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  1. redshift


    My PA knows who is on my blacklist of who not to book flights with and I have explained every decision. There was one occasion where the only option was Air China and I had to lie to her
  2. redshift


    I quit flying AF before this happened but this is so believable of AF culture..
  3. Hope it gets better from here John, hope that côte was good! Now, is sparrowfart before or after zero dark 30?
  4. Looks good to go. The overflow just vents to air so any suitable size hose would be OK. 1m should be enough to vent somewhere behind the RHS drive shaft.
  5. Have a bulb out on one side. Manual says remove drain hose and undo the wingnuts on each side of inner cover. Seems i dont have any wingnuts holding the covers so how do they come off?
  6. Mine looked exactly like that when the oil feed pipes were leaking where they connect to the rear of the block. The oil drains from the turbos are not under pressure so its probably not there.
  7. Have been going all over the car for the last week trying to find the reason for the patches of oil on the garage floor around the back of the car Just found it. The 2l bottle of castrol edge in the boot is leaking and dripping through the boot floor. Cheapest oil leak repair ever on a V8
  8. All back together now and 20 km test drive completed to relearn the ECU Think the hydraulic tappets had drained off while its been sittting in the garage, sounded like a bag of spanners on first fire up.
  9. Looks like I should have bought a Euromillions ticket in January Mike! I'd feel luckier if I could get the retaining cam ring back in place without your whizzo factory tool Having filed down the start edges of the cam ring It went back without to much loss of blood
  10. Have just managed to extract the pump module. I think the fuel lines were tightened by Guy Martin! (FT, FT if you remember the Spitfire programme) That yellow piece is a moulded 4 pin right angle plug that goes through the top plate and a 4 pin socket connects to the pumps inside. This is what it looks like now: Scary stuff!
  11. Final info just to wrap this up. The yellow moulding is not a connector on the outside. It is just the external bridge part of the internal double connector that each of the submerged pumps plugs into. So if there is a burnt connector it will be inside the tank. New pump assembly coming.
  12. Its tempting to send her back to Esprit Engineering and get them to pull the tanks and inspect/replace as needed and fit new pumps. Having spent part of the morning lying on the engine it apppears that the discoloration of the yellow plastic is actually grease or oil and the plastic underneath is just fine. The insulation is splitting off the cables and the copper is tarnished black underneath. Might run it for a while using the secondary pump.
  13. Not really hence the question "Is it a connector or not." It could well be a corroded connector. Mike's pic shows a moulded termination whereas the later pumps look like its a connector
  14. Trying to get a pic this gives an idea
  15. Not sure yet Mike, You see that yellow moulding at the back of the pump. Well on mine it looks more like a miniature 4 pin connector rather than a moulded temination and the wires look rather blackened at that point. Does anyone know if that is a connector on the later models (changed in 2001 apparently). Having pulled those wires I have the primary pump back and the car runs normally. I think I may have a burnt connector there? Edit to add a picture of what it looks like.
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