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  1. I bought this from the neighbour for 100€ this spring. I had to put another 150€ to get the MOT. Not a bad price almost complete 4x4 VW. don’t need it but for that price I can keep it.
  2. Hi waiting iban bank account details so I can pay the block.
  3. One for me as well. If you can check the shipping price to Finland.
  4. S2 from Tocus is too pricey/ready for me. Continent cars that are currently on sale are overpriced in my opinion. UK cars are still reasonably priced I think. There is one in Denmark that I'm interested, but will see.
  5. Looking for a project. Must have V5/reg. papers that car can be put back on the road easily. Any condition considered. Because I live in Finland next day deals are little challenging, but quick sale is anyway. UK/Continent, no problem. Send me a pm and we can start from there. This is coming to my personal use.
  6. Esprit at the Reims F1 track remains.
  7. Couple quick photos from the area. I will upload more when I have more time.
  8. Problem solved. Bad earth was the problem. Top of the blower had broken connection. Thanks for the advices.
  9. Hi Quick help needed. We are heading the Le Mans Classic on Germany now and heater interior fan stopped working suddenly. All the 35A fuses looks ok on glove box and the switch is changed this spring. Is there any other fuse locations and where is the possible relay located? Workshop manual won't state possible location. Does cigarette lighter have it's own fuse as well? That stopped earlier. Thank's for the help on advance. Car is rhd S3 n/a 1982 with AC.
  10. I’m again looking for a project. I will pay fair price for the right car. 10k€ or less. LHD/RHD. Will be collect quickly if the right car comes up. UK /Continent doesn’t matter (buyer in Finland).
  11. Ferry and tickets are reserved. Hopefully it's going to be good weather, otherwise camping is not going to be very pleseant. Our plan is to wonder a around couple weeks in Germany and France as well.
  12. Kuulin tästä jo jonkin aikaa sitten. Esprit vielä ajossa, niin olisi voinut vaikka tulla käymäänkin. Harmillisesti luin tämän vasta nyt. Täytyy mennä käymään jossakin vaiheessa. .
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