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  1. On 20/06/2022 at 21:17, Matt W said:

    I am really reluctant not to stick to super, mine's only ever drank 99 Ron super, not even 97, ah well mines a keeper so just have to accept expensive runs out. It was never going to be cheap! 

    As an aside, I've just clocked 2000 miles after 7 months of owning my 390FE, anyone else running up the new car miles? 

    Had my Elise Cup FE 4 months and 4,000 miles. Off the Spa and Zandvoort soon and then south of France. Cars are for driving, given them what they need. 

    Do you take your girlfriend to McDonald’s?

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  2. Haha congrats!

    Make sure the car has the “conversion” done so you don’t have to dremel the car yourself. 

    I do have a spare soft top (had one on my v6 and my Elise came with one) but it’s un-lined (rolls up tighter to fit behind seats) but I’m not sure it does with carbon seats.  

    assuming you’ve gone 410 so carbon seats?

    (i have the harness bar off my v6 too but not sure it fits behind the carbon seats)

  3. I can confirm that it is possible for me to reproduce the above in my Cup 250.

    With very low revs in second and a planted foot the car will kangeroo as above.  

    Honestly I have never had any issues driving the car so I'm not bothered by this, at such low revs I'm surprised the car doesn't stall, maybe this is some sort of anti-stall behaviour?  I didn't get a chance to test it with the TC off.

  4. I have a 250 cup and will be using it this week so happy to try to replicate it in mine?  Let me know what to try and I’ll report back. 

    There is a private lotus Elise cup Facebook group (I don’t Facebook) which has many owners that might be able to help. 

  5. I can’t help you directly but I had a harness bar fitted by Bell & Colvill in my FE Elise 250 Cup and I believe it was straight forward. They had to trim the rear panel as that covers the mounting points but all together a simple install. 

    Also, regarding the GPS-09 module. If you get version A then it works with FE dash. If you get version B onwards it doesn’t. This is due to having to use different parts to make them and therefore a firmware update is required to use v.B onwards (we won’t get this update for FE dashes). 

  6. 6 hours ago, Martrack said:

    Did they tell you what's the difference between GPS09 gen A and gen B ?

    No idea sorry, it was a whole new circuit board.  Release notes for dash firmware.


    5 hours ago, Inversed said:

    I'm glad you are getting it sorted and there is also some interesting news for FE dash owners. Thanks for the update, I'm looking forward to FE dash upgrade if possible, I really want rear camera and few updates to shift lights would be welcome.

    Thanks, they have no idea when the update/upgrade will be available but the more people who ask them for it I guess the sooner it happens - unless there is some license issues with Lotus?  They seemed to suggest is was not anytime soon which is why I went for the old GPS module.

  7. 1 hour ago, Martrack said:

    My first attempt to connect the GPS09 module did not work.

    But as said here, be sure to properly / fully screw the GPS module connector, otherwise it won't work.
    You have to push the connector into the dash, screw it, push again, screw again... until you can't push / screw anymore.
    Seems like contact is made almost at the end...
    And it worked for me 👍 🙂

    Thanks. I did read your post and have secured it as much as I thought possible but I’ll give it another go. 
    Once working I guess the track/gps automatically becomes enabled when the dash is switched on?

    1 hour ago, Inversed said:

    Installing today, will report.

    Good luck. 

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