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    M D E

  2. Would be great to see you there Dave ... I'm normally the only Lotus there ... count me in for the meet .....
  3. How about meeting up at a monthly meet with around 55 cars of all types in attendance .... on site bar/restaraunt ...the next 'Classics and Supercars' on the Quay is the BBQ meet 18.00 on 19th July then August 16th ...
  4. All sorted now ... caliper was rebuilt and new handbrake cables fitted ...all working now ... Thanks everyone for your help. ...
  5. Many thanks for the replies ... Oil was changed last week with 20/50 ... Will check pressure release valve and wires on sender unit ... It used to drop to 4 when warmed up and at 3000rpm plus ...but after oil change its reading 5 going into the red ....
  6. Should I be worried that my oil pressure gauge reads 5 and heads into the red nearly all of the time ....The only time it drops to 3 to 4 is when at idle ....
  7. Should I be worried that my oil pressure is reading 5 all the time on my non turbo ... Only on tick over does it drop to 4 or 3.5 ....
  8. Thanks going to try this on Monday ...fingers crossed is something simple...
  9. Has anyone got any tips on getting the handbrake to hold ? ... Cannot get the handbrake to hold even though : Both rear caliper's just been refurbished New pads Disc's O.K. Handbrake adjustment taken up so 3rd click is fully on Still no luck.......
  10. I know this is a strange question but does anyone know where the supply for the Seats Buckle lights comes from ? .... Reason I ask is I have wired in some centre console lighting and tapped into the supply, it seems quite a thick cable just for two small lights, but cannot find where the cable goes to / fuse it connects to as I have zero volts at the moment....Thanks
  11. Here's one of my 88' Esprit ....
  12. Hi Jaytwo ...sent pm ... news is not good for my calliper so could you Pm me how much for your Left hand calliper ...Many thanks
  13. Hi Jaytwo ... Thanks for following my page and for some hope to my problem. .... Will PL you today ...
  14. Just run into problems after having both rear calipers reconditioned. ... The left hand side piston will not retrack all the way back ... They now say this maybe beyond repair (Think it was due to the handbrake mech) .. It looks like my options are very limited ... Any ideas on sourcing another caliper ? ... Thanks
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