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  1. Started this thread a bit ago on Something a little different.. Recently added remote lock/unlock to my 1994 S4 and after seeing that the remote had a trunk release button thought I would find a way... Here is a link to the process, etc. and a video below.
  2. Something a little different.. Recently added remote lock/unlock to my 1994 S4 and after seeing that the remote had a trunk release button thought I would find a way... Here is a link to the process, etc. and a video below.
  3. I got mine from Ramspott and Brandt, VERY light, excellent quality. I did have different tips put on but it was more a matter of personal taste. I got the center exit one Video is without catalytic converter. Recorded on iphone... Center 2x90mm pipe exhaust system for 4Cyl. Esprit
  4. NOt sure about other models Skiing.. Email or call Rob Budd, owner of company who made them. I am sure as well he could trip or add width, length, etc.
  5. I set up a group buy a while back and these are without a doubt the highest quality mats for the Esprit. Lotus Esprit Floor Mats: Porsche Interior Restoration Leather Craftsman Classic 9 LeatherImpeccable qualityYou choose all aspects, color , carpet type, etcTrust me when I say no others come close
  6. Would it not be better at removing heat if it was not powdercoated black? i.e. black retains heat more so than bare silver aluminium.
  7. Can you post the pics and instructions on how you did it here? I searched your posts but did not see any with titles close to this topic. What year is your S4? Thanks!
  8. Looked around and unable to find solution as to How to install remote lock/unlock on 1994 S4 When using the key in drivers door it locks/unlocks the passenger door. What I want is to be able to use a remote to unlock/lock without the key in the key hole.. Looking at my 1994 S4, the drivers door has a plunger though it is buried too deep to access and from what I can tell it is not motorized? Has anyone else done what I am asking for? I know I could put an actuator on the drivers door which would lock/unlock but the one I tried the motor in the actuator was not strong enough to move the rod. Beyond that the remote lock/unock would need to be I think wired in somehow to turn the alarm on/off.. Thanks!
  9. Project completed! Got some copper plumbing pipe, soldered together and viola! Desk lamp.... In the photo had not yet drilled holes and ran electrical. Uses a 18" led with hi/lo brightness from LowesPhoto is as if visitor sitting in front of desk.Looks pretty cool if I do say so myself!
  10. I emailed Steve at SJ about the pads and asked around in other places. Steve said: "Yes, the pads are EBC Greenstuff. They are good to use. There are a lot of pad brands and compounds to choose from. The ones I sent are fine for normal driving. We have fitted and sold a lot. What they will not do, is stop the car from 100 miles per hour, five times in a minute. That is not normal driving. For that you need something else." I also trust Joe Grassi at Sports Car World and lead race mechanic for Regogo Racing who felt that for my non track use the pads are fine. Joe is the one who machined my hubs to work, etc., etc.!joe-grassi/c1dmi
  11. Do those in the pick I got from SJ look to be EBC Greenstuff?
  12. hmm.. well fingers crossed that is not what SJ sent then... invoice simply says: "FRONT BRAKE PADS (For Brembro brakes) SJ082J0009
  13. why is that Bibs? Just looked at the invoice and it does not say what pads they are They were what SJ recommended
  14. Should be picking up from Sports Car World (AKA Regogo Racing) after install of later model Brembo calipers. The machined the hubs from my 1994 S4 which was pre-brembo, to work with the later model Esprit Brembo's, new SS lines front and rear. If you are ever in Dallas a trip to their shop is WELL WORTH it! Regogo Racing one of the "toys" they race to this day.. Lotus 79 driven by Mario Andretti and Ronnie Peterson Regogo Racing Gotta love a shop with a bar with a stripper pole, indoor shooting range and much more! Joe Grassi is AMAZING! Regogo Racing Attached Images
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