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  1. Part of me is happy that this Essex is back home; but a big part of me is not happy that I won't see this car on the streets of Melbourne again! I'm not sure that I can adequately describe my feelings upon seeing this sparkling blue wedge flash by in the full Australian sun ... sniff!
  2. aka the Australian designed Purvis Eureka?
  3. Those with an interest in the Chapman era might be interested in a new book on Delorean, published in the last few days, called "Delorean, Celebrating the Impossible", available on Amazon etc. It includes a picture of two prototype Deloreans at Hethel which I posted on this forum a while back. I believe others on this forum may also have contributed material. Enjoy.
  4. Thanks for the photos. It's great to see so many Lotuses gathered together on the other side of the planet from their birth place. And of course they look so much the better with some lovely bright sunshine !
  5. That looks fantastic, I will have to try to manufacture some excuse to be in that part of the world at the right time!
  6. In my view Toyota's flirtation with Subaru just proves it isn't over Lotus.
  7. I've often wondered why there isn't a Lotus shop or something similar in the central shopping district of Norwich, given its proximity to Hethel.
  8. The 302 is a bit asthmatic. In a Mustang I would want at least 351 ci (5.8 l). That's just my opinion of course!
  9. Ok Aussie Esprit freaks, get out your cheque books!
  10. Agree with all of the above comments, that is gorgeous!
  11. No pictures as yet, unfortunately:
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