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  1. No someone that doesn't already have one, though he did ask about it!
  2. Thanks for the info guys. Just agreed to sell it to someone on the forum, maybe less than I could have got elsewhere but it will go to someone that really wants it.
  3. No its a wet sump, it was first registered 13th September, 82 not sure when the dry sumps finished.
  4. Thanks Bazza, I guessed it must be worth more than I got it for as the Uk Sports car guy said he would take it no questions and was more interested in me shipping it to him than taking more photos,
  5. Sadly the work affair is a difficult one as I have been there so long they didn't want to make me redundant as it would cost them alot and now the company is on the verge of bankruptcy depending on how they deal with it I may or may not get my redundancy money, but since Brexit all the bookies are leaving Gibraltar so nobody is employing here atm! So the car really needs to go, though I don't want to sell it really.
  6. This was when i bought it and it looks the same now just with new tyres and spanish number plates.
  7. Hi I am on the verge of being made redundant and now have to do the unthinkable and sell my car, it has a tatty interior the seats at least they are well worn with a tear on the drivers seat and the paint is slightly crazed on the filler caps and a little bit on one rear arch though when its polished you cant notice it stood 5 feet away, it has 100k miles or so and runs really well plenty of service history. When its clean it looks stunning. I contacted UK sports cars today just to ask if they would be interested and he said he could give me the 8.5k i paid for it or a bit mo
  8. Just noticed this for sale on a Spanish website, only two photos but they claim its the first Esprit ever exported to Europe, If its true it may be a bit special?
  9. Laurie Cross

    Laurie Cross

  10. Why would anyone do that.
  11. Everyone wants the price to rise for self validation, yeah I love Esprits and the price is rising so everyone else does, In reality probably none of us would have one if the prices were going stupid like with other classics. I had a Testarossa down as the next car I would get myself having admired them for ages, Now a couple of years back they were selling for 40k euros which I could stretch to not that the other half would like it but I could justify it, but someone somewhere decided that they're worth triple that and are now selling for 100k plus which 1 I can't afford and 2 could never just
  12. The S2 in Italy has been for sale for over a year.
  13. That yellow one has been for sale for over a year, The Spanish are delusional on car values. They put a massive price on them then just leave the ad running forever. There is a red S3 turbo that has been for sale in Madrid for over a year asking 30k+ , There is a Lotus Sunbeam for sale for 30k+ aswell been up for a year. There are so few classics out here they ask insane money for them.
  14. I am running at about 1 in 20 people that actually know what it is, All I hear is oh Lamborghini/Ferrari.
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