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  1. Merkel's problem is that of maintaining EU confidence. Forget the FTSE and exchange rates, the real elephant in the room is the Deutsche Bank which is currently holding 55 TRILLION in foreign derivatives. Its exposure is 5 times the GDP of all of europe combined! If that EU confidence goes (and Brexit has seriously dented it) then expect the Deutsche Bank to implode shortly after and the House of Cards will fall and you can all say 'thank god we are out of this mess'.
  2. Sobering reading But I doubt that the BBC will mention it. Currently watching BBC World News and some drone "interviewing" Ségolène Royal, desperately trying to goad her into making some anti-UK statement about how the UK Needs to be made an example of for daring to leave. It was cringeingly emabarrasing but she ran rings round him and never once rose to the bait. What has happened to the BBC I can't ever remember them being so negative and anti UK they seem to want the UK economy to go tits up jus
  3. Thanks for the suggestion Mike! Havent had the chance to investigate further, have been working on that black art that is Bosch K-Jetronic MFi on the TVR all weekend
  4. Howard, it might be worth giving South West Lotus in the UK a call. They often have reconditioned V8 engines available
  5. Thinking logically about this, all the problems were during the warm up. Once up to temperature no issues. So what is operative during warm up that could cause the motor to die and not be capable of giving any error codes? I'm going to vote for the IAC Valve sticking?
  6. Tonight I started the car and within a few seconds the motor cut out. After restarting a few times eventually got out of the car park; IN the next 1km it died and was restarted about 30 times or more, never running for more than 5 Secs at any one time; Once out of town evrything was normal and drove home with no further issues; i) No warning lights all fuses ok ii) every re-start was totally normal iii) it was just like switching the ignition off iv) The issue must be intermittent as the car bump started itself a few times and restarted cleanly I let the immobiliser s
  7. I am in the 'fortunate' position of living under a military transit route. Following a discussion with the mayor, he enquired on high and came back with the answer that they were authorised from anywhere between FL030 and CFIT. Unfortunately this means that they are too low and too fast to even try and get any photos. I have "endured" countless C-160s C-130s, Mirages, Rafales etc usually around 200 to 500 ft AGL. I was even once working on the roof and treated to pair of FAF Mirages at the speed of heat who had to climb to clear the electricity pylons next to the house. Was deaf for a few minu
  8. It is Brian Hope you need to contact. He is the principal homologation engineer at Lotus. I am sure the issue is the legal question of issuing a European Certificate of Conformity for your Federal spec car.
  9. I don't think there will be any performance difference but the Lotus ones are known for not lasting very long. Corrosion, leaks, broken springs etc as you have found.
  10. Thats correct. I think they should just start to open at 5 psi. Often the springs go soft so the older one may not permit max boost when required by the boost solenoid. Where the new one will permit max boost.
  11. I would always replace as a pair. Otherwise you can have different spring rates and unbalanced boost, even if the base setting is the same on both. I have the Forge ones fitted.
  12. Target Cars + Cat D What could possibly go wrong.......
  13. I may have a copy for mine at home, I'll check tonight. But this may not be useful because the CoC is for each individual car and gives the VIN. Is this the Esprit from Topline Motors in Dubai? If yes I looked at it too but as it was a federal US model I thought there would be issues with importing into Europe. Lotus issued mine very quick when I asked, I think it was Brian Hope who is responsable?
  14. I think all those error codes listed are fixed limit based, rather than adjusted values that are learnt? In any case my EGR circuit is blocked off and very occasionally (like once a year) I get the P0401 "insufficient flow" code that auto clears after a few starts. I don't think we ever got to the bottom of whether all these EGR parameters are part of the non federal ECU. I was told that I would not see a P0401 code as I have a EU car........
  15. redshift


    Now if you can get hold of an ER version of your 'bus you can go looking for EXIGE
  16. There are a fair few bits to remove/disconnect to remove the plenum but it's not that bad. The worst is putting it back on while feeling underneath for the cable connectors. Covered here with pics: As for the EGR, provided neither of the tubes are leaking then just block them off. I just made up an alloy blanking plate and fitted at the centre join of the EGR tubes. I don't remember any EGR function being part of the ECU learning, which is really only related with fuel trims etc.
  17. Just got back from Dubai yesterday. Found something interesting there: I think that works out around 62,000 euro plus you will need to pay import duty and VAT etc. etc.
  18. redshift


    Pilots have just become unnecessary - according to the Chinese: An oversize electric drone with a satnav. Just enter where you want to go and tell it to take off! Can't wait to hear what EASA make of this
  19. I've never had to reset any parameter. Just put it through the normal autolearn routine. Can't remember the exact details, something like drive it at a constant 40mph for 10 minute to re-establish all the basic values. Each time after it will refine the values.
  20. Russians have apparently stated that no trace of explosives/explosion have been found. Egypt states that an engine blew up. They also said there was no evidence that the plane broke up mid air (given that they found half the horizontal stabiliser a few km away I think we can take all Egyptian statements with a large pinch of salt)
  21. BOFP answer a; about 0,43 m/min back of fag packet
  22. Edge of coin changes in 360/12 degree steps = 30° 2 coins side by side gives 2 x 30°
  23. When I did mine I noticed that the seal surface of the drive flange was not perfectly smooth. Sort of discoloured with a ridge of dirt that you could feel with your fingernail. Polished them until the surface was perfect and seems OK 5 years on.
  24. I waiting to see the bits that are still missing - rudder and horizontal stabiliser. Egypt and its tourist industry are praying it isn't terrorism and if it is then will Putin go in there with typical russian 'rules of engagement'?
  25. The emissions requirements have been set by UNECE and the EU directives have been repealed in favour of the UNECE approvals. Guess who is a major player in the UNECE working groups writing these requirements?? My personal experience of UNECE regulations has led me to the conclusion that UNECE, arse and elbow will often been found in the same sentence.
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