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  1. Thanks for this. Very useful! It also saves getting dirty finger marks on the originals!!
  2. Elite


  3. I have had a look on the Classic Team Lotus and even their shirts are not plain. Basically all I'm after is a shirt like the above but without the Jim Clark 5 bit on it.
  4. Hi all, Does anyone know where you can buy a simple/plan Lotus Polo shirt? I know Lotus originals did one for around £30-40 but I can't find their website and their other polo shirts are very pricey! F1 polo shirts are covered in sponsors and Club Lotus only sell Club Lotus branded shirts. I thought this would be simple....!!
  5. Don't be fooled Jaguar are making them as all of the bodies, engines and gearboxes are sourced from elsewhere. They are just being put together in the Jaguar factory. They are lovely but will never carry the same interest/value as an original. Although these cars will carry a chassis number which means the £1 million price tag they are no better than the many many lightweight replicas out there!
  6. Toni, We had this when changing tyres, what tyres have you got on and are they matching? We put two Toyo tyres on the rear with Michelin's on the front and above 30mph the car would go in a straight line! Fitted Toyo's all round and it was fine. This certainly worked out as a cheap solution for us. It may or may not be of help to you
  7. Hi, I'm really sorry to have to do this but its very unlikely I will be able to make this event now do to family circumstances which is a real same as I've wanted to look round the museum for years!! 11. Paul
  8. Stupid question but is the museum open on this day or is it just the car show?
  9. 42 Paul Sheraton 1962 Lotus Elite. 43 Barry Sheraton 1962 Elite Super 95.
  10. Surely they can go to high???
  11. Great photo Jamie! I was looking at the rain on my Europa thinking it would make a great photo, unfortunately I didn't have a camera or the skill!! Great shot
  12. Thanks for organising a great event Bibs, looking forward to seeing the event grow in the future! Far better location than Donnington and better organised!
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