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  1. I thought the 333 ended a long time ago?
  2. Military Grey - last photo before it's swapped for an Elise on Wednesday! 😢
  3. Thank you for waiting for all FE's to leave the factory before publicly sharing Lee, do hope mine has the same!
  4. I've swapped this beauty for a 250 Cup so have to agree! However, I'm sure I could happily go the other way too 🙂
  5. Thanks. Really pleased with the colour. The photo was taken after PPF prior to ceramic coating.
  6. So when if your first track action planned so we can confirm that this does indeed work as hoped?
  7. Congrats. It’s a lovely car. And 👍 to Jamie who is always hospitable even during hard time. Here’s a pic of mine before it gets protected.
  8. That looks F'in awesome! BTW, mine is the red 250 FE at the back of the line - also ordered in Feb 21.
  9. Had my Exige V6 from new, 7 years and 30,000 fun filled miles. Unfortunately* will be going to Bell & Colvill anytime soon ... *to be replaced with a FE Elise. Hats off to 22 years but a 340R is worth keeping.
  10. My dealer did the soft top "conversion" (read cut some small holes and plug) free of charge - it really is a no brainer to do.
  11. I don't think they quite managed to finish all the orders in time so some cars will leave the factory / be registered in 2022. Maybe they can disassemble the start of the line but I don't think all the cars are complete.
  12. Still some cars to be built and mine (Elise) will be a 2022 car.
  13. Congrats, looks epic! Mine should be almost complete and ready for me in Jan!
  14. What about #2 in the image @Bibs posted?
  15. Don’t worry, I’ve been assured all parts supplies have been resolved and all cars will be delivered. I ordered an Elise in February (day of announcement) and will be delivered December (from original September) it will be with the wait!
  16. Same is happening here in the UK. Ordered February and still not delivered - expected December time. (carbon fibre supply issues)
  17. Can't see mine in the background - I've a Fire Red Cup 250 which is due to be completed 11th Oct. Did you email Scott directly for the pics? Surprised you got some due to the Emira roadshow. Car looks stunning btw, you must be very pleased.
  18. That is going to look great, I was soooo close to doing my Elise Cup FE in Plum Crazy.
  19. That’s a bloody shame but thankfully haven’t wasted the car yet. Would have been nice to say hello, plus it’s so local to me. Think I’ll head to newlands corner meet instead.
  20. I would love this to be true but I do free that once the final FE car leaves the factory then it will be Emira Emira Emira.
  21. I didn't think the FE Dash had the GPS module?
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