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  1. No can do, I have to make my choice - but what a choice to make! Toxic Green, Fire Red, Liquid Yellow - it's a tough call.
  2. Afraid not. I’ve got a test drive booked at the weekend (will go after newlands corner meet) and see what I think. Trouble is I really love the v6 but the appeal of a light car is there. will se what is on offer and what options are available / prices. Also colours! Really tempted with a bright colour to accent the black bits but am I that bold??
  3. Usually only beeps if something isn't closed correctly such as the front latch or boot. You can double press the lock button which causes a different beep, this will de-activate the internal sensors (if you have any)
  4. Has this picture had any post-processing (colour is incredible)?
  5. Yes I did see that and wonder - it's quite a difference
  6. Guilty as... im at lotus next week so will ask and find out (hopefully)
  7. thanks Paul - I could get a cup in that colour scheme but I think I should go bright this time - current favourite is Liquid Yellow!
  8. That carbon is lush - I'm tempted with the aero pack but then I'd want the access/bonnet to match, and then I'd want the roof to match and then I've ran out of money - lol I also think that if you go carbon you have to choose a colour to match whereas the Matt Black is easier to contrast. Seriously, I will probably choose the cf sills and vents for inside - just to make the cabin feel a little different from my last 2 exiges.
  9. Love the carbon! Does it hold up well, I worry that it will take a hammering on track?
  10. Bloody lovely, many don’t like the black accents but I think it break up the car a little and looks great. More so on a lighter colour which is my dilemma as I’m not that shouty.
  11. Lovely! So tempted with Red, I've not had a red car for a long time. Which red is yours?
  12. Gorgeous ! Too bright? Looks like your Cup has larger sill endplates to those shown on the new ones?
  13. Thank you very much for taking the time to look, I can only assume that 103db is just what they put down. If it's true that would be obscene! As an aside, do you have pictures of your RED Cup? Red is a colour I am considering (the Renault flame red perhaps). Love to go for Liquid Yellow but think that's too bright for me. Blue does look good but was something with a little more oomph.
  14. Apparently on seloc I've been told a July 19 car is 103db static standard! Think I need to chat to Jamie at B&C
  15. 2019 250 Cup log book
  16. I was told the new cups have a static of 103db which sounds a lot?
  17. My last few track days I've been spending far too much time at the fuel pumps. Have been considering that an Elise might make more sense given how many track days I plan to do next year. Also, the V6 is a very fast car (which I'm fine with) where as an Elise might make things more fun / engaging.
  18. I've heard the recent Elise Cup 250 has a super loud exhaust - can anyone confirm if this is too much for trackdays? Considering (only a little) replacing my V6 with a Cup.
  19. So when are we going to get the new Elise variants? 280 Cup?
  20. Original V6 Coupe (w/ race pack) , I have had the geo setup to reduce understeer but apart from that the car is standard.
  21. I really rate my cup2s both on and off the track, but I have to caveat this in saying that I've found them very slippery in mixed conditions, such as wet muddy roads.
  22. Which sub did you get? I have upgraded to focals but am missing something.
  23. Does this include European trackdays and are there restrictions on the organiser? (currently with Henderson Taylor and have a limit of 5 or 6 days)
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