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  1. Very sad... That was one mean sax lick, have been listening to that song since day 1 back in '78. Went to England for a Lotus factory tour and spent 3 days in London... my hotel was on Baker Street.
  2. So sad.... this was a great idea. Rui please send 'Lefty' on so the adventure can continue. Robert
  3. I just turned 70k yesterday and 1k today after a month of engine work / down time but I made up for it After 11 years of ownership the old girl had her first flat bed ride and who say's English cars are not reliable? She got the loving attention that was needed and all is well in Lotus land. Cheers, Robert
  4. My pump felt fine. no raspy feeling in the bearing and the seals + weep hole were dry so after cracking a couple of bolts as I have the 'feel' I decided to leave it alone. Jeff at JAE said this was not a common failure on 910 motors, Have to give the guy credit he won't try and sell you something you don't need. Travis, What is 'hondobond' as I've never heard of it. I used the sticky side of the gasket to hold it in place on the bracket and 'Indian Gasket' sealer on the bottom side, no leaks so far. Thanks, Rob
  5. For those brave enough to do a water pump I'll tell you this. Lotus or the 'engine maker' used 6mm bolts. It doesn't require much effort to snap one of the bolts and if you do so it will require pulling the engine for repair. Here comes the 'hairy part' you can spray any rust lubricant you want on these screws and as everyone say's work them 'back and forth.' but then as 'Neil Young' said 'Comes A time' when it will snap. That feeling is achieved when you try to move the bolt back and forth and it will not turn in either direction. Plan on pulling the motor because there is no way I think it could be repaired with engine in car. My Edit for grammer or proper spelling. Could the other US guys do this??? Give me a f'n break.. the boneheads that say "Break" instead of what they really mean is "Brake" Chopper Reid would set these idots straight!
  6. I just performed a lot of work on the engine of my 1987 Esprit US FED car. At 70k miles since I was replacing the timing belt and everything else in between, I planned on replacing the water pump. There's a pesky bolt that requires removal of the auxiliary drive gear for the distributor / oil pump. To make removing the gear easier I removed the upper alternator mount which holds the long horizontal bolt. To my surprise when I removed the three bolts securing this bracket there was a hole about an 1" 1/4 wide and 2" long looking down into the front of the motor. Here comes the weird part... the bracket had a 'cavity' in it which was sealed with a clear silicone against this hole. My question is: What purpose does this cavity serve and why is that hole there? I cannot see it serving any useful purpose and it needs to be sealed if the bracket is removed / reinstalled otherwise you will end up with an oil leak. I didn't want to use silicone as I was concerned if a glob squeezed out it could go into the motor so I used a halomar. Then I ended up with a big oil leak so I pulled everything apart again but this time just FI lines and alternator and made a gasket. They could have just made the bracket to blank off the hole instead of making a cavity in it. Why did they do this? Cheers, Robert
  7. That's the most beautiful work I've ever seen. I'm 50 now but it takes me back to the day when I was 16 looking at these cars on the lot at Lotus East, Millerton, New York where I fell in love with the Esprit. My thoughts are with the family, a truly gifted man at what he loved to do. Nothing better than doing a job you love
  8. I worked for an Independent Volvo dealer for five years and once we had a bad batch of tensioners from our supplier... the bearings blew out. I don't recall if they came from China. They use 'batch' numbers to control flaws so we had many cars come back to replace them just 'in case' If it were my car I would replace it with another, of course not from the same 'batch number' Robert
  9. As a passenger: Ride in a '7? Europa, courtesy of George Ride in a '99 V8 Esprit courtesy of Joe I've also rode in the cars listed below. Driven: '74 Elite '94 S4 courtesy Gary '95 S4 courtesy Stephen '02 Elise at Hethel on the test track '06 Exige courtesy Stephen
  10. My thoughts are with the family as I lost my mother to brain cancer as well. I never had the chance to meet Nick but know he is an icon in the Lotus community.
  11. Great video Matt, thanks for sharing. Seeing my car is just going to make the next two months feel a little longer
  12. What are you asking for it Guy? I'm across the "pond" but as a former mechanic I collect Snap-On stuff and also own a Lotus so this would make a nice piece to my collection. Cheers, Robert
  13. As a mechanic I worked on many 900 models, never figured out why they installed the engine backwards making maintenance items like belts such a pain in the arse to get at. I saw so many bad upper ball joints pass state inspection because inspectors did not know how to check them. Heater fans really sucked to replace. I did some transmission R&R's on the 9000 cars. Most auto manufacturers use 10mm, 12, 14, 17 and 19mm fastener bolt heads... not SAAB... they use 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19mm bolts. Real pain to remember where each one goes. No loss in my book. By the way my 1988 Audi 80 Quattro has gone over 600,000 miles with a engine replacement at 267k for burning oil. Drivetrain / transmission original.
  14. I enjoyed the film and will purchase the DVD when it's available. It was a great look at what goes on behind the scenes of Formula 1. So sad that a man who cared about his country, the people and especially the children died so young.
  15. Jim Clark Ruled! Rest In Peace
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