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  1. Just blank it off. The last thing you need on a non-intercooled turbo engine is adding extra heat to the intake!
  2. Don't know what's happened but its suddenly started working as it should.
  3. Just me then Thanks for the confirmation.
  4. Done, still crashes every time.
  5. Actually I need to do it every time. Must tried a hundred or more times and it never worked.
  6. Thanks Bibs, the hard refresh works. Odd that it needs to work that way? On Firefox here if that matters.
  7. Don't know if its just me but if I try and go to an earlier page of a thread it crashes? I just get the top of the page and the box saying 'Loading' and nothing works anymore? ie This thread is 8 pages, I click on 7 and it all goes tilt.....
  8. Not going to happen. Concordes original operation was under an Airworthyness Certificate backed by the Design Authority of BAe and Aerospatiale. No DA, no AWC. Aerospatiale became Airbus and BAe gradually transferred all their responsability as a DA to Airbus. Air France were less keen on Concorde operation and serious rumour has it that a significant order in 2001 for A330 and A321 aircraft was discounted if they agreed to Airbus plans to drop DA responsability for Concorde, allegedly... Airbus had several hundred engineers involved solely to provide back up spares for Concorde and they want
  9. Seem to remember something about a 2Gb memory limit with the card driver. Maybe that's it?
  10. Funny that people don't mention little details like that in adverts
  11. Can only guess for now but it looks as though there was a high pressure turbine (HPT) failure. These are the fastest turning parts in a turbofan engine: The main fan at the front is powered by a geared-down secondary shaft. I think that at least one HPT disc has failed, probably disintegrated, at very high speed and that you are looking at shrapnel damage rather than an explosion. If the HPT disc had failed and been ejected in one piece I would expect far more serious damage. Jet engines are designed to contain fan
  12. Take a look from the other side. Engine cowling seems to be very shredded as though a significant part of the hot section has departed. Calm prompt and professional work by all concerned.
  13. Well done to all (except the muppets who took their luggage down the slides with them), only 2 minor injuries. Engine damage looks substantial.
  14. I think words like 'touching' and 'bargepole' spring to mind. That car has been there for donkeys years. TCH seem to have acquired a reputation on many car forums that is less than positive. 50 euro more and you can have this:
  15. redshift


    Speaking of Falklands and low flying, there was the case of the F4 that was snagged by maintenance when it landed with a cable wrapped round the fin and ingested into one of the engines. The cable was apparently a radio ham's antenna that he had flown through. Given that the highest part of the antenna was less than 30 feet.... RAF inspectors turned up, checked the damage and denied all knowledge of any 'fly past'. Unfortunately the farmers wife had captured the event on film. Analysis of the photo estimated a height of less than 10 ft AGL and the PIC was shipped home very shortly after.
  16. I think it was Gerald of GST who said: "It's the clutch pack not sliding on cage followed by the female splines having sharp straight cut edges dragging on the input shaft. You have to dismantle the clutch pack and make sure the plates slides in the cage. Then you use a needle file to shamfer the female edge of spline. This stops the clutch dragging on the input shaft." Basically it's always dragging but when cold the viscosity of the oil is enough to stop the cogs and make the gear changes normal. Once the oil warms up the drag overcomes the viscosity. I've had this and it seems to b
  17. As Steve said, have the belt tension checked at least every two years and change the belts (and tensioner bearings) every four years. Have a chat with Gerald at GST Performance, he is an expert on V8s.
  18. Generally a 1412 code will be either the wastegate capsules seized/broken or the boost solenoid blocked/failed. Mine did it with a naff boost solenoid.
  19. When I first bought the car I dropped it off at Sportmotive in Salisbury for some remedial work. Picked it up at the end of the week and drove it home it one hit, around 1400 km and home in time for a pre-dinner aperitif. Also many times to Nice just over 600 km door to door before lunch. Its something these cars excel at.
  20. Short circuits in lead acid batteries are not that rare. If left unused there is a process called 'treeing' that occurs where + plate material migrates to the - plate and eventually creates a bridge between the two if the battery is not charged. Normally one might find that just one cell has been bridged but maybe given long enough then they could all be bridged. Got to be a rare occurance for the whole battery to be short though!
  21. I suggest you contact Bluestreak Electronics UK. IIRC they are officially sanctioned by Lotus for aftermarket repair and servicing of ECUs. I think you are correct that the Exige S1 has the same basic ECU have heard this before. In normal use the ECU would be flashed with the software code via the input ports. But that requires you to have the special software to be able to do it. Without it, the only option is to physically change the 2 EEPROMs.
  22. What do you want to change? It can be reprogrammed but it is a hardware job with EEPROMs to be desoldered and new ones soldered on the PCB. It is best to fit sockets for the chips rather than resolder the new ones direct to the PCB. PUK have some versions available:
  23. I thought they were updated with containment shields between the engines to stop a single catastrophic failure becoming a double? Maybe 558 never had that. Anyway as John says, they are now just juggling the remaining engines until the cycles are up. After that goodnight. Donkeys years ago at Waddo I did have the chance to see a whole group of them do a minimum interval take-off. The noise could only be described as seismic
  24. A 1988 S1. But I doubt whether one exposed to the UK climate would get to this milage without issues....
  25. Whoa! I have a 80s TVR, used just about every day since I bought it in 89. Now on 400,000 km. Yes it has broken down ONCE when the Bosch electronic ignition module failed in 96. Pity they used a German part.... I have now sent it for a well deserved mechanical restoration as I intend to keep it forever. Otherwise, once you own something British that 'normal British folk' consider as exotic then you will suffer put downs. British seem to hate local success in a way that doesn't exist in other countries. Seems to be a national trait?
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