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  1. So? What happened? Have you ordered one?
  2. Wow you must be getting really excited. I drove the V6 when it launched and have been thinking about one ever since. Pretty sure that I'm going to be ordering one soon once I've decided on spec and had another drive at B&Cs. What do you actually get from the race pack? Just a switch for the exhaust bypass? Like you I also plan to not have the Exige S badge fitted to the rear, but probably won't go as crazy with the colour.
  3. Where is this going to be? I'd love to see a V6 in this colour as it's one of my current choices
  4. Thanks but I haven't even ordered the car or chosen a colour yet, can't go buying accessories yet. Already looking at Larini manifolds
  5. Hmm, maybe easier to take the spoiler off and plug the holes
  6. Interesting, wonder how easy it is to swap, that way you get both
  7. Impressive sound Dixie! Do you notice much more volume that standard or is it just a different sound?
  8. I'm undecided but I thin I prefer the coupe. Would be interesting to find out how easy (much £££) a seperate boot lid is so that you can remove the spoiler if you desire. It's not a huge increase, about 4% overall inc options but that extra few K could be spent on fuel/trackdays
  9. Hello all, I'm looking into swapping my S2 Exige for a V6 and have now been told that the cars have recieved a price increase for the MY15 version. MY15 Exige S Coupe - £54,500 MY15 Exige S Roadster - £55,500 Does anyone know if any changes to the cars since the MY14 to support the increase? And wondering why the Roadster is £1K more than the Coupe. I'd have assumed the Coupe was more due to the hardtop and extra bits, now wondering what the Roadster has that the Coupe is missing?
  10. Would love to hear an LF1 with full larini as I'm considering one if I get a new car.
  11. Likewise, just wish that V6 wasn't there, at least B&C is closed on Sundays.
  12. It is a cracking picture and a cracking car. Love the colour!!
  13. I know! I really want to talk to Jamie at B&C again but as long as I don't call him I am safe. I'd suggest a supercharged NA rather than the turbo (unless you want 400bhp!) as that just seems a better balanced car. Great cars but finding a good one will be hard.
  14. I really liked the VX however I think I gave it too much power (easy since it's a turbo) and then made the car unstable when balancing throttle. Still miss it tho. Bacon butties eh? Hmm, might see if I can get up early tomorrow and say Hello at new lands corner if I can find it
  15. Sorry can't make tomorrow, how often are these meets? Would like to make some of them
  16. Ah yes I can see from your avatar. Lovely car/colour
  17. So, I've owned Lotus cars for the last 10 years and am considering the V6 in Military Grey. Since posting in the Military Grey thread I was pointed to the introductions thread so here I am. I switched to Lotus cars after a being driven around the ring in a VXR220 and couldn't believe how good they were. I was driving a clio 172 at the time. After that drive I knew I had to have one. I was concerned about the K-Series engine at the time (early 2000) and decided to go for a more reliable motor which was a VX220 Turbo. After that I spent a good 5 years on (lurking on SELOC) and many track days plus modifications. At the end I had a 280bhp blacked out Turbo which was extremely brutal in a straight line. As I improved as a driver and realising that the surging unpredictable power of the turbo was a real pain to live with on track I decided that it was time for a change and swapped the car at Christopher Neils for a real Lotus in the form of an Exige Sprint. This has been my toy for 5 years now and unfortunately I was lent a V6 from Lipscombs for a few hours. Wow, what a car. I really don't need one as I hardly use my S2 apart from a few French Frolics and the odd track day but that doesn't stop me wanting a V6 however choosing the colour is difficult. Here is my Sprint as it is today, totally standard apart from a Larini exhaust to give it a nice burble and a few pops. I have been to a few Kent meets but not many, I really should go to more. Anyway, that's enough from me, oh and Hello! Tony Oh, the other car in the house is this little thing.
  18. What did you go do in then end? Please don't say carbon!? I'll head to the intro thread and sort some pics out I promise!
  19. Hello, sorry, don't think you scared me off, I just had to quickly pop out. I think we met at one of the Kent meets at the Hexagon at Brands, I've got a Blue Exige Sprint although can't stop thinking about a nice V6
  20. Did anyone save them? I'd love to see a Military Grey car
  21. What happened to the pictures? What happened to the pictures?
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