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    Currently:- Esprit S4s, ZZR-1100 engined kit car, Jimny, 110 Defender, and the Monster Scamp. Previously:- Turbo Espirt, S2 Exige & VX220.
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  1. SO. All in all, is this worth me watching? We haven't owned a tele for ages, so it'd be a on the laptop, via iPlayer jobby. Or (bearing in mind we own an Esprit, and aren't TV fans) will I feel like I've wasted two whole hours of my life? E.
  2. The bloke who prepped the car told my Husband that it had been a museum piece for the last 10 years. We didn't ask where...
  3. Quite a bit more. To be honest, I'm surprised it all hasn't gone public yet. Lots of people are in the know...
  4. The Esprit had had loads of prep work done to it as well (hence, the different wheels, ride height, etc). My hubby was talking to the man who carried out the work at a party last night. Thankfully, we haven't watched Top Gear for years... We no longer own a tele (life really is too short), and it doesn't sound like we're missing much! E.
  5. We'll be there. Elaine & Rich (Reg).
  6. Our Boxer dog Sten is trained to leave cats, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, etc, unless we tell him to chase them off. He's off the lead most of the time, and we didn't want to risk him running up the drive & across the road. The lanky bugger is used to walking among the cows, bulls & pigs though (I used to work on a farm), so he's not scared of much, and certainly not cats.
  7. Cats aren't on the pest list I'm afraid, so you'll just have to spray them with the hose, or buy a dog.
  8. Welcome to Club 40's, you'll like it in here.... and the best thing is, you get to stay until you're 50!
  9. Our back garden adjoins a wooded bank, there are BILLIONS* of squizzers in there. * OK, BILLIONS might be a bit of an exaggeration, but only by two, or three, or so. We had one in the loft about 10yrs ago... luckily, we stopped it before it could chew anything! We need to give them a damn good thinning out again this year, or they'll snaffle too many baby birds from their nests... I hate seeing the adult birds struggling to save their babies from the clutches of the grey squirrels, and the noise is heart-wrenching.
  10. Our 8ft x 4ft St George's Cross flew high & proud,
  11. We also have to perform annual culls on our local Tree Rat population.
  12. More than likely, I was probably dropping parcels off at Jackie & Richard's (a few doors up from you). Saw you'd got another TVR, I remember the last one... that got hit by the car that hurtled onto your drive. Karl, Karl who?!
  13. Brilliant isn't it. We're members of a WWII Relic Retrieval group... got cabinets full of old rusty stuff. E&R.
  14. We don't do anything Christmassy, so it'll just be the usual... Take Sten dog for a run in the wood, then crack on with some sort of DIY. Outdoor, if the weather is good. In the toasty warm garage, if it isn't! Dinner will more than likely be Navarin of Lamb, Beef in Ale, or Pork in Cider (I bulk cook, and the freezers are stocked up). Or pigeon breast marinated in whisky marmalade if we get our shooting sticks out. The music will be a bit louder than usual though, and I'm guessing there'll be some alcohol involved at some point during the day. Have fun, folks. E&R.
  15. Yeah, the gun was reported as being incapable of being fired. I just hope they get battered/tortured on a regular basis. They need to feel severe pain, every single day of their selfish lives. The thing that really pee's me off is, there was intelligence on those two scumbags. If our country didn't pussyfoot around so friggin' much, it could have been prevented...
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