me but in Safari (Big Sur) the reactive sizing does not work? Makes for some interesting images.
  16. Looks like it's 600 miles or 1000 km from the running in info above
  17. What spec is his Final Edition Elise Cup 250?
  18. Lovely car @VRCcant be many to choose from at this time of year. Congrats.
  19. At least you can park between the lines 😃
  20. That will look awesome! I was soo close to spec'ing my 250 Cup in Plum Crazy!
  21. We (a number of UK Cup 250FE purchasers) complained to Lotus about the fact that black was not an option (ok, I think they wanted £1,500 for the privilege) when the "silver" option was very different to the configurator. Just like the Cup 430 black was a NCO. In the end Lotus correctly relented and allowed us to spec black seats with coloured stitching for free. If you play with the configurator for the Exige 430 you will see that you get 4 bits colour coded with the black seats and 2 with the seat colour options. This is how the Elise 250 should have been.
  22. This is down to the seat colours. If you choose a seat cover other than black (red/blue/orange/white) then the seat harness holes and window controls stay black - so it doesn't clash with the seat colour. If you choose black seats (with any stitching) then you interior colour is done to all 4 parts.
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