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  1. I'm having a Honda VF1100 Sabre; not very known as it's a Canadian - American model. When I was 20 I had a VF750 Sabre and knew there was a big brother but I then found no 1100. When I was 37 I bought 7 of them! They're quite rare and when I saw one for parts I bought it... It has now been modified with a White Power rear and front suspension, changed the tail, placed a modified K75 steering bar and made a modification to the oil pump drive that gives more pressure. Stainless steel hoses front and rear for better braking, as "better" is relative when you come from a Fireblade .... Before I
  2. Hi USAndretti42, Thanks for letting me know. Herc replied that there was indeed a change at the rear but I understood it had to do with the rear disc brakes instead of the drums. I'll have to doublecheck if it's possible to change the shell without modifying something. I still hope finding a nice S2 Elite and keep the possibility for an Excel-transformation for in case .... Thanks and good luck with what you're doing! Cheers, Tim.
  3. Hi LotusElan17, thanks for offering but I'm really looking for an Elite. The back end pleases me more and it's a more practical car. @Herc:It's nice reading the shells can be changed! You really mean they fit 1/1, right? In that case I should in fact have an Excel (with galavanised chassis and brake discs at the rear), AND the Elite shell! It's nice knowing it can be done, but I prefer buying a real Elite as I'm afraid not having all the time to search and collect the Excel chassis and Elite top and then connect it all.
  4. Hi all, I'm Tim from Belgium and I'm 39. For the moment I drive a 2004 Passat 4Motion estate. The car is exterior original but a lot of work has been done to improve handling and performance. A couple of years ago I had a VW Corrado, fitted with an other engine for more horsepower. Engine and car had been tuned for handling and performance, both, engine and brakes. I als have a motorcycle (and a couple for spares ...) and that's a rather unknown Honda VF 1100 Sabre. Il like hose old muscle bikes! Now I'm looking for a Lotus Elite S2.2 as it seems practical for my 2 kids, but it w
  5. S1 and S2 have the same chassis and shell? Nothing has been changed but the galavanisation process? Does the Excel have the same chassis? (In that case that should then mean the Elite and Excel shells are interchangeable) I know only 133 are made so it will be quite difficult but I'm hopefull .. Some time ago I saw a 1981 2.2 pass on eBay for 1.027 Pounds. I then didn't know what I know now and am quite pitty I didn't buy it.
  6. Hi all, About 2 months ago I got interested in a Lotus Elite. After reading quite a lot about these cars, I decided to go looking for an S2 as they have the 2.2 liter engine and a galvanised chassis. I love hearing you if you got something for sale. Some mechanical work can be done by me, it may also be just in good condition, ready to drive.
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