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  1. My PA knows who is on my blacklist of who not to book flights with and I have explained every decision.

    There was one occasion where the only option was Air China and I had to lie to her :)

  2. Looks like I should have bought a Euromillions ticket in January Mike!

    I'd feel luckier if I could get the retaining cam ring back in place without your whizzo factory tool

    Having filed down the start  edges of the cam ring It went back without to much loss of blood

  3. Have just managed to extract the pump module. I think the fuel lines were tightened by Guy Martin! (FT, FT if you remember the Spitfire programme)

    That yellow piece is a moulded 4 pin right angle plug that  goes through the top plate and a 4 pin socket connects to the pumps inside.

    This is what it looks like now: Scary stuff!


  4. Final info just to wrap this up.

    The yellow moulding is not a connector on the outside. It is just the external bridge part of the internal double connector that each of the submerged pumps plugs into.
    So if there is a burnt connector it will be inside the tank.:o
    New pump assembly coming.

  5. Its tempting to send her back to Esprit Engineering and get them to pull the tanks and inspect/replace as needed and fit new pumps.
    Having spent part of the morning lying on the engine it apppears that the discoloration of the yellow plastic is actually grease or oil and the plastic underneath is just fine. The insulation is splitting off the cables and the copper is tarnished black underneath.

    Might run it for a while using the secondary pump.

  6. 58 minutes ago, swindon_alan said:

    That's a great find Pete, well spotted. Indeed, that is rather scary...

    Can you pull the connector apart?

    Not really hence the question "Is it a connector or not." It could well be a corroded connector. Mike's pic shows a moulded termination whereas the later pumps look  like its a connector

  7. Not sure yet Mike, You see that yellow moulding at the back of the pump.
    Well on mine it looks more like a miniature 4 pin connector rather than a moulded temination and the wires look rather blackened at that point.

    Does anyone know if that is a connector on the later models (changed in 2001 apparently). Having pulled those wires I have the primary pump back and the car runs normally. I think I may have a burnt connector there?

    Edit to add a picture of what it looks like.



  8. Just to confirm:

    Primary pump should run 3 seconds on switch on or if ignition pulses are present. (The ECU emulates the classic Fuel Pump Relay pulse detector circuit so it is often said that if the pump doesn't operate that the ECU is suspect.)
    Secondary runs during cranking and under high demand.
    There is supply to both relays.
    Bridge pins 30 and 87 on the secondary pump relay and it runs.

    Bridge pins 30 and 87 on the primary and nothing!

    Battery died at that point so will resume later when I've got a new one.

  9. More this afternoon:

    Primary pump relay taped closed and no pump runs.

    Pin 30 on the relay has 12v. ECU sends 12v to the coil.

    Put an ammeter across Pins 30 and 87 and no pump, no current drawn, would expect about 8A for an injection fuel pump? Same with 30 and 87b and I can hear a solenoid clicking.

    Seems conclusive no?

  10. Alan,

    That is exactly how I remember it. Switch on and the pump would run a few seconds and then off again. That is what it is not doing now.
    Don't think it can be cam or crank sensors as that would inhibit starting.

    I got as far as taping the primary pump relay closed and still no pump by then it was too cold and dark in the garage to continue.

  11. More notes.

    It runs for a about 6 seconds then the idle stumbles and cuts out a second later.

    The primary pump does not run when the ignition is switched on.It's not the immobiliser which only cuts the starter motor and the coil packs on the V8 (does cut the fuel pump of the 4 cyl though)Its not the inertia switch which would cut both pumps.The ECU provides the Supply for the primary pump relay which is also the injector supply so I doubt its the ECU.
    Next check will be to see if the primary fuel pump has failed?

    Thanks for all the comments so far


    On 09/01/2017 at 08:04, molemot said:

    Just because it has four seats, doesn't mean it'll take four people.....not a happy ending.


    I think I was less than half way down that take off run and thought I would have closed the throttle at that point and had a rethink so not surprised it all went tits up. Sad case of gethomeitis?

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