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    I think I was less than half way down that take off run and thought I would have closed the throttle at that point and had a rethink so not surprised it all went tits up. Sad case of gethomeitis?
  2. Having lived in Herne Bay i'm familiar with the Margate sense of humour but I grew up many years ago: Everyone I know, everywhere I go People need some reason to believe I don't know about anyone but me If it takes all night, that'll be all right If I can get you to smile before I leave Or: You know, I'd sooner forget, but I remember those nights When life was just a bet on a race between the lights You had your head on my shoulder, you had your hand in my hair Now you act a little colder, like you don't seem to care But believe in me, baby, and I'll take you awa
  3. Confirm that the keyfobs work fine. I had wondered about fuel as it would hold pressure for a few seconds before cutting out
  4. Thanks for the suggestions Mike. I'll try further over the week end.
  5. wierd one this. start the car and the motor cuts out after 6 seconds. Restarts perfectly normally every time but only for 6 seconds when it cuts out again. It did this before in summer and during the B Service the ECU was swapped with another and that didn't cure it. However after the original ECU was re-installed the problem dissappeared and the car has been perfect for 6 months/1000 miles. No CEL, no error codes.
  6. redshift


    Well as i have just appplied to join the local gliding club it wont be AB v B now more Schempp-Hirth v ASW
  7. ANy ideas of the values for a Sport 300 these days. I know of one that could be for sale.
  8. redshift


    John, you have probably heard of the legendary "fly past" at 1FTS when Mark Hanna graduated and Daddy turned up in MH434?
  9. redshift


    I believe it is now part of the sylabus for 'flight authorisation' ie how not to do it. Estimates of that 3rd pass were full burner at 72 ft AGL and the local glazier was fully occupied for a week.
  10. redshift


    After the passing out parade at Cranwell in the film, I thought you might be interested in the 1997 version:
  11. SKY, This place says they have 30 in stock:
  12. I have a 30 minute drive to work and I put the car in the garage when I get home and approx 2 hours later its cold enough to put the cover over it. Still warm air coming through the rear deck vents but not too hot. Garage front and back doors left open for a nice cooling breeze.
  13. Clarkson: "it was minus 460 degrees out there ". Perry just said it was F Cold.
  14. He did say afterwards that it was impossible to get any heat into the tyres and that probably cost 4 to 6 seconds.
  15. It was a private sale, not Lotus.
  16. Well spotted. Story was that this is the first MY2002 esprit and Lotus hadn't yet received the OZ Novas so they offered the Chronos as as free upgrade. Found the car on Autotrader in 2007 and negotiated a good price
  17. Yes that is my car Here's a photo just after arrival before the plates were changed to French ones:
  18. I still get excited every time I see it in the garage! Currently at Esprit Engineering where Geoff is sorting cambelts, clutch and gearbox. I spent ages looking for one in Laser Blue.
  19. YOU can disable the microwave unit from the Key Fob but I don't remember how. It will be in the owners handbook.
  20. Not quite; 20 -30 secs after switch off the immobiliser activates (no key fob action required) press the fob now and the full alarm is activated. If the alarm is sounding 30 -40 seconds later something must be triggering it -maybe the microwave intrusion detector. Mine sometime triggers by people walking close to the car.
  21. Happy bidding MIke, hope it works out;
  22. Mine is exactly the same, RHS too.Was told it was unburnt fuel igniting in the cat. TRy the injector cleaner.
  23. With the ignition off the immobiliser will automatically activate after 20 to 30 Seconds. If you then press the key fob is changes to the next state which is fully alarmed. Think thats right can't check as the car is in the UK with Esprit Engineering.
  24. The point was that Bibs said this has been a problem of over 5 years so effectively there was no back up for cars that were less than 7 years old. IF they continue with this form then maybe we will see the same issues with Evora 400s in 2022? That is unacceptable. I realise I could go to Motech for a custom solution etc but that is another issue. Even if you cant get a whaletail for your cossie, it's still driveable.....
  25. I find this comment deeply disturbing. What do lotus expect us to do? throw away a 50,000 euro car because they have no spares? Given that the basic unit is essential for S1 Exiges, 340Rs and V8 ESprits do they really think there is no issue here? It wouldn't take much invetsment to have a small stock of the EFi electroncs available that could be programmed to suit one of the above models (say 5000 euro). THis sort of attitude would put me right off any future Lotus purchase
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