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  1. Yvo from managed to get me the diameter sizes so if anyone ever needs to know here they are: Sport: 42mm outer diameter primaries Club Sport: 45mm outer diameter primaries Material thickness: 1.2mm
  2. Anyone? What I need most is the diameter of the primaries, to make sure they aren't too small or too big for my head ports.
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  4. I'm looking at ordering a Larini manifold but can't decide on which one to go for. They've got the Sport and Club Sport models but don't give out any of the dimensions and I've got a ported head so on one side I'm afraid that the Sport model would have small primaries and on the other I'm afraid that the Club Sport would be too big and I'd end up sacrificing back pressure. Does anyone have the dimensions for these two manifolds, I've been looking all over but couldn't find any. Thanks
  5. Hey guys, Does anyone know where I could buy a couple of front grill plastic clips for my s2 elise? I'm missing two and it's a bit wobbly Cheers
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