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  1. Now you see why I am checking for a UK car! My problem is that the first check made will be for the EU code on the VIN plate if I import a UK car. I just need to know if the e11 code is marked.
  2. Thats the one. Its 65,000 euro for a '99 S350
  3. I think this man in particular - Jean-Claude Gayssot French minister of transport who grounded all concordes after the Gonnesse crash. It wasnt the DGAC (aviation authority) but a bloody minister I dont remember anyone grounding any Boeing even after 'design fault' crashes such as uncommanded rudder deflections on 737s.... Otherwise spot on Neal.
  4. Have been searching every dealer, website, ad for all Europe. So far I have seen: France : 1 V8 '96 Italy : 1 V8SE '03 Belgium : 1 SP350 Germany : 1 V8GT, 1 V8 That is total, not just in the price range I am looking. More suitable cars in the UK than ALL europe!
  5. V8s seem to be a common as rocking horse droppings in France so I guess I shall be shopping on your side of the channel. But I need to check the Euro approval for the V8. Tried the factory, tried Pistonheads, tried the local dealer..... no replies Could some UK owner let me know if they have an EU code on their VIN plate please? It should look something like "e11*--/--*----*--" Many thanks.
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    Thanks for the welcome! After many years with a TVR I feel confident that any electric, electronic, composite or mechanical support should not be too difficult and there is a service agent not too far away. It seems that somewhere around GBP25K should get a good example of Sport 350? No problem there, the garage is 8 x 12m inside! Salut kcc, we are east of Toulouse at the 31/11 border.
  7. redshift


    Time to say hello, as I have been lurking around gathering info from the tech section which is excellent (as well as many other websites too). Finally confident enough to start checking insurance quotes. Oh and checking the exact width of the garage doors...... ..... a V8SE or Sport350 is going to have to go through that gap one day soon! Just checking for import rules into France now.
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