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  1. Everything here is home made now excluding the CD player. Must have made more than 10 different turntables over the years with most of the recent ones with an Origin Live RB250. Last commercial TT was a Nott Analog Spacedeck, can't imaging affording a Dais as a student! Shortest owned was a Rega Planar 3. On the third day I picked up the guitar to play along with something and realised that it was about half a semitone fast. Checked with the dealer and found they were all like that! I still remember listening in the studio to the mixed down master of a friends group on a Studer A80 at 30
  2. Makes two of us The biggest problem with vinyl was quality control. Worst I remember was Yellow Brick Road where I must have returned over 20 copies before getting a good one. Who's Next was just about as bad. It was rare that the first copy from the shop was perfect. I have a first issue of Zepellin III that is utterly stunning but I had to wait for the music shop to re-order as all their first batch were naff. A recent experiment in damped coupling and isolation techniques:
  3. I think Dunc has hit the nail on the head but lets not forget that vinyl was never really plug and play like CD or other digital formats. Typical record decks would offer tracking force adjustment and if you were lucky, anti skate. The reality is that the mechanical geometry of the stylus on the record was the key. In order to get the best from the cartridge you have to adjust arm height, overhang distance, exact horizontal of the stylus and get the tracking angle correct for the chosen tracking force. My tone arms are fully adjustable for each of these and it is several hours work before
  4. TVR always attracts negativity. You would be amazed at the amount of negativity Lotus attracts on other fora too. There is a place for both as the DNA is totally different. They have already invested heavily in establishing TVR Heritage and TVR parts for the old models, so support for existing owners was the first thing they did. What they need to address this time is proper EU homologation. Under Peter Wheeler they only ever did a few versions of the Chimaera in the mid 90s and that was a mistake. One reason I have the Lotus today is that it was not possible to import and register a Sagaris.
  5. redshift


    As I understand it, there are two separate hydraulic circuits and the PTU acts like a pressure balancer. If the pressure in once circuit drops too low it cuts in, often around start-up and taxi. (Although after the recent take-off with a baggage handler asleep in the hold auRouge's reply should not be discounted )
  6. redshift


    Fairly common to hear all manner of banging, squeaking and other noises coming from under the floor on a 320. There is a hydraulic pressure balancer under there called the PTU that is cycling to pressure both hydraulic circuits. My PA said it sounded as though someone was trying to twist the wings off!
  7. I left all the pipes and wiring in place, just blanked off the join. You can remove EGR and SAI without problem.
  8. Yep tried that one too, couldn't even get close with all the window mechanism.
  9. There is a whole new level of electronc systems attached to the engines not just for the hybrid power generation. They also intereact with regenerative braking, brake by wire, electronic diffs etc. The big difficulty is that the engine/hybrid/systems package is now installed in a very compact body where it will be subject to immense temperatures, vibration and shock loads, humidty and the occasional rain/sand blasting. I don't for one moment imagine that they have had enough testing to cover every single combination of environmental extremes. We do electronics that is designed for 2G acce
  10. Well the driver's door mirror had come loose and judging by the service notes the ring nut inside the mirror is the culprit. Shouldn't take long..... So having lain on the floor with my arm up through that speaker hole and tried with just about every type of 10mm spanner in the toolbox, I end up with a cut down tube spanner. After a mere 1 hour of attempts we finally have the 2 fixing bolts back in. While inspecting the fibreglass rash to my forearm I am left to wonder what creature they employed in the factory for this task? I can only think of a double jointed orangutan.....
  11. With mine I fabricated a blanking plate for the join between the two parts of the EGR piping. If yours has gone on the lower pipe near the manifold there does exist a EGR blanking flange that bolts onto the manifold that is used on non-EGR cars, forget the part number. You will need to make sure the EGR pipework is airtight if you don't remove the EGR valve from the plenum and blank that off too. I have once seen the error code P0401 - EGR flow insufficient, but that resets itself after a few restarts or you can clear with a OBD reader.
  12. I think the military use the same GPS satellites but with a different frequency on the down link. It also uses a much higher level of security encryption for the time coding. This way the GPS network (that is owned by the US DoD) can turn off the civil part, or degrade the accuracy, or falsify the coding in case of war etc. The ITU-R section of the UN have already started work on real-time satellite monitoring of aircraft movements. This was started after the MH370 dissappearance. I imagine it would not be difficult to add some remote signalling to over-ride the cockpit door lockout based
  13. Procurer has clarified that although he had opened a manslaughter enquiry that he would probably change it to an intentional homicide enquiry in view of recent revelations. Seems the flight computer had been re-set from 38,000 ft down to 100 ft. All seems so incomprehensible.... AuRouge: Quite understand it was possibly a leading question.
  14. Given the Procurers statement just now my question is answered. Co-pilot hand flew it down, breathing recorded on CVR up till impact.
  15. The speculation from all the media is particularly insensitive. Unsubstantiated sources everywhere. Head of the BEA made it clear yesterday that they were not going to jump to any unverified prognosis. Question for AuRouge who is a 320 driver IIRC... The descent profile seems very fast and probably exceeds Vmo? I though there were automatic protection against this?
  16. Hi Dave The gauges are really quite voltage sensitive and a few 100mV will have them moving. Yours are clearly over-reading with the regulator that you've made which suggests the voltage it too high. Have you checked the output because it sounds like it could be short-circuit and giving you the full battery voltage?
  17. redshift

    Big Bang

    Which just proves that you shouldn't pop crystal meth while watching Interstellar
  18. There seem to be many comments about airlines taking a negative view on pilots actually hand flying, especially in high altitude cruise? Are they so certain that the occasional simulator practice will be enough to keep pilots current in such areas (and whether the sim is 100% correct in its simulation?). Aircraft seem to being going from needing a Flight Engineer to needing a Flight IT Manager.
  19. Another possibility is that this aircraft had a history of problems with the no.1 engine, so much so that it was recently replaced. Master caution goes off and the automatic response is "not again" rather than "what exactly has happened". If the autorudder has removed the biggest clue they assumed it was the same old problem and shut down no.1 Human nature versus the basic rule of flying "never assume, always check". CVR will tell I hope.
  20. I'm not sure but its possible from the FDR traces that in the last 10 seconds they realised their mistake and #1 engine was restarting. They didn't have enough height or speed left to wait for it to spool up. Just have to wait for the expert analysis.
  21. Kegworth for example.
  22. Looking at the FDR traces this morning you were correct John #2 engine failed on master caution and they shut down #1 instead There was only one way it was going after that.
  23. Really not nice to watch Was my first thought too. If one is feathered the other doesn't look like its turning much faster.
  24. Well I paid 450 for it in 81 and the tech who serviced it a few years ago told me to insure it for ten times that amount! Never really thought of it as an investment at the time.....
  25. There's some cracking guitars on here! I've had various over the years but only kept one when we moved to France all 23 years ago. Its a '79 trapeze tail ES-355 that I bought in 1981. I believe its one of the last that had the switchable split coil humbuckers. A collector friend has been pestering me for years to sell - but its a keeper. I much prefer the red wine finish to the normal cherry or sunburst that are more common.
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